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Creation of a website that is professional and SEO-friendly

Entrust the creation of your website to a trusted web agency
that will give you complete satisfaction.

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Our mission

Create a website that reflects your image, is professional, user-friendly and optimized for SEO

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The characteristics of the sites we create

Let us help you get a website that reflects your image and is optimised for the web

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An easy-to-use website

We take care to design an intuitive website that is easy to navigate. Everyone who arrives at your site should be able to understand your business, navigate between the different pages and contact you without encountering any problems.

An SEO optimised site

A website that no one can find is not normal. That’s why we think about the SEO of your site at every stage of its construction, from the definition of its architecture to the integration of the SEO content and the monitoring of your performance.

A website that reflects your image

It is important that the creation of the site is done in compliance with your visual identity and your graphic design in order to allow a homogeneity of your advertising mediums and to reinforce your brand image.

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A mobile-friendly site

All our websites are designed in responsive design, compatible on all types of devices and all browsers.

A secure site

Our websites are all developed to ensure the security of you and your users.

Our added value in website creation

Because we know that the success of our mission depends on your satisfaction

An SEO-friendly website

We insist, taking into account your SEO from the site creation stage is something that is essential to maximise your results in natural referencing.

Autonomy and freedom

You will be trained in the use of the CMS in order to be self-sufficient in its management and you will be the sole owner of your entire site and its components.

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO

Marketing performance analysis tools

We set up tools to monitor visits and statistics related to your website with tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

FAQ et questions fréquentes

Follow-ups and transparency

We remain available and ready to listen to you if you have any needs or questions. A maintenance package is also available to continue to develop the functionality of your site.

Our support

Keyword research

We use various keyword analysis tools to carry out advanced research into the words and phrases most likely to drive traffic to your website. This research allows us to design the architecture of your website and to create content that is both relevant to your users and optimised for SEO.



In order to ensure your autonomy in the use of your site, we offer a training course to get to grips with the site's administration section. We offer this training online or in person so that you can make any changes you wish yourself. Depending on your needs, we can offer you different types of services related to digital marketing.



A maintenance option is available if you would like us to help you integrate new content or technical adjustments to your site. This can include SEO optimisations, adding functionality or overall support in the development of your site as well as recommendations and advice on how to achieve your goals.

Why create a website?

A website is the showcase of a company, it must be professional, easily maintained, neat and optimised for SEO.

A website is an important instrument to inform your customers and attract prospects. Whether it is a showcase site, an association site, a corporate site, an e-commerce site or even a professional blog, it is crucial for your brand image and your web communication. Calling on an agency such as Keyweo to design or redesign your professional website ensures that the structure is well thought out for the comfort of users as well as for good readability by search engine robots.

A well-constructed website can indeed be a key tool to reach your conversion objectives. To do this, it is not only a question of a careful design but above all of a multitude of technical details to be taken into account and respected in order to give the best possible visibility to your website.

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With a wealth of experience in website creation, we have been able to create custom websites as well as websites using CMS. We work in all sectors, including :





Sustainable development

And many more!

The different types of websites

Showcase site

Showcase site

A showcase site is a site presenting a company, a service or an activity. It is also called a corporate site. Generally made up of a few pages (up to a few hundred pages), it can also be used to present an association, in which case it is called an association site.

Blog / News site

Blog / News site

A blog or news site consists almost exclusively of blog posts. It starts small and grows as new articles are added. A blog is usually dedicated to a particular sector or theme.

E-commerce website

E-commerce website

An e-commerce site has the distinction of offering products for sale online and various associated features (adding a basket, wish list, promotion system, etc.). It can quickly exceed a thousand pages.

A site designed for performance

Keyweo is a web agency made up of SEO experts and a technical team. We create websites that reflect your brand while respecting the technical constraints imposed by search engines.

This meticulous construction of a website that is not only technically efficient but also relevant in terms of content and well thought out in terms of UX will maximise your chances of obtaining good results in SEO.

Our preferred CMS

Discover the different types of CMS on which our teams are able to operate to offer you a solution adapted to your needs.


Seller of numerous software solutions for marketing, sales and customer service.


Magento was created to compete with the original e-commerce CMS.


An open source content management system, which is a real revolution for e-commerce.


Specialised in the creation, development and management of e-commerce sites.


Design a website without any knowledge of web development and coding.


The first tool to easily create a website without coding knowledge.


Designed for blog creation, the platform is now open to all types of projects.

Why call upon a web agency with SEO expertise for the creation of your website?

A website is the main showcase for a company. It must reflect the company’s image by being professional, user-friendly, easily maintainable, optimised for conversions and for SEO.

An SEO-specialised web agency will bring together all the skills to create a professional and SEO-friendly website to grow your business online.

From keyword definition to SEO optimisation, page creation, site architecture design, conversion rate optimisation, or content integration, the company will have all the skills to deliver a professional site that your business can build on.

In addition to choosing the appropriate technology that will be crucial for the addition of new features or the maintenance of the site, to developing the site in its entirety, the agency will also be able to help develop its online visibility via digital marketing, whether it be via SEO, SEA or SMA.

Do you have a question about the creation of your website?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with one of our experts.

Your frequently asked questions about SEO

There are many types of websites, including social networks, blogs, online sales sites (= e-commerce sites), and showcase sites.

When it comes to website creation, we often talk about the following examples :

  • Showcase / corporate / association site: sites of a few pages presenting a company, activity or service.
  • E-commerce site: online sales sites
  • Blog or news site: listing of articles generally dealing with a common theme

Today there are free solutions to create a website easily. 

The benefit is that it allows you to have a functional site quickly and sometimes without the need to know programming languages.

The disadvantage is the limitation of knowledge or tools when it comes to making more complex sites.

If it is not possible to contact a web professional, we advise you to launch your website for your business and ask for a website quote once you have the budget.

The prices of websites can vary enormously.

For a professional, SEO-optimised website, it can range from €1,000 to tens of thousands of euros.

The price of a website depends on many things, including :

  • the technology used
  • the number of pages and page types
  • the number of languages
  • the design
  • the precise functionalities

Average price range

The following prices are for guidance only and may vary greatly depending on the needs and situations

  • Showcase website : 1 000 € - 5 000 €
  • E-commerce website : 3 000 € - 15 000 €

To create a website for free, there are several options among which the 2 most relevant are :

  • Learn the web language: static websites (fixed, non-evolving content) use HTML (for the semantics of the pages) and CSS (for the visual layout) whereas dynamic websites also use a programming language such as PHP with a database management system such as MySQL and the SQL language. 
  • Using a CMS: If you don't want to learn technical languages for website design, you can use a CMS. This is a content management system that integrates all the functions needed to create a website without the need to code. The best known, WordPress, has enabled the creation of billions of websites. Originally dedicated to the creation of blogs, it is now one of the most complete and powerful CMS. Others such as Shopify or Prestashop are specialised in the creation of e-commerce sites.

When you want to hire someone to create a website, you have several options:

  • A Freelancer: a freelancer will have the advantage of offering competitive prices but may be limited in terms of the various different skills required to create a website (design, development, marketing, etc.).
  • A web agency: A web agency can offer you the creation of a professional website. It should be able to offer you a very good quality result. However, beware of the marketing / SEO part which can be neglected by a web agency.
  • A communications/digital marketing agency: if a digital marketing agency has the skills to create a website and you have the budget, this may be the best solution. Indeed, SEO is something that needs to be worked on from the creation of the website to maximise results. By entrusting the creation of your website to a digital marketing agency, you will have all the skills gathered in one place for a result of quality generally unmatched by other providers.

A website consists of one or more web pages.

A web page is therefore the constituent element of a website, which may be made up of a set of web pages.

Let's take the example of a small showcase site of 5 pages, it can for example be made up of the following web pages :

  • the home page
  • the contact page
  • the services page
  • the location page
  • the legal information page

On the other hand, an e-commerce site can be composed of the following types of pages:

  • a home page
  • product category pages
  • product pages
  • a shopping cart page
  • blog posts
  • and so on.

The first page of a website is called the homepage, which is widely used

The homepage is particularly important from an SEO and UX perspective

Your homepage is very important and should be carefully designed.

It should have several features, including :

  • effectively present your company, activity or service
  • be optimised for SEO to rank for competitive keywords
  • link to other important pages on the site
  • be optimised for contacting, in which case you may not get any commercial contacts

We have their full confidence.

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