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Our commitments

In addition to striving to provide quality work to our clients, we have values and commitments that drive us every day. Discover them below.

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High quality work

As opposed to quantity, particularly used in SEO, we favour quality work, which generally uses less energy. We are not perfect and will never be, but we try to improve every day.

Working together for a greener city

In order to reduce the use of polluting transport and to work towards greener cities, we offer each of our employees a bicycle for the duration of their work at Keyweo.

Eco-friendly accommodation

As a digital agency, we constantly work with web hosting companies and our main partners are eco-friendly.

Infomaniak offsets all its greenhouse gas emissions by 200%.

The Canadian infrastructure of PlanetHoster comes from 100% green energy.

o2switch favours short circuits and the recycling of its equipment. It uses nearly 95% of decarbonised energy.

And other small daily actions...

Saving paper

We strive to print only when it is not possible to do otherwise

Waste separation

We actively practice waste separation in our offices

Energy consumption

When purchasing equipment, we pay particular attention to its energy consumption

Partner selection

Whenever possible, we give preference to partners with a strong policy and commitment to environmentalism

Tempted by the adventure at Keyweo?

Do not hesitate to browse our job and internship offers or to submit an application.

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