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Improve your organic traffic on Google thanks to an SEO agency

Exploit the first lever of traffic acquisition by entrusting your SEO to an experienced digital agency.

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Our Mission

Develop your visibility on search engines and grow your business in a profitable way

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Our SEO services

Let us help you move up in the Google results pages.

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

In order to best target your audience, and thus optimise the conversion rate of your leads into customers, it is essential to carry out a keyword study beforehand. Indeed, such a study allows you to select the strategic keywords on which to position yourself in your field. We take into account several criteria, such as the keyword difficulty, or the traffic that a keyword generates, in order to position you on the most strategic searches possible.

Technical SEO audit

One of the pillars of a good SEO strategy is the technical audit. Keyweo provides you with professional SEO tools, such as Screaming Frog or Google Analytics, in order to perform a complete analysis of your site and evaluate its technical defects. Once these problems have been identified, our team works hand in hand with your technical team to correct them. We start by prioritising certain problems according to their estimated impact in order to deploy the actions with the greatest effect. Then we launch into the correction of these problems in close collaboration with your technical team. Your company will then have a perfectly optimised site as a flagship for its activity.

Optimisation du CMS

Creating your site structure

This study is then used to create an SEO optimised site structure. Indeed, knowing which keywords it is strategic to position yourself on guides us in the creation of a document of pages to create or optimise, as well as in that of an editorial plan. Our team does everything possible to offer you the best SEO strategy, and to get you back in the top positions of the search results!

Création de contenu optimisé

Optimised content writing

Including a lot of content on your website allows you to rank on a wide range of keywords, which is very interesting in terms of SEO. However, it is not enough to write content, it must also be of good quality. By good quality, we mean content that is correctly structured using h2 and h3 tags, that deals with innovative subjects, that is written without any errors, that is positioned on strategic keywords selected in advance, etc. Our team of experienced writers is at your service to provide you with quality content.

Stratégie Link Building


In order to give visibility to a website, it is essential to put in place an effective netlinking strategy. Indeed, the more external sites link to your site, the more your site will gain credibility and popularity in the eyes of Google. However, in order for a netlinking strategy to be effective, it is necessary to select the sites on which to place links beforehand, in order to select the right SEO metrics.

Accompagnement technique

Technical support

At Keyweo, we offer you personalized technical support. Once the technical modifications and optimizations to be made on your site have been evaluated, you will be accompanied step by step by an experienced consultant in order to make your site SEO friendly. The technical changes to be made will be explained to you clearly and professionally, or carried out directly by one of our consultants. This allows us to facilitate the technical management of your website, and to optimise its functioning.

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO

Monitoring your results with an SEO dashboard

In order to ensure a complete follow-up of your SEO and the associated strategy, we ensure a monitoring of your results thanks to an SEO dashboard on Google Data Studio. Our dashboard is connected to SEM Rush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and AWR Cloud. This allows us to convert all the SEO data relating to your site into reports and dashboards, in order to help you analyse and understand it, and to assess the effectiveness of the SEO strategy in place

FAQ et questions fréquentes

An SEO consultant at your service

One of the main advantages of working with our Keyweo agency is that you benefit from customised support from our SEO experts. Being a client of Keyweo means having a regular and personalized follow-up of your SEO strategy and its results by one of our consultants. We are always available to answer all your questions and adapt our advice to your business.

The Keyweo methodology

A methodology designed by certified experts to guarantee a high level of performance.

Google Partner Premier
Microsoft Partner 2022
Google Ads Certified Partner
Google Analytics Certified Professional

Stage 1

Definition of objectives and scope

We define the project objectives and scope with you.

Stage 2

Analysis of your market and opportunities

In order to define the best strategy, we carry out an analysis of your competitors, your site and your SEO opportunities.

Stage 3

Semantic study

We define the project objectives and scope with you.

Stage 4

Editorial action plan

Based on your list of strategic keywords, we define the editorial action plan to be implemented.

Stage 5

Definition of the technical priorities

We plan and prioritise the technical issues to be addressed during the project.

Stage 6

Dashboard SEO

Based on your list of strategic keywords, we define the editorial action plan to be implemented.

Stage 7

Operational rollout

We put in place all the operational actions necessary for your success: links, content, technical support, etc.

Stage 8

Reporting of results

Periodically, we review your results and the next steps in the strategy

What is SEO?

Well done SEO allows you to bring back prospects in a lasting and reliable way.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a set of marketing techniques to improve the visibility of a website on search engines, mainly Google, but also other engines such as Bing, the Microsoft engine.

Our preferred tools for SEO

Analyse your site

A strong SEO performance is the assurance of regular qualified traffic and a high potential of conversions. Let us discover your site to see what we can do for you!

A team of SEO experts at your service

Our team of expert SEO consultants is at your disposal to ensure the best possible follow-up of your strategy, each of them bringing to the team their skills and experience in the field of SEO to offer you a tailor-made strategy.