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Are you a B2B company that wants to launch a website to grow your customer base?

Do you have a B2B business and want to develop your online reputation? Are your customers professionals? Discover the services offered by the Keyweo Agency, specialised in Digital Marketing and B2B SEO optimisation.

Our daily mission is to accompany B2B companies in the digitalization of their business and develop their visibility on the web to increase their sales. Whether your website is an E-commerce or not, it is important to develop your e-reputation to generate qualified leads, improve your conversion rate, build customer loyalty and increase your brand awareness online.

B2B SEO is different from B2C. The market size, sales process and products are not the same. However, it is just as important to develop the SEO of a B2B website to compete.

The years of experience of our B2B SEO consultants make them experts in the field. Trusting Keyweo for the SEO of your site means choosing a personalized service and long-term support to help you reach your objectives.

Let's begin the adventure together

We work with you to create a customized SEO strategy according to your objectives!

Who can benefit from SEO in B2B?

Do you want to reach a wider audience and boost your business? Let’s develop your B2B site together to make a difference on the web.

B2B services are constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing needs of society. Facing the rising competition has therefore become a real challenge. To stand out from your competitors, develop your online presence by working with SEO experts.




Automotive industry

Automotive industry

Service providers

Service providers

Consulting firms

Consulting firms

Bankers & Insurers

As a B2B company, it is essential to use a B2B digital marketing agency to manage your B2B SEO.

In order to gain credibility with your clients, who are experts in their field, it is essential to offer quality and relevant content, as well as a site that is correctly optimised in terms of SEO. Keyweo puts its team of consultants at your service to assist you in your SEO strategy and make you a leader in your market.

Our B2B SEO services

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

Is my content interesting and optimised to attract new prospects? This is the question our consultants will answer by analysing your keywords and those of your competitors. This is one of the most important steps in strengthening your SEO strategy. It is about defining the opportunities in your market and adapting them to your needs. We will target the most strategic organic keywords specific to your sector to determine the structure of your site and the content to be developed in the long term. In many cases, this keyword analysis will identify significant opportunities for the development of your online brand.

SEO Audit

Once the study of your SEO has been carried out, it is time to analyse your site in depth. Pleasing Google means above all having a site that complies with its algorithms from a technical point of view. Once again, it is essential to carry out this step with expertise in order to launch your SEO strategy on a stable basis. Loading speed, image optimisation, site structure, security, everything is examined in detail. The objective of the technical audit is to optimise your B2B site in every technical aspect. An optimised site improves the user experience and your visibility in search engines.

Création de site internet immobilier

Professional website design

Our webmasters put their expertise at your disposal to create a B2B website that fulfils your every expectation. Indeed, a good SEO strategy starts with a quality website with a user experience that promotes conversions. We create SEO-friendly websites with a responsive design to increase your online visibility. We build your website from scratch: domain selection, theme selection, extension installations, content integration and SEO configuration. Our team takes into account each specificity of your business: price management, payment methods, security, customer management etc. Together, let’s develop the website to increase your visibility and conquer your market.

Création de contenu thématisé

B2B content creation

The relevance of your website’s content is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Our copywriters determine the most effective topics in your industry and write quality content for your customers. The B2B sector requires a high level of knowledge and our consultants are constantly learning to meet your needs and create optimised content. Together, we will establish an effective editorial strategy (blog posts, product sheets, service presentation pages, etc.). Our solution is to write unique content to set you apart from your competitors. We don’t copy and paste or duplicate content. Each text is written to make a difference.

Stratégie Link Building

B2B Netlinking

In order to position your website well in Google’s results, it is imperative to create a link building strategy. This is even more important for a B2B organisation. Depending on your activity, our consultants develop adapted and thematic link building campaigns. Carrying out a netlinking strategy requires a high level of knowledge of link building techniques to avoid being penalised by Google. By choosing to work with us, you are choosing experts in netlinking. Moreover, we have developed in-house tools that allow us to obtain quality backlinks for different B2B sectors which will boost your SEO.

Suivi SEO personnalisé

Personalized SEO follow-up

By developing your online presence, you are making the decision to strengthen your business and advertise it on a large scale. However, carrying out an SEO strategy is a long-term task that requires time and investment. To ease your daily workload, our SEO consultants will accompany you in your actions and take care of implementing them as efficiently as possible. Creating strategic content, obtaining quality links, technical optimisation of your site: benefit from the services of an SEO expert for your project!

Good SEO practices in B2B

Optimise the user experience of your site

Optimise the user experience of your site

Focus on providing your customers with a site that is pleasant to navigate. To do this, reduce the size of your images, optimise your internal linking, optimise the loading time of your pages, give clear and precise information, etc.

Make your website responsive

Make your website responsive

Your potential customers are just as likely, if not more likely, to discover your site on their phone as on their computer. So it's important that you work hard to make your website responsive.

Choose your keywords according to the search intention of the Internet users

Choosing your keywords according to the search intention of Internet users allows you to respond as accurately as possible to their request, and therefore to climb up in the search results.

Adapting your site to voice search

Many users nowadays prefer voice search to traditional search. Adapting your site to voice search will allow you to capture a significant amount of traffic.

Write quality content

Offer relevant and high-quality content. Having a B2B company means that you are dealing directly with professionals. It is therefore essential that you focus on your content to reassure and convince your potential customers.

Structure your website well

There is nothing better than a website with a clear and well thought-out architecture to increase your conversion rate. Develop your geolocated pages, optimise your internal linkage, work on your footer and menu.

The different B2B SEO tools

Antoine consultant seo

Antoine, SEO Consultant 

Your frequently asked questions about SEO

SEO strategies are different between B2B and B2C. Indeed, in B2B, the buying process is different, it takes longer and customers take more time to inform themselves and to compare.

Keyword targeting is also different in B2B. Due to specific and complex keywords, keyword research requires more attention. Content writing for B2B sites must be very high quality and deal with topics related to your product or service offering. Your content should reflect your expertise in the field of your business.

Link building also requires more attention in B2B than in B2C. The sectors are more specific and it is often more difficult to find quality links that deal with the same topics as your business.

In general, B2B SEO focuses much more on the branding of your site, as this is often what drives conversions. The primary objective of B2B SEO is to make your site's brand known online. Keyweo's strength is its ability to adapt to your sector of activity and its expertise in the different levers used to build an effective SEO strategy.

Le SEO (search engine optimization) ou référencement naturel est l’ensemble des leviers marketing sur lesquels il est possible d’agir pour améliorer le positionnement d’un site et le faire monter en première page sur Google. L’objectif final du SEO est de générer du trafic qualifié et d’augmenter les conversions et dans le cas d’un e-commerce le chiffre d’affaires en ligne.

Il est aussi important d’améliorer le positionnement d’un site B2C que B2B. En effet, les services et/ou produits proposés par un business B2B sont souvent plus complexes et précis. Il est donc important de faire appel à une agence de marketing digital spécialisée dans le référencement organique B2B pour augmenter la notoriété web d’un site.

Satisfaire les critères de l’algorithme de Google est un travail de long terme qui nécessite une adaptation régulière et un travail précis que nos experts en SEO maîtrisent. Les règles du SEO évoluent tous les jours et la force de notre agence est la formation quotidienne aux nouveaux outils et aux nouvelles stratégies.