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Get the support of an expert agency in SEO consulting for your natural referencing

Whether you need technical support, SEO advice or market research, an SEO consultant can help you with a wide range of strategic issues.


Strategic SEO consulting for your growth

Providing SEO consulting brings together a whole range of actions with the same objective: to develop your organic visibility.

Whether it’s a study of the competition, the establishment of a link-building strategy, technical monitoring, a redirection plan or the optimisation of existing content, SEO consultants have many areas to work on to improve their clients’ natural referencing.

Why call on an agency for SEO consulting?


Between active SEO competitors, Google updates and technical problems that can occur on a site, it's a luxury to know that an SEO consultant is monitoring all this and acting proactively for the benefit of your organic visibility.


An experienced SEO specialist will have seen many clients using different technologies, in different sectors with different strategies. That's a lot of knowledge to draw on when it comes to SEO.


SEO consulting involves spending time to ensure the success of your SEO service. It also means knowing how to prioritise actions according to criteria such as impact on business, return on investment and complexity.

An SEO pre-audit?

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SEO Consulting, the expertise of an SEO specialist

SEO consultant tasks

As a key player in digital marketing with the sole aim of improving the organic visibility of their clients, SEO consultants have a whole range of possible actions when it comes to consulting, including :

As not all actions have the same impact, it is particularly important to know how to prioritise according to different criteria, including the client’s return on investment.

Global specialisation in Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is complex, and what works in one sector or market will not necessarily work in another.

One of the strengths of an experienced SEO consultant is the fact that they have accumulated many hours working with different clients, different themes, different technologies (WordPress, Wix, Magento, Prestashop, Webflow, etc.), different markets and so on.

This wealth of experience enables us to understand new situations, as well as reinforcing the relevance of our advice and recommendations when it comes to developing an SEO strategy.

For example, a consultant who has worked in competitive sectors will generally have more solutions and ideas to contribute to an SEO strategy.

Also, an SEO consultant with experience will have been confronted with numerous situations in which he or she will have had to react, such as site hacking, SEO migration, negative SEO, etc.

The advantages of an SEO consulting agency

During the life of a site, there are always things to track, monitor and improve in terms of SEO. What’s more, Google and search engines in general regularly update their algorithms, and it’s important to keep up with these changes in order to adapt to the best SEO techniques.

An agency staffed by SEO consulting experts will allow you to delegate this part of your work so that you can concentrate on your core business.

This gives you the peace of mind of having one or more people dedicated to your SEO strategy, as well as the security of regularly monitoring the main KPIs so that you can react according to the results and the competition.

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