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Discover the secrets of SEA
thanks to a Google Ads expert

Find out more about this profession of Paid Ads whose specialty is paid referencing and budget management on the Google Ads network.

Expert SEA

SEA Expert: What is it?

An SEA expert or Google Ads consultant is a digital marketing professional specializing in the creation and implementation of advertisements on Google.

Its major role is to define the actions to be deployed in order to give as much visibility as possible to its customers through paid campaigns. Through the strategy he puts in place and the analysis he demonstrates, the SEA consultant can allow you to quickly increase your performance and ensure you a place on the first page on Google.

Our Google Ads expertise

We master the main types of Google and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

Why work with a Google Ads expert?

With more than 10 years of experience, our main objective is to ensure the good profitability of your campaigns. As Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) experts, we build with you the paid referencing strategy to be deployed according to your specific expectations and determine the budget necessary for their implementation. From setting up campaigns to managing costs per conversion and auctions, the Google Ads expert configures a personalized action plan with quantifiable results. We create reports for you to see the progress of your campaigns and analyze the results daily.

As part of well-run campaigns, you can quickly optimize your visibility on Google and thus generate more leads or conversions.

The services of a Google Ads expert in 4 steps

Étude de mots clés

1. Defining your goals

It is essential to take stock of your objectives and to define together if they are achievable. At Keyweo, our SEA experts demonstrate total transparency and always support you in finding the most efficient solution according to your budget.

2. Creating your optimized campaigns

Setting up a successful Google Ads account requires advanced technical knowledge and a certain rigor. During the set up phase, our SEA experts set up a very detailed breakdown of your account in order to better segment your campaigns and reach your target directly by displaying the ad and the page that corresponds to it.

Objectif atteint

3. Optimizing work

Optimizing the profitability of an Adwords account is a job to be done over the long term. To guarantee you the best result, our Google Ads experts regularly optimize your bids, ads, negative keywords, bid adjustments or even your landing pages…

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO

4. Analysis of the results

Analyzing your campaigns and their impact is one of the major areas of our work. To meet your objectives, we measure performance in the short and medium term in order to best adjust the paid referencing strategy put in place. We test dozens of ads and adjust the words to use based on the analyzed results.

SEA Audit

At Keyweo, we want to offer a personalized service. For this, we adapt to your request and the tools you already have. We can carry out a complete set-up of Adwords campaigns such as auditing those you have already set up and working to improve their results. The SEA audit allows us to identify the changes to be made to your existing campaigns in order to optimize their performance.

We analyze the work already provided and determine the measures to be taken to meet your needs.

Qualified experts

An SEA consultant supports you in the management of your Google Ads campaigns from the very first moments of our service. The goal of this real collaboration is to put the skills of a Google Adwords specialist at the service of your company, which is only possible by combining your level of expertise in your field with ours. For us, this teamwork is the key to optimizing the results of your campaigns.

With more than 10 years of experience in customer acquisition, the goal of our consultants is the same as yours: to guide you towards achieving your goals.

A dedicated SEA consultant

Our SEA specialists have Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications and retake the exam every 3 semesters. Repeating the certification on an ad hoc basis allows us to maintain our level of expertise and to advise you as best as possible in your advertising efforts on Google.

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