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Maximize SEO performance with a Technical Audit

Without a strong technical framework, the performance of any content and netlinking will be limited. A technical audit allows experienced SEO professionals to analyze the technical structure of a website and make recommendations to improve SEO.

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A Crucial step to Maximize your SEO

A site’s technical framework is the foundation of SEO. If a site does not have a strong technical foundation, it will struggle to compete with other players in the market.

Google’s algorithm analyzes the technical infrastructure of sites to provide the best results for its users. These assessments are thorough, assessing security, loading speed, device compatibility and more.

By completing a technical audit with experienced SEO professionals, you will gain a new understanding of your site’s technical infrastructure and how you can improve it. 

What makes SEO Audits Effective?

Three reasons why SEO audits are important 

Technical Analysis

To improve a site's SEO, we begin by examining its digital infrastructure. Not only do we identify areas that need to improve, but their complexity and contextualized relevance as well.

Identifying Priorities

SEO audits assess a lot of criteria varying in complexity, impact, and hierarchical positioning within a site. By clearly defining priorities, we can identify which projects should be implemented first.

Support & Application

An audit is only as effective as it's implemented recommendations. Even if this is not part of the initial audit, outlining a plan of action is crucial in setting you up for SEO success.

An SEO pre-audit ?

Request your pre-audit or SEO market analysis to identify areas of improvement.

They Trust us with their SEO Strategy

Examples of technical criteria assessed during an SEO audit

Loading Speed
Image Size and Quality
Alternative Text
Image Names
Mobile Compatibility
Internal Mesh
Site Architecture
Security Protocols
Semantic Composition
Title Tags
Meta Tag Descriptions
Applied Microdata
Site Accessibility
Content Quality
Error Pages (4xx)
Redirections (3xx)
Menu Optimization
Header & Footer Optimization 
Indexability & Indexation

And many more site-specific criteria curated for you!

Why Request an SEO Audit ?

Optimize your Technical Infrastructure

The purpose of an audit is to achieve and maintain a functionally optimized site. This is the fundamental principle in maximizing any site’s SEO. Neglecting to enhance your technical framework will diminish the marketing performance of any content and netlinking strategies.

Depending on the competition, sector, or target audience, your technical infrastructure can either actively enhance or inhibit your SEO.  After all, an SEO-friendly website is a win-win, you gain exposure with your target demographic while providing the best user experience for them.

Notably, SEO is a gradual, continuous process focused on long-term optimization. As search engine algorithms change, so do our SEO strategies. We adapt our strategies to maximize a site’s SEO over time. 

To put it simply: a technical audit is the first step in initiating the most sustainable digital marketing strategy, SEO.

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Improve User Experience

An effective technical framework does not only satisfy search engine algorithms, by its ability to provide a good user experience.  

Whether it’s to improve loading speed, enhance security protocols, optimize device compatibility, or increase content accessibility for those in need, there are numerous opportunities to make your site SEO- and UX-friendly.

Notably, while these initiatives are appreciated by users, they do not replace quality content. However, users will likely miss the opportunity to see any content if these initiatives are neglected. 

That’s where SEO comes in. By combining quality content with a reliable, secure, and accessible platform, you can bridge the gap between your needs and theirs.

How to do an Audit

As a professional agency with years of experience, Keyweo is equipped with many specialized consultants and tools dedicated to providing the best auditing services.

Combined with our expertise, these curated tools enable us to thoroughly gather and assess relevant data in order to identify any strengths and weaknesses, and adapt them accordingly.

A few tools:

We use these tools to enhance our insights and experience, and communicate them with you, our clients. 

Boost your Visibility

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