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Have you just started your own business, and want to develop a website dedicated to your activity? You have already created your website but do not know how to optimize it? Do you want to gain visibility and boost your sales? You have opted for the Wix CMS but do not fully master it and need advice? Do you want to be accompanied in your SEO strategy by a professional in the field?

From now on, the digital strategy occupies a very important place in the overall strategy of a company. Indeed, having an optimized website, and therefore well positioned in the search results of search engines, allows you to grow your visibility exponentially, and thus boost your sales. Keyweo is there to support you in this strategy! Our agency, specialized in natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA), supports you in your SEO strategy to enable you to develop the best possible digital strategy, and to position yourself in the top positions of search engines. 

We put our expertise and our professionalism at your disposal to assist you in your study of keywords up to the monthly monitoring of your links and content, including the development of the most optimized SEO strategy possible. Our team is made up of experienced consultants, at your disposal and with various SEO tools allowing them to guide you with rigor and efficiency in your SEO strategy.


Let's develop your site on Wix

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Let's focus on Wix

Nowadays, platforms allowing the creation of no-code websites are proliferating on the internet. Calling on a web designer is no longer a prerequisite for launching a website, which allows many small businesses to launch their own site without having to allocate a budget that is too high in relation to their funds.

Founded in 2006, the Wix CMS is just one of these software. It allows you to create websites without having any knowledge of coding and web development. For this, its mode of operation is very simple. It provides you with many templates that you can modify later to adapt them to your activity and brand image. This CMS is aimed at activities in various and varied fields: whether you want to create a site in the field of health and well-being, travel and tourism, or even in real estate, this CMS will meet your expectations. 

Wix is ​​the first tool to create a website without coding knowledge, and now hosts around 110 million websites. And for good reason, it is very easy to use and offers many features, allowing you to meet any type of desire. It offers, for example, a drag and drop system that makes learning how it works very fast. In addition, the content is managed as a site, which means that you have a direct overview of the architecture and design of your site. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some advantages that the WIx CMS offers you in the management of your website:

  • Platform present on the cloud: this allows you to have access to all the information, wherever you are
  • Wide choice in terms of models
  • Hosting integrated into the CMS: you do not need to pay for hosting next to your CMS
  • Free Plan
  • Access to image galleries

Who is Wix for ?

Wix was created to appeal to a wide range of customers. So, whether you are a professional wishing to embark on e-commerce, or an individual simply wishing to share advice or anecdotes on a blog, this CMS is made for you!

At Keyweo, our years of experience have allowed us to acquire some knowledge of CMS. The ease of use of Wix makes it a competitive and strategic tool that we recommend using. In addition, we will be able to support you in order to help you master it and optimize your websites.

  • Blog
  • Showcase Site 
  • E-commerce
  • Small Sites

Strong Points of Wix

Ease of Use

The first strength of Wix is ​​its ease of use. Indeed, some CMS, although they allow you to create no-code sites, remain complex in terms of use. On the contrary, Wix allows you, starting from a ready-made template, to customize it as you see fit to model it in your image and that of your activity. You can also customize colors, fonts, add text and images. Additionally, the way Wix works is based on so-called drag and drop. It is the only CMS whose use is based on this technology, which makes it a major asset of the platform.

Directly integrated SEO tools

Wix makes your life easier by offering you SEO tools directly integrated into its native version, which you can access from the dashboard. This allows you not to have to install additional plugins or widgets unlike on other platforms such as WordPress. Plus, with Wix, you don't need to find a host. Indeed, Wix allows you to create and host your website directly on their Cloud, and thus have access to your data wherever you are.

SEO performance tracking

With Wix, integrating your website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console has never been easier. These two tools are essential for SEO and the management and optimization of a website. It is therefore very advantageous to benefit from an ease of integration of your site with these platforms.

Personalized Support

The CMS, Wix offers you personalized support in the different stages of configuring the SEO of your website, thanks to its personal assistant Wix SEO Wiz. This wizard is there to help you optimize your website. It makes sure that you don't forget any configuration or optimization elements, be it your Hn tags, your meta descriptions or your alt attributes, etc.

Affordable Price

Wix offers a free plan that gives you free access to various templates. Thanks to this plan, you can create your website without paying even a single penny, until it goes online.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, the proportion of smartphone and tablet users makes responsive templates extremely interesting and strategic regarding your SEO strategy. However, all the templates offered by Wix are responsive, which allows you to adapt your website to all formats and optimize them regardless of the tool used by the user to get there.

Weak Points of Wix

Our SEO services for CMS Wix

Keyword Study

Carrying out a keyword study before launching your website and writing its content is essential. Indeed, it is this study that will allow you to target the strategic keywords on which to position yourself in order to increase your traffic. Keyweo and its team of SEO consultants accompany you in this study, as soon as we start working with a company. This allows us to evaluate which keywords we are going to target, and to adapt our strategy to them.

Technical SEO Audit

You can't develop an effective SEO strategy if you don't conduct a technical audit of your site beforehand. We carry out this audit for you, using specialised SEO tools. This audit allows us to determine the areas of improvement on which to work in order to improve your natural referencing. These areas may include image size, metadata or alt attributes. Once we have identified these shortcomings, we will help you optimise your website. Our field of action is vast: reducing the size of images, adding alt attributes, optimising your metadata, etc.

Optimisation of the Wix CMS

Our role does not stop at identifying areas for improvement in your SEO strategy, but extends to putting these elements into practice. We are here to help you correct your mistakes in order to optimise your Wix CMS. Every detail is to be taken into consideration, and optimized in order to make your website rise in the SERP. These elements to optimize are the following: - Make sure that each of your images has an alt attribute - Have only one H1 tag per page - Structure your content around the Hn tags Reduce the size of your images below 100 KB - Write meta titles of 45 to 60 characters, and meta descriptions of 120 to 160 characters

Optimized Content Writing

Optimising your content is also essential. This is where you will see how useful keyword research is. It allows you to select the keywords to include in your content. In order to write optimised content, you should keep in mind the following elements: include a lot of strategic keywords, structure it with Hn tags, add call to actions. Our team consists of experienced writers for whom language holds no secrets. Used to dealing with a wide range of subjects, our writers know how to adapt to our clients' themes. In addition, we write content in French, but also in English and Spanish.


A good netlinking strategy is essential to increase the popularity and visibility of your website. Indeed, by placing dofollow links pointing to your pages on other sites, you will facilitate the redirection of Internet users and the search engine to your site. This will increase your traffic, and allow the indexation of your pages. Whether it is paid or free links, netlinking includes all the links pointing to your website. Having links pointing to your site allows you to gain credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Indeed, it shows that people are talking about you, and that what you are talking about, or what you are selling, is thus reliable. Our teams are here to support you in the implementation of your netlinking strategy: selection of strategic sites on which to place your links, follow-up of these links, etc.

SEO consultant dedicated to managing your project

Travailler avec nous signifie bénéficier d’un accompagnement suivi et personnalisé par l’un de nos consultants. Tous sont des experts en SEO, et sauront être à votre écoute pour vous permettre d’élaborer la stratégie de référencement la plus adaptée et efficace possible. De plus, notre agence est tournée vers l'international avec des consultants parlant anglais, français, et espagnol pour pouvoir répondre à votre demande quelque soit votre langue d’origine.


Do you want to boost your visibility on Google? Whether you are a small or large company, contact us to benefit from our expertise and set up a high-performance SEO strategy!

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