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Thanks to a keyword research, start on a good foundation to dominate SEO

The basis of any good SEO strategy, the research of keywords must be well prepared and complete to bring the most value possible

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1st step to define the SEO strategy

Research of keywords will make it possible to obtain a global vision of a whole semantic universe. 

In correlation with the budget and the competition, this research will help define the keyword opportunities for your SEO strategy.

It can also provide valuable information for the commercial part (new products to launch, market opportunities, user intent, etc.).

The benefits of conducting an SEO keyword research

Semantic benchmarking, commercial insights and definition of the editorial plan are among the many advantages of having carried out a study of keywords.

Semantic universe

Our keyword research, based on the study of your competitors, the best players in your industry and your own site, will allow you to have a precise view of your entire semantic universe, with all the SEO and SEA opportunities that this represented.

Business Insights

Business Insights

By knowing what Internet users are looking for in your industry, this can provide leads for the commercial development of your activity: new products to launch, cross-selling, sales pitches, etc.

Strategic pages

A study of keywords can reveal many opportunities for strategic pages to be created, and can also reveal opportunities for the editorial part of a website. This therefore makes it possible to prepare a roadmap of pages to work through an editorial plan over several months.

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Our methodology

A methodology developed internally and improved over time

Competition analysis

The 1st step is to analyze the competition, the best players in your market and of course your site, to retrieve and see the keywords on which they are positioned.

Keyword clustering

Each keyword is associated with a cluster which will then allow us to know if the cluster is strategic to work according to the difficulty and its volume of searches.

Internal magic

Thanks to internally developed tools, our methodology and API connections to external tools, we are able to highlight many strategic keywords.

Strategic pages

We analyze the results of the previous step and can propose clusters of pages to work with the detail of the keywords and the associated search volumes. We deliver spreadsheets with all the keywords that have been identified corresponding to the semantic universe.

Some figures about our keyword research

+200 millions
keywords analyzed
languages ​​covered by our research
different sectors processed

A study of strategic keywords for SEO

Help for all businesses

A keyword study can help any company develop its visibility in SEO, regardless of its maturity or positioning:

  • for companies with little or no visibility, a study of keywords will allow you to know which keywords are used by the best players in your industry and to use them to develop your strategy
  • for companies whose SEO strategy is already well advanced, it will make it possible to detect new areas of development to complete a semantic cocoon or create new strategic pages
  • it is also used to keep abreast of changes in search trends, especially for sectors experiencing many changes (technological innovations, obsolescence of terms, etc.)
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An infinity of keywords

In SEO, there are almost always new keywords to work on.

This is the magic of SEO and digital marketing in general, you can never rest on your laurels because the job is never done.

Competitors have strategies that may be different, but which are in most cases an inspiration for natural referencing work, the idea always being to provide the maximum added value, to satisfy not only Internet users but also search engines.

A keyword study is intended to be as exhaustive as possible and must be worked in close collaboration with specialist teams in the sector, in order to lay the foundations for a strategy that will last for years, and which will always have to be challenged to stay on top of the game. Google results pages.

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