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Comment changer la méthode de paiement sur Google Ads ?

How to change the payment method on Google Ads?

What Google recommends:

It is very important to keep your Google Ads account permanently linked to a payment method for covering advertising costs. Google Ads allows changing your payment method anytime, but you must set up a new method to continue to benefit from the service.
Quick tip from Google: Add a secondary credit card.

Adding a secondary credit card in Google Ads

Changing the primary payment method in Google Ads:

Step 1: Open your Google Ads account
Step 2: Click on ‘Tools and Settings’ button (the tool icon) and select ‘Settings’ in the ‘Billing’ category.

Billing category in the Google Ads account


Step 3: Navigate to the “Payment Methods” tab in the side menu.

Step 4: Remove your current payment method by clicking the “Delete” button, then add a new one using the “Set Primary Payment Method” button.

Note: If you can’t delete your current payment method, it’s likely linked to other subscriptions and services.

Step 5: Choose an existing saved payment method or add a new one.

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