SEO Hotel industry

SEO Hotel Industry

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Do you own a hotel and want to stand out from your competitors and grow your customer base? At keyweo, experts in hotel Search Engine Optimization, we offer you a strategy that fits your needs. SEO is a set of web marketing techniques aimed at improving your position in Google search results. After having studied your goals in-depth, our hotel SEO experts will develop an adapted strategy for your company, including a personalized follow-up. Because of the strong competition in the hotel industry, having a well-designed and optimized website allows you to improve your visibility in the Google search results. 

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Who can benefit from SEO in the hotel industry?

With a team of experts in hotel SEO, Keyweo has already worked with many groups in the hotel industry. The hotel industry is an extremely competitive sector, which is why we develop a specific strategy for each of our clients. If you want to improve the visibility of your website on various search engines, Keyweo is the hotel SEO agency you need. So don't wait any longer to contact us and start building your SEO strategy together.

  • Hotels
  • Campsites
  • Booking platforms
  • B&B's & special accommodations
  • etc

Our hotel SEO services

Keyword Study

A keyword study is the first important step for a successful hotel SEO strategy. The study will highlight the SEO opportunities and areas for improvement, based on your current positioning. Therefore, we must identify all the organic words used by Google users in order to succeed. This study will allow us to define the strategic pages for creating the foundations of your hotel SEO strategy. We aim to differentiate your site from your competitors with qualitative and relevant content.

SEO Audit

Any SEO strategy requires a high-performing website. To ensure the quality of your website, our experts will conduct a complete analysis. The goal is to identify all the strengths and flaws of your website so that we can optimize your website completely. Google highlights quality websites. That's why this step is mandatory in a hotel SEO strategy: loading time, responsive site, orphan pages, 404 errors, etc… Every detail of your site will be examined.

Website Creation Hotel

The hotel industry is very competitive. A good website is a strong advantage for customers because it represents you and your brand identity. That is why we, at Keyweo, offer you the possibility to build a fully optimized website. We will respect your needs and wishes, as well as the constraints imposed by different search engines in order to obtain the most efficient website possible. Choice of the theme, landing pages creations, strategic pages creations, cms configuration, and plugins, all adapted to your sector. Our team takes care of everything and offers you a complete service that meets your needs.

Creation of Themed Content

At Keyweo, we have a team of writers specialized in SEO-optimized content. Our writers are able to write quality content on various topics. The topics will be chosen according to the results of the keyword study. All content is therefore perfectly adapted to what your customers are looking for. We can also work on local referencing, which is a real driver of traffic. Furthermore, at Keyweo, our team of writers is able to adapt to different markets such as the Spanish, English, and French markets. We are able to produce optimized content in different languages to maximize the power of your international site.

Netlinking Strategy

Netlinking is a basic SEO technique that is essential for your hotel's SEO strategy. Finding interesting and qualitative links in this type of sector is not easy. This is why Keyweo develops a tailor-madenetlinking strategy in order to ensure that each backlink is effective for your website. Our hotel SEO experts are used to the problems of this sector and are able to improve your position in Google search results. Afterward, they can help you find new opportunities to attract a valuable audience. 

Personalized SEO Follow-up

Implementing an SEO strategy for a hotel or any other type of business in the hospitality industry takes time. That's why at Keyweo, each client has a complete personalized follow-up so that you can follow the progress daily. You will have the support of an SEO consultant from the beginning to the end of our collaboration in order to answer all your questions and implement your requests on your website.

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