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Google Adwords is now one of the most effective marketing levers. It will allow you, if it is well managed, to achieve your business objectives while remaining profitable.

Keyweo agency is specialized in the creation, management, and optimization of Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in account management for all types of clients, we are now able to help you achieve your growth objectives.

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Why should you work with a Google Adwords Agency?


Anyone can launch an Adwords campaign today. Nevertheless, it requires several years of experience in managing multiple issues, keywords, campaigns… in order to be able to maximize the performance of an account.

Working with an Adwords Agency in Brussels will make you save time and money while achieving your growth objectives in a profitable way.

Which are our work steps ?

Definition of your objectives
First, we define together the goals to achieve: sales, leads, notoriety, calls...etc. This is an essential phase to accurately manage the performance of your campaigns and evaluate your return on investment.
Setting up the Adwords account
Following the study of keywords it will be possible for us to start setting up your account. This includes: creating campaigns and ad groups, implementing your keywords with the right auctions, creating ads and setting up extensions.
Reports implementation
We also set up personalized reports in your favorite tools (Google Analytics, Google Adwords...) to help you follow your campaigns as closely as possible, with automatic reports if you wish so.
Keyword study
One of the keys to a successful adwords account is a thorough study of the keywords on which your company should stand out. Following this study, we provide you a deliverable of it so that you can use it in the future.
Tracking your conversions
The tracking of your conversions is a fundamental element to be able to ensure the profitability of your investments. In contact with your team, we will set up the tracking of your campaigns whether it is leads, sales, calls or any other conversions you may have.
Monitoring and optimizations
The success of an Adwords account also depends on accurate monitoring and regular account optimization. There can be several types of optimizations : auctions, announcements, negative keywords, addition of new campaigns, configuration of other functionalities (remarketing, auctions by device...)

Our know-how

Our Google Adwords Agency in Brussels will help you define the best levers to activate to develop your business in a profitable way.

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