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What is a CMS?

A CMS, an acronym for “Content Management System“, is software that allows you to create, manage and update websites without having to code. This solution appeared 20 years ago and is accessible to everyone, both because of its ease of use and its low cost, some of which are even free. This software is used in particular by freelancers, web designers and SEO agencies to design their clients’ websites. In concrete terms, a CMS makes it possible to separate the content from the formatting of a website, offering simplified web design solutions. You can find them in Open Source or in Proprietary.

Keyweo supports you on the best CMS available on the market

There are many CMS on the market, all with different characteristics. Keyweo helps you find and administer the CMS that best suits your needs and desires thanks to our experience and expertise. So don’t wait any longer, and discover your CMS of choice , as well as their associated advantages!

SEO WordPress

Advantages :

Suitable for all types of businesses: blogs, e-commerce, etc.

Easy and intuitive to use

Customizable, ergonomic, and SEO friendly

Free option and affordable paid version

Illustration WordPress

SEO Magento

Advantages :

Suitable for large sites with high traffic

Highly flexible thanks to its many settings

Internationalise your site with the multilingual option

Extensive SEO features

Illustration Magento

SEO Webflow

Advantages :

Ease of use

A solution that combines power and flexibility

A custom CMS with hosting included

A responsive and tailored customer service

Illustration Webflow

SEO Prestashop

Advantages :

Many features and plugins

Free and open-source solution

Numerous SEO tools

An ergonomic and intuitive back-office


Advantages :

Accessible to all and easy to use

Hosting included and access to an image gallery

Over 500 templates with adaptive styling available

Suitable for all types of activity

Illustration Wix

SEO Shopify

Advantages :

Clear and intuitive to use

Hosting included

Efficient customer service

Client statistics and performance reporting

Why use a CMS to create or redesign your website?

The CMS has been a real revolution in the world of web design because it has made something that was previously only available to a very small circle of people accessible to everyone. Indeed, a CMS offers everyone the possibility to create their own website without any coding knowledge. Its ease of use has made it a very popular interface, both for professionals and for individuals.

In addition, a CMS offers many features, which allows you to fully adapt the platform to your type of activity. Among these features, you can find plugins, such as Yoast with WordPress, to help you optimise your website, and thus improve your SEO. Finally, one of the great advantages of a CMS is its low cost. It is now possible to create your website for a very low price, or even for free with some CMS like WordPress.

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