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Develop your visibility quickly on search engines thanks to the use of SEA

Appear in the first results of Google and Bing thanks to SEA.

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Our mission

Develop your visibility on search engines while managing your cost-effectiveness

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Our preferred SEA options

Our SEA expertise

We are familiar with the main types of Google and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

Our SEA services

Let us help you optimise your visibility on search engines

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

Finding the keywords that are relevant to your business is important, but above all, you must find those that will allow you to increase your number of visitors. At Keyweo, the launch of an SEA strategy starts with the definition of your keywords. Low or high search volume keywords, none is neglected to guarantee the success of your project.

structure de campagne

Structuring the account

A successful SEA account is a well-structured account. Based on the types of campaigns to be launched (Search, Display, Performance Max), the specificities of your business and your keywords, we create a suitable account structure that evolves over time

top annonces

Writing your ads

A key ingredient of a successful campaign, the ads are written in-house by our expert SEA teams. Over time we have developed a knowledge of the best hooks and how to create ads that are effective and above all attract quality visitors to your website. 

Tracking WEB

Tracking your conversions

Setting up a tracking system for your conversions is essential to monitor your performance and optimise your campaigns. At Keyweo, we help you set up a tracking system for your conversions via Google Tag Manager. We help you track your primary conversions: sales, forms… but also conversion intent actions: shopping carts, clicks on contact emails, clicks on phone numbers… 

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO

Monitoring your results with a SEA dashboard

When the project is launched, we create a data studio directly connected to your Google Ads account, allowing us to follow the results with you and manage the performance of your campaigns with a clear objective: to maximise your conversions while managing your profitability.

Optimisation of your campaigns

Our objective throughout our collaboration is to optimise your results. Our SEA consultants, through tests and various optimisations, will do their utmost to progressively increase your volume of conversions while managing your profitability. 

The Keyweo methodology for a SEA service

A methodology designed by certified experts to guarantee a high level of performance.

Google Partner Premier
Microsoft Partner 2022
Google Ads Certified Partner
Google Analytics Certified Professional

Stage 1

Definition of objectives and scope

During our first meeting, we define the scope of action, the levers to be activated and the objectives.

Stage 2

Analyse de l'existant

We analyse your current environment via a pre-analysis: actions taken, tracking, market competition in order to evaluate the actions to be launched and the strategy.

Stage 3

Semantic study

We carry out a full keyword study to analyse the most relevant keywords for you. 

Stage 4

Account structuring

Based on the study of keywords, channels and objectives defined at the launch of the strategy, we structure your account for optimal management and maximisation of your results

Stage 5


We help you to set up the most efficient tracking system to manage your campaigns and optimise your budget

Stage 6

Landing Pages

We help you to ensure that your landing pages are optimised to meet the needs of Internet users

Stage 7

Operational rollout

After this preparation phase, we launch the campaigns and optimise them according to the results obtained to maximise your performance

Stage 8

Reporting of results

We organise regular reviews with our consultants to monitor the progress of the results and the implementation of the actions.

consultante SEA

What is SEA, or paid referencing?

From the acronym Search Engine Advertising, SEA is a tool for acquiring customers that allows you to appear quickly in the first results of search engines. 

SEA allows you to broadcast your ads on the main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) and to appear quickly at the top. This exposes you to many people who will visit your site and perhaps become customers.

Analyse your SEA account

A well executed paid advertisement is important to maximise your results in a cost effective way. Ask our team for advice.

A team of SEA experts at your service

Our team of SEA experts will help you make your campaigns a success. International, Search, Video, Shopping… our teams have the complete expertise to help you achieve your growth objectives

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Why use an agency to manage your SEA campaigns?

Having a website is not enough to be visible and attract your first customers on the Internet. It is often, rather, the first step on a long road towards the digital development of your business. 

In order to increase your visibility, you will need to master the main customer acquisition channels (SEO, SEA, Social Ads…), however to be effective and not make mistakes it requires experience and technical skills. Using a SEA agency will allow you to entrust your advertising campaigns to experts so that you don’t waste time and money learning by yourself.

When you are starting a business or are already at an advanced stage, it is important to stay focused on your job and what you do best. Entrusting your SEA campaigns to an agency will allow you to focus on your business while letting experts get involved.

At Keyweo, we manage several million euros of Google Ads and Microsoft Ads budgets. This has allowed us to test many strategies, techniques and channels and to find what works for your type of business. This is an important insight that you can benefit from when working with an SEA agency.

Take advantage of the learnings from the big accounts too. On some accounts spending tens of thousands of Euros per month, we go to the most advanced settings of the platform allowing us to offer this knowledge to other clients even if their budget is lower.

Do you have a question about your SEA?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with one of our SEA experts.

Your frequently asked questions about SEA

An SEA agency is an agency that carries out search engine advertising or paid search. These agencies specialise in creating and optimising Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns on behalf of their clients. The objective of these agencies is to help you grow your visibility and your business on search engines.

In order to find the best SEA agency for your project, it is important to ask yourself the right questions and evaluate some important criteria : 

  • Is the agency specialised in SEA or is it a global communication agency?

It is important to work with specialists to avoid many pitfalls.

  • Are the consultants certified?

SEA consultants can take certifications to prove their levels. It is important when choosing an SEA agency to ensure that the agency's consultants have these certifications. 

  • Is the agency a Google partner? 

In order to be a Google partner, agencies must validate a certain number of elements: account optimisation rate, minimum investments, certifications. This is a good way for you to ensure that the agency is also specialised in paid search.

  • Who will be your consultant and what is their level of experience?

Usually a consultant is assigned to your account, this person will be your main contact and the one who will optimise your account. It is therefore important to know a little more about this person before starting your mission.

Each medium has its own advantages and a good customer acquisition strategy must take this into account. You need to create the right mix of channels that interact with each other in harmony.

SEA is a channel with short term results, as soon as you start investing, you can appear at the top of Google and generate your first customers 

It is also a channel that allows you to invest on a targeted audience from your most strategic keywords. 

Among its advantages, you can also understand, by setting up an accurate tracking, which are your keywords that generate conversions to measure your profitability.

The main drawbacks of paid referencing are: 

  • The cost

You have to pay to appear in the first results. Each click on one of your ads charges you a certain amount, which can range from a few cents to several dozen euros for the most expensive keywords.

  • If you stop investing, you disappear

When you stop running your campaigns and therefore investing, you will no longer appear in the search results, unlike in SEO.

SEA or paid search is as its name suggests not free. You have to dedicate a budget to appear in the search results.

Generally, we recommend a test budget of 2000 euros to be able to know if this channel can be relevant and work for you. This budget will allow you to collect data and know what works for your business. 

This budget will obviously depend on your market. Some markets with high CPCs require larger test budgets.

To find out more, ask an expert for advice on how to allocate your budget.

It is important at the beginning, when launching a campaign, to put in at least 20 euros per day to collect enough data to make decisions. Once the first results are obtained, you can modify the amount upwards or downwards according to the first returns.

Each agency has a different billing system. Some agencies will charge a percentage of the spend, while others will charge based on the time spent on the account. In general, rates vary between 10% and 20% of the budget spent and many agencies will only work under 2000 to 3000 euros of advertising spend to make it viable for the client. 

Google Ads and Bing ads (microsoft ads) are different advertising platforms. The first one is the platform to display your ads in Google results while the second one allows you to display on Bing and its partners (yahoo, aol, qwant...). Currently, Google dominates in terms of market share of global searches. It is therefore important to first test on Google before moving on to Microsoft advertising.

The acronym SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising, while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. To clear up all the ambiguities and errors we frequently hear, we need to understand this little formula: SEA + SEO = SEM. SEM is therefore the combination of free and paid referencing.

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