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What an SEO expert is ?

An SEO expert is a digital marketing professional whose specialty is SEO.
He can also be called an SEO consultant or an SEO specialist.
Thanks to his level of expertise, he helps his clients to improve the performance of their websites in terms of natural referencing.
The SEO expert has a perfect command of all marketing techniques required to improve a website’s visibility on a search engine, mainly Google.

Why should you work with an SEO consultant ?

Hiring an SEO consultant will allow you in the medium to long term to significantly increase traffic to your website and thus, leads and conversions.
The SEO expert helps you define a strategy and adjust the changes necessary for the optimization and good SEO of your website. His knowledge of the technical specifications taken into account by search engines will help you maximize your chances of being on the first page of search results on Google and therefore obtain the best click rate.
It is estimated that on the first 5 organic results, the click rate is between 70 and 77%, unlike the second page results where the click rate is about 3.8%.

Since the main objective of an SEO consultant is to improve your performance and revenue, good organic traffic to your website will not only increase your visibility but also your conversion rate and therefore your revenue.

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Our services

Technical expertise
The website's technical foundations are essentials for search engines. Its smooth operation aims to attract both users and indexing robots. Therefore, an SEO expert is a true technician on your website and knows how to find and fix vulnerabilities.
Content analysis
The SEO consultant also knows how to optimize the content of your website. He finds keywords related to your business sector and allows you to build SEO optimized content that will be considered relevant to both Internet users and search engines.
Link building
Link building is a process of obtaining incoming links to your website. In Google's eyes, this comes down to an indication of your website's notoriety. Continuously ensuring that your website is working properly and that its content is relevant will gradually lead to links that Google will consider as recommendations from other websites.
Web Analytics
Since a site's performance varies every day and ranking should never be taken for granted, it is essential to monitor your website's performance and analyze the data made available to us by Google. Our SEO experts analyze your results and make all necessary changes to maintain acquired good positions in the search results and obtain new ones.

SEO audit

In order to offer you the best solutions, our SEO consultants carry out a 360° audit of your website beforehand. Our SEO experts will detail all aspects of your website in order to identify possible and necessary optimizations. The SEO audit is divided into 3 parts: technical analysis, content analysis and netlinking. The global analysis of your website is an imperative step in understanding the possible improvements and implementing actions to achieve your goal: to be on the first page of Google’s results.

A follow-up from an expert

At Keyweo, an SEO expert is dedicated to your project and follows it from beginning to end. As with your internal employees, this is about teamwork in order to improve your performance and achieve your business goals.

Faced with your expectations and needs, our SEO specialists experience and knowledge will allow us to establish together the best strategy for your SEO.


Google certification

An SEO consultant must be able to use and understand the tools provided by Google. That is why our SEO experts are Google Analytics certified and recertify every 18 months, renewing proof of their expertise’s level.

Let's work out your SEO strategy together

Would you like to work with an SEO specialist to improve your search engines ranking? We would be delighted to conduct an SEO audit of your website and work together on the best strategy to enable you improving your digital visibility in order to increase your traffic, and in the mid-term, your revenue.

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