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Become visible to your target audience with Social Ads(SMA)

Be present on social networks to reach the right audience at the right time with the support of an expert Social Media Advertising (SMA) agency.

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Our mission

Attract new customers and strengthen your reputation via social media in an effort to be profitable

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Our preferred social media networks

Our Social Ads services

Let us help you develop your visibility on social networks.

benchmark creatif

Creative benchmarking

We carry out a creative benchmark of your competitors and of what is being done in your market in order to analyse the strategies in place and to be able to establish the best strategy for you. Based on this creative benchmark, we establish the creative paths to follow for your visuals.

Account strategy and structuring

Based on the analysis of your market and our expertise, we propose a detailed strategy. This strategy will allow us to define the structure of your campaigns, the visuals to be created and the action plan for the coming months.

Tracking WEB


Indispensable for optimising your campaigns and calculating the return on investment, we help you set up your tracking. Purchases, shopping carts, forms, clicks on buttons… we try to bring up the most relevant information in your campaign distribution platforms.

landing page

Landing Page

We support you in optimising your landing pages to maximise the profitability of every euro invested.

structure de campagne

Creation of campaigns

Once the account structure and strategy have been validated and the creative elements received, we implement the campaigns (creation of ads, audiences, ad content, UTMs, etc.)

FAQ et questions fréquentes

A social ads expert at your service

From the start of your project, we assign you a consultant who will be the expert in charge of your campaigns and the success of your social ads strategy. During the collaboration, regular meetings are organised to monitor your results and the action taken.

What is Social Ads, or Social Media Advertising (SMA)?

SMA is the distribution of advertising campaigns on social networks.

With nearly 5 billion active users worldwide, including more than 35 million in France, social networks are an extraordinary opportunity to be visible to your audience.

The most used social networks are the Facebook galaxy of applications (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp), TikTok and its dazzling growth or Youtube and LinkedIn.

Analyse your account

Request an analysis of one of your social ads accounts to find out how to improve your strategy.

A team of Social Ads experts at your service

We provide you with our team of expert consultants in SMA to ensure the best possible follow-up of your strategy. 

Do you have a question about your social ads strategy?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with one of our Social Ads experts.

Your frequently asked questions about Social Ads

A social ads agency or SMA is an agency that can assist you with the various advertising tools on social networks. Among its tools we can find: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat ads, Pinterest ads, Tik Tok ads... 

Including Social Ads in your strategy is an important part of having a marketing mix that works.

Nowadays, people use many different acquisition channels before they become customers. For example, they may start a search on Google and click on your Google ads and then see you advertised on Facebook ads and then come back to SEO via your brand. So it's important to be present at every point in the customer journey to maximise your chances of converting. 

Social Ads, allows you to be present on the networks where your potential customers spend the most time: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok... a good way for them to think about you and create or transform a need.

Social ads channels are a good way to promote products that are not yet known and create a need. Unlike SEO and SEA strategies that start from an already existing need.

A Social Ads campaign is an advertising campaign on a social network platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest...

Choosing the right social network to be visible on will depend on your target audience. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your typical customer and ask yourself on which social network this person spends the most time: Linkedin? Facebook? Instagram? Tik Tok?

Our Social Ads experts will also be on hand to help you make this choice and find the channel that suits you best.

Don't forget that, like any other customer acquisition channel, it is important to test each Social Ads channel you want to deploy. Set yourself a test budget for each test and go for it.

We have their full confidence.

Boost your Visibility

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