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Who are we ?

Keyweo is a digital marketing agency founded in February 2018 in Barcelona. Our goal is to create a complete customer experience with total transparency. We want to help you evolve and grow on the Internet.

Its founders aspire to create a company that respects all the values they have developed during their previous 7 years of experience.
Trust is one of our principles, good communication brings good results. In addition, the relationship with our customers is highly important to us.
Performance is part of our working method, we are focused on profitability and results. Our experience guarantees good advice. Indeed, we have worked on real cases and we can help you improve your online presence.
Finally, transparency is the fundamental of trust, we will advise you and keep you informed of all actions.

Why doing Digital Marketing

Nowadays, people receive information through various means of communication. These are evolving every day in order to get more readers. In an era where television is losing viewers and newspapers are less and less read, the Internet is positioning itself as the most influential medium today.
  • Accessible to all types of companies and sectors
  • Allows you to be present all over the world
  • Elaboration of elaborated statistics and analyses
  • Ease the contact with your audience
  • More profitable than traditional marketing

360° marketing

360° marketing works with all available tools to satisfy consumers. A new way for companies to communicate with their audience.

It is necessary to have parallel actions in different channels to maximize results. All actions must be managed in such way as to remain in line with the planned strategy. It is an effective and efficient communication process.

These actions improve your visibility on the Internet and your image towards your customers. All of it is translated by an improved quality, productivity, sales and customer retention.

The main objective of SEO is to be well ranked in search engines results. Optimizing your page and its environment will allow you to be visible on the results pages. This result by an increase of potential customers.
This precious tool from Google allows you to advertise on the world's most famous search engine. Attract the right people at the right time and increase your web traffic.
Text, graphics and videos ads on one of the most used social networks on the planet. Interact with Internet users and make your content viral.
Manage your business at maximum, get to know your customers and work on loyalty strategies more effectively. Satisfied customers always come back, especially if you're developing this important part.
With a functional and attractive website, potential customers can learn about your services and products at any time. We help you to create and develop your presence on the Internet.
Increase your company visibility in strategic areas for your business. Your local environment can have a real sales potential. We work to make sure you are the best in your geographical area.