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Do you want to implement a real digital strategy for your company? Are you looking for the best Content Management System (CMS) for your website? Not sure which one to choose from the dozens on the market? Are you looking to optimize your SEO with this tool, but do not have the required skills?

At Keyweo, we support young companies and large groups in their SEO strategy. Our digital marketing agency, specialized in SEO and SEA, is an expert in the use of SEO tools in CMS such as Prestashop, WordPress etc. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are now unbeatable on the levers of these tools and offer our services to optimize the visibility of your company.

From the optimization of your CMS to the creation of content and links each month, we support you in your entire SEO strategy, to make your website the most important of your acquisition channels.


Let's develop your site on Prestashop

Do you want to optimize your site on Prestashop, but do not know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up !

Let's focus on Prestashop CMS

It is sometimes complex to know which CMS to turn to to create your brand's website. Whether you want to sell products, services or simply highlight informative content around your business domain, two Content Management Systems will not be the same. This is why it is necessary to research before committing. The PrestaShop tool was created in 2007 by several Epitech students. It quickly experienced immense success since it has been developed in around twenty languages ​​and now has several hundred employees.

PrestaShop is an open source content management system, which is a real revolution for e-commerce. It allows e-commerce sites to be equipped with a product catalog, to manage the delivery method, through order taking and the possibility of adding product promotions. It is also known for having a good responsive design which allows it to optimize the structure and layout according to the screens (phone, computer, tablet), thus ensuring you better SEO.

Who is Prestashop for?

With our experience, we have already been able to support and optimize multiple customer projects on this content management tool. Of these, most were medium-sized e-commerce sites. The Prestashop tool has mainly been programmed for e-commerce websites that need to reference their products and create an online sales space.

 We also favor this tool for companies wishing to change CMS and boost their sales. Large structures that already have a large product catalog and a high turnover can also turn to this CMS or Magento, another CMS specializing in large e-commerce sites. 

Thanks to the many customer cases we have had, our teams of SEO consultants are now experts in the use and optimization of the features of the PrestaShop tool.

  • E-commerce sites 
  • E-commerce of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)  
  • E-commerce of mid-size companies 
  • E-commerce of large enterprises 

Strong Points of Prestashop

Working daily on content management systems for our clients, made us carry out a real market study of the most commonly used CMS. After analysis, at Keyweo, we believe that PrestaShop has many advantages.

Terrific Functionality

PrestaShop has a real richness in terms of functionality compared to other content management systems. In total, we can count thousands of themes on which to create your websites and around 3,000 plugins. This large volume allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and optimize the features available on their website.

A CMS designed for e-commerce

As stated earlier, the PrestaShop CMS is an essential tool for e-commerce sites. It allows companies to integrate their entire product catalog and integrate useful features until order delivery and customer feedback.

Installation directly on the computer or in the cloud

Unlike other CMS, PrestaShop has developed a cloud to allow you to save all your account data without having to install the tool on your computer. This feature is an asset since it increases the flexibility of the software.

Posibility of localizing the website

PrestaShop's localization functionality is one of the many positive points of this CMS. This makes it possible to determine the location of your business, and thus, to adapt the content to focus on that of your market.

Very good back office

The PrestaShop back office, i.e. the interface on which you go to work on your website, is easy to use. It allows you to quickly understand the features available on the content management system and to facilitate your use of the tool.

Free open-source software

PrestaShop is essentially based on open source. The term “open source” used to refer to software that can be easily modified and taken over by any developer. This makes it advantagous since it gives you the opportunity to change developers easily and quickly find people who can optimize your website. Likewise, the PrestaShop community is very active and allows you to have quick answers to your questions, which saves you a lot of time. Finally, unlike other CMS, PrestaShop is completely free to install, which may be of interest to many companies that do not have an unlimited budget.

The software has a responsive design

A responsive design is essential when we know that more than 70% of users of the Google search engine go through their mobile rather than their computer. Having a responsive content management system makes it easier to change formats and screens. This feature considerably improves your SEO since Google's analysis tools first go through the mobile version before crawling the desktop format (mobile first).

Weak Points of Prestashop

Our SEO services for Prestashop CMS

Keyword Study

Whether you use our services to create your website or simply want to optimize its ranking on search engines, we offer you a detailed study of the keywords in your sector. This in-depth analysis of your market allows you to have an overview of the keywords that your target uses to refer to your business. Thanks to numerous marketing tools, we also manage to establish an editorial plan and strategic pages for the structure of your website in the long term. This step is essential to position yourself on new keywords and to establish your SEO content strategy.

Technical SEO Audit

Is your site sufficiently high quality and efficient? This is what we verify through a very detailed technical audit. We analyze all of your pages to list the elements to improve and make your site SEO-friendly. We also look at the structure of your pages, the relevance of your content, the optimization of your images… enough to establish an in-depth prioritization and recommendation plan for you. The audit of your website is therefore useful to make your site more qualitative and quickly increase your technical performance. Thanks to this step, we promise you the rapid achievement of your objectives.

Prestashop CMS Optimization

Optimizing your use of the Prestashop tool is part of our area of ​​expertise. Our team of SEO consultants is mobilizing to develop an SEO-friendly website, which uses all the features that Prestashop can provide. Configuration of the content management system, implementation of your content strategy, optimization of your e-commerce, correction of technical problems, you can call on our services for fast and quality results! The customer sites on Prestashop that we have taken care of in recent years have been able to stand out from their competitors thanks to how we implement and monitor... Why not you?

Optimized Content Writing

The Keyweo agency establishes, according to your needs, a number of monthly contents to write and integrate on your website. This content is written internally and can also be translated internally (Italian, English, Spanish, French, etc.). Our consultants can speak your native language for more comfort and better communication. Our editors take the documents previously put in place and rely on the keywords of your sector to create coherent, qualitative and SEO-friendly content. For e-commerce sites, our consultants also give you advice on how to optimize your product catalog pages.


To set up a complete natural referencing strategy, it is also necessary to think about the links that point to your website. During the analysis of your site, the search engines seek to know if other sites talk about you, recommend you, and if they seem to be in your sector or not. Creating a link to your site is a real acquisition channel. Better referenced, recommended by multiple sites, this strategy makes it even faster to increase your visibility, and thus, your results!

SEO consultant dedicated to managing your project

At Keyweo, we attach great importance to follow-up and our customer relationship. SEO monitoring is a long-term job. For this, we provide you with a team of expert SEO consultants, attentive and ready to support you in the best conditions throughout the collaboration. You are guided and advised throughout the implementation of your digital strategy. Finally, our consultants speak your languages ​​(French, English, Spanish) to improve communication and make monitoring more fluid.


Do you want to boost your visibility on Google? Whether you are a small or a large company, contact us to benefit from our expertise and set up a powerful SEO strategy !

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