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Benefit from the experience of a Facebook Ads agency to be visible on the most used social network in the world

Reach your target audience to get your message across on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

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Our mission

Develop your visibility on the Facebook network (FB, Instagram, Messenger) while controlling your returns

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The Facebook / Meta network

Our areas of expertise in Facebook Ads

Let us help you develop your digital strategy and attract new customers via Facebook Ads.

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Preferred audience

The success of your campaigns depends above all on the relevance of the chosen audience, which is why this step is essential for successful advertising on Facebook.

structure de campagne

Advertisements on Instagram

Advertise on Instagram to expand your strategy and take advantage of the highly engaged community on this social network dedicated to sharing photos and videos.

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Performance analysis

The Facebook interface provides numerous criteria for analysing the performance of your ads. An in-depth study of these can reveal many areas for improvement and optimisation.

Tracking WEB

Increase likes on Facebook

To develop the activity of your page and the engagement of your subscribers, a campaign to gain “Likes” from a specific audience could be the solution.

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Remarketing campaigns

Retarget your hot prospects to encourage them to return. DPA campaigns (products) or other campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

Awareness-raising campaigns

Do you want to be visible in order to increase awareness of your brand, services or products? Facebook is the ideal platform to reach a huge audience.

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Advertising on Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads
With more than 2 billion members and a precise and powerful targeting of its audience, Facebook is an important and particularly effective acquisition channel.

Facebook Ads offers the following features :

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Ads on Instagram
  • Ads on Facebook Messenger
  • Advertisements on Facebook
  • Increase in the number of “likes” from a targeted audience
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Generation of quality leads

Visibility and advertising on social networks

High impact content

The text and visuals of your ads are of paramount importance to engage your audience and develop interactions and thus build brand awareness.

Unmatched visibility

Thanks to the power and efficiency of Facebook targeting, be visible to your potential customers quickly and increase your online sales.

Analyze your Facebook Ads account

A well executed paid campaign is important to maximise your results in a cost-effective way. Ask our team for advice.

A team of Facebook Ads experts at your service

Our team of Facebook Ads experts can help you make your campaigns a success. Whether it’s on Facebook via stories, Messenger or Instagram videos, our teams have the expertise to help you achieve your growth objectives on Meta Group sites.

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Find out how our clients increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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Why use a Facebook Ads agency to manage your SMA campaigns?

Social media advertising strategies can be complex and time-consuming. You need to know the specifics of the Facebook Ads platform, the opportunities, the creation of impactful ads, the locations, and the different KPIs. The wrong use of the platform can lead to unwanted spending, impacting the profitability of the project.

This is why it is important to monitor the various KPIs via the reporting dashboards in order to better manage the budget by making strategic decisions regarding the investment of the budget, such as investing more in a campaign that is working or stopping the investment on an ad that is not performing well.

Tracking is also crucial to avoid being blind to the results of each campaign and advertisement. With tracking, decisions are based on concrete figures and always with the idea of profitability and return on investment in mind.

For these reasons, using an expert agency can be a smart move, in order to save time and money and to focus on your core business.

Moreover, social networks such as Facebook and the associated technologies are constantly evolving and constant monitoring is necessary to keep abreast of new developments and thus be able to act accordingly and stay ahead of the competition.

Do you have a question about your Facebook Ad?

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Your Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Ads

To access Facebook Ads and manage your ads, you need to go to the Facebook Ads Manager, which you can find on this page.

It is possible to register for free on the platform, but it is not free to use it to advertise. Therefore, you need to budget for advertising on Facebook.

The budget for a Facebook Ads campaign depends on several criteria that should be defined in advance, namely:

  • The number and types of campaigns you wish to launch
  • The target audience should not be too large in order to be effective, but not too small either, at the risk of seeing the Facebook algorithm with too little information to be relevant.
  • The desired reach
  • Target placements (Instagram story or Real, Facebook Messenger chat, Facebook news feed or sidebar, etc.)

It is advisable to have an ad spend of at least €3000 to allow Facebook's algorithm to obtain data and improve ad targeting.

The monthly budget for advertising on Facebook can be calculated with the following information :

  • Number of campaigns
  • Budget per campaign (which will be spread over the broadcast days)
  • Reach or purchase targets

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are two advertising networks that allow you to display ads on their respective networks. They differ in several ways, the 2 main differences being :

  • Facebook Ads is owned by the Meta group while Google Ads is owned by the Alphabet group
  • Facebook Ads allows ads to be served on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram while Google Ads allows ads to be served on Google's search engine, Youtube and its network of partner sites.

The Ad Manager is structured with 4 different levels :

  • the accounts
  • the campaigns
  • advertising packages
  • advertisements

In simple terms, to advertise on the platform, you need to prepare your designs (text ads, videos, photos, carousels, etc.), build your campaign by defining the target audience and the associated budget, and finally link these designs to the campaign

Campaign budgets are generally spent in 2 different ways :

  • CPM/CPI (cost per 1,000 impressions), which is the price spent for your ad to be seen 1,000 times.
  • CPC: cost per click

Facebook Ads has many strengths, including :

  • The effectiveness of campaign targeting: as Facebook has a lot of information on its users, it is possible to target them precisely by age, gender, interests or geographical areas.
  • The reach of its audience: with Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Facebook's own social network, the potential reach of Facebook Ads is unmatched.

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