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The story
behind Keyweo

Explanation of the name, logo, history, etc… discover everything about Keyweo!

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Name & Logo

Our name

A mix between “key”, the key to a successful digital strategy, “keyword”, the basis of any good SEO/SEA strategy, and “SEO”, our preferred acquisition channel.

The name “Keyweo” is pronounced “ki-wé-o”.

Our logo

Our logo features our company name with the left chevron (the 2nd part of the “k”, in green or black depending on the logo) and the right chevron (at the end, also in green or black), so familiar to web developers.

This nod to HTML tags is there to reflect our technical expertise being one of our big strengths.


February 2018: Self-employed start

After several discussions and driven by the ambition to create a successful digital marketing agency, Guillaume and Guillaume decided to go independent. Very quickly, the first clients were found and new members joined the team.

January 2020: Creation of the company and new offices

In January 2020, with the strong growth of the project and in order to become more structured, the company is created.

The coworking space in which the team had been working until then was replaced by new offices, perfectly located in the centre of Barcelona and able to accommodate the team in improved conditions.

August 2020: Launch of the ES market

Due to the opportunities, the dynamics of the agency and its location, the Spanish market was an obvious choice. It was officially launched in August 2020.

It is also the real beginning of the internationalization of the team


February 2022: Registered trademark and new offices

After a trademark application in October 2021, the Keyweo brand was finally registered in February 2022.

It was also at this time that we found the offices we still have today, a 350m² open space in the centre of Barcelona, allowing us to prepare for the future and the growth of the team in a serene manner.

Tempted by the adventure at Keyweo?

Do not hesitate to browse our job and internship offers or to submit an application.

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