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Conquer new markets with an International SEO Agency

We are currently active in around 12 different markets and will be able to assist you in your expansion strategy.

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Managing international SEO projects is in our DNA

Launched in Barcelona by two Frenchmen, Keyweo’s approach has always been very international. We have gradually built up a dynamic team of digital marketing experts who are capable of handling complex international SEO projects.

An international SEO team

At Keyweo, our teams speak at least two languages, with English as a base. So you’re bound to have someone who speaks the language you need.

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Why entrust us with your international SEO?

What if you entrust your strategies to international strategy experts?

A consultant in your own language

Whether you are a French company wishing to expand into another market or a multinational company with teams in different countries, we can arrange for you to have one or more consultants who speak your language or those of your teams.

A global strategy with a local focus

Launching a strategy in a new market is not just a matter of translating your site. You need to take into account the specificities of each country: keywords, buying barriers, competition... Having managed projects in several countries, we can help you achieve this task.

Global consistency

We strive to maintain global consistency in our output as much as possible. This includes global and local reporting on Google Data Studio, documents with the same structure and overall monitoring by the main project manager.

An SEO pre-audit?

Ask now for your SEO pre-audit or market analysis to know your areas for development.

They trust us with their international strategy

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Our methodology

A methodology proven on numerous international projects

Definition of objectives

The purpose of our first call is to define our scope of involvement and to find out more about your project and its objectives.

Market analysis

In order to be able to determine how much effort is required to achieve your goals, we systematically carry out a complete analysis of your target market, your site and your popularity.

Support proposal

When presenting your analysis, we propose a strategy with a tailor-made support plan.

Implementation of the strategy

As soon as our support is approved, we get to work: semantic audit, technical analysis, operational management of your project (consulting, links, technical). We are on the front line to make your project a success.


A project that works is measured with numbers. At Keyweo, we put reporting at the heart of our concerns to ensure optimal guidance.

Our preferred tools for SEO

Our markets of choice

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What are the pillars of good International SEO

A localised semantic strategy

When deploying an international SEO strategy, one of the most common mistakes is to replicate the strategy of your main market by only translating the website with a literal translation of the keywords. 

We strongly advise against this practice, as it does not take into account the specificities of the market and in many cases leads to a failure in terms of results. 

We recommend that for each market you wish to launch, you carry out a full keyword study and build your site architecture around this, taking into account the specificities of the country. 

For instance, you may find that the country you want to enter does not have the same keywords.

Another important point: work with native speakers to write your content who can optimise your text according to their knowledge of the market.

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Get localised links

Getting links from sites located in your target country is fundamental to increasing your local SEO traffic. 

To do this, we recommend that you try to obtain links from country domains corresponding to your target market, in the language of your target market

Examples :

  • Your target market is Spain, getting links from .es sites will benefit you.
  • For example, getting a link from a .mx website for a Spanish website will potentially have less impact than a .es link.
  • Getting a link from a .com site with only English content will be much less effective for a Spanish site.

Also, if you have local branches in certain cities, you can also try to get local links (local city press, local forums, local directories), this will help Google understand your location.

Don't neglect the technical side

Going international has many technical implications and you will have to make some important choices.

  • New domain, sub-domain, sub-folder: This is often one of the first choices to make when launching an international strategy. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider carefully before you start.
  •  hreflangs: hreflangs are essential to help Google understand your international site so that it can display the correct version of your site to the user according to their language and geolocation. These are tags that you should put on your site to localise each page.
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Have a question about your SEO?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with one of our SEO experts.

Your frequently asked questions about International SEO

International SEO is about implementing an SEO strategy for the countries in which a company wishes to develop. This SEO strategy must take into account aspects of content and links by location while ensuring that the technical aspects of your site help Google to understand your international strategy.

To evaluate an international SEO agency it is important to look at some of the following criteria : 

  • Does the agency have native speakers for the countries you want to develop or can it build this team with trusted partners
  • Has the agency ever managed large-scale international projects, particularly in your or your target market?
  • The agency's consultants have a good level of English. This is essential for exchanges between teams from different countries. 

Duplicate content is one of the big problems of international strategies, especially when you work in different markets with the same language.

For example, if you have a .com site and you have a /be/ part and a /fr/ part it will be important to avoid duplicate content.

There are several approaches to this: 

  • Hreflang management: hreflangs allow you to explain to Google that your pages are in the same language for different geographical areas, which can reduce the impact of your duplicate content.
  • Doing content rewriting. We offer this for our clients to ensure that they can minimise the impact of duplicate content on their site.

Each solution has advantages and disadvantages that are important to understand and assess

In many cases, we recommend working on a .com domain with subdirectories: .com/es or .com/en. This is mainly due to budget, history and domain strength concerns.

Nevertheless, depending on your case, it may be worthwhile to discuss it with one of our international SEO experts.

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