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Conquer the Spanish market with an expert SEO agency

Thanks to experienced and native speakers, we are able to accompany you on your SEO strategy in Spain.

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Managing international SEO projects is in our DNA

Launched in Barcelona by two Frenchmen, Keyweo’s DNA was always very international. We have gradually built up a team of native digital marketing experts capable of handling complex international SEO projects.

Why trust us with your SEO in Spain?

We speak the same language as your customers

We speak the same language as your customers

As well as speaking the same language as you, we also speak the same language as your potential clients and prospects in Spain, whether it be Castilian or Catalan.

A knowledge of the Spanish market

We are based in Barcelona and know the Spanish market very well, be its specificities or opportunities.

International experience

Our experience in several international markets allows us to better understand the problems of each market and to constantly improve.

The most popular search engines in Spain

Source: Similarweb, December 2022

Search Google
Search Bing
Search DuckDuckGo

An international SEO team

At Keyweo, our teams speak at least two languages, with English as a base. So you’re bound to have someone who speaks the language you need.

Seo Anglais
SEO Neerlandais
Seo Allemagne
SEO Italie
Seo Espagne

An SEO pre-audit?

Request your SEO pre-audit or market analysis now to find out where you can develop your business.

Our languages for your SEO in Spain

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SEO Cataluña


They trust us for their international strategy

An SEO agency capable of working anywhere in Spain

SEO Barcelona

SEO Agency Barcelona

SEO Sevilla

SEO Agency Sevilla

SEO Malaga

SEO Agency Malaga

SEO Bilbao

SEO Agency Bilbao

SEO Madrid

SEO Agency Madrid

SEO Valencia

SEO Agency Valencia

SEO Granada

SEO Agency Granada

SEO Cadiz

SEO Agency Cadiz

Keyweo, your partner agency for Spanish SEO

Spain, a country of opportunities

Spain is a country in which investment in the field of digital marketing has grown significantly. Indeed, it is an area that still has a lot of potential left to offer.

Ensuring your visibility via SEO in the Spanish market is an opportunity to take advantage of the market’s evolution and position yourself as a leader.

It is important to know the Spanish market and to be familiar with its customers in order to make an effective impact.

With a team of native speakers of Castilian or Catalan, we are ready to help you develop your Spanish SEO to reach an audience living under the sun with the rhythm of tapas, flamenco, and paella.

Why improve your SEO in Spain?

Nothing is more important than having a good ranking in search engines. Improve the visibility of your website and your online presence.
SEO is a discipline that is constantly updated. A well-done SEO improves the natural traffic of a page from a search engine like Google. Improving your SEO with the help of expert knowledge means gaining visibility in search results.
  • Increased brand visibility 
  • Improvement of the popularity of the website
  • Getting more traffic 
  • Increase in the rate of customers and sales 
  • High profitability in the long term

Boost your Visibility

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