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Do you need an SEO quote? Do you want to promote your company services on the internet in order to increase your customer base? Do you own an e-commerce website and you would like to increase your sales through Google, and so SEO, but you do have no idea how much it cost?

The form below will provide you a rough idea of the the desired service cost.

Feel free to contact us by simply validating the form and find out the exact budget you will need to work with us, this in order to develop your online visibility on Google.

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SEO technical recommendations audit: : A technical recommendations audit is a document (PDF format) that we deliver containing many tips to improve your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. This SEO audit covers technical aspects, the content of your pages, as well as the website’s external popularity (quantity and quality of backlinks).

This document is usually then processed by webmasters or developers, which apply the recommended changes if they wish.

Technical optimizations : This service is recommended in case you want us to make the technical optimizations ourselves and without producing any written document.

We then take the management of your system (CMS or custom) and operate the changes aimed in order to expand your website’s visibility within the resources available to us.

SEO follow-up and support (monthly fee) : In order to reach the top in search results, it is highly recommended to work constantly on the technical aspects of your website as well as its external popularity with advanced link building campaigns.

A monthly follow-up allows us to advise you (consulting services) on a long term, to make technical optimizations or campaigns to promote your company, your services or your products.

Local SEO:If you have a point-of-sale or a store offering local services, and you would like to be showed and visible at the top in the Google Maps block (local results pages), we highly recommend a Local SEO service.

Attention, cette prestation n’est pas valable pour une liste de mots-clés “locaux" sur lesquels vous aimeriez vous positionner. Dans ce cas, il est préférable de choisir un suivi et accompagnement SEO.

Please note, this service is not valid for a “local" keyword list on which you would like to position yourself. Therefore it is better to choose an SEO follow-up and support.

SEO training (2 days): If you want to improve your skills in-house, we can provide you an SEO training (ideally over 2 days but this can be done according to your needs and constraints). During this training, we will talk about the technical optimizations to make for having a website “well appreciated" by Google, and also the good pratices regarding a website content, as well as links acquisition or local SEO.

We can also go deepen into any topics you would like to.

Estimated amount of pages

Bear in mind, the estimated page count of your site can influence how much time it will take to optimize.

Consider an article, product, or category as a page.

Estimated competition of your top keywords

We will evaluate again the competitiveness of your keywords once you will have submitted them to us in order to get to define the time needed as monthly follow up.

Low competition: If you consider your targeted top keywords are uncompetitive or that you are on a niche with few competitors, choose this option.

Average competition: If your targeted top keywords have significant business stakes and you know that a reasonable number of companies are looking to position themselves, choose this option.

Strong competition: If you know that your targeted top keywords have big business stakes, and that there are a lot of websites looking to position themselves, check this option.

Note: we call top keywords the most important expressions of your list.

Keywords on which you would like to position yourself

We suggest you to list the keywords for which you would like to be more visible on Google.

Leave this field blank if you do not know and simply want us to recommend keywords relevant to your business.