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You have developed your brand, company or project and want to boost your website to increase your visibility to your target audience?

Would you like guidance in your search for a content management system and wish to establish a real digital strategy? Have you heard of the Shopify tool and would like to work with an agency that understands it?

At Keyweo, an agency specialising in SEO and SEA, we help companies to position themselves on search engines and thus acquire new customers. Our 10 years of experience allows us to have a perfect knowledge of how Google and its tools work. Our team brings you its know-how to find the best CMS and offers you a complete and quality SEO service.

A CMS or content management system is software designed to simplify the creation of a website. It is used to create and modify the structure of your website and its pages, without the need for technical knowledge. The accessibility of these tools is a real time and energy saver for businesses without a web development team.

Shopify is one of the best known and widely used CMS by businesses. On top of that it is considered the best CMS for e-commerce sites. Here’s what you need to know about how we manage the CMS and why you should use an agency like ours, specialising in SEO.

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Increase the visibility of your Shopify site

Want to optimise your site on Shopify, but don't know how? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up!

Close-up on the Shopify CMS

There are many platforms that allow you to create your own no-code website, but one in particular caught our attention. Shopify is a SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce solution created in 2006, which offers its services in website creation. No need to hire a webdesigner or to have a solid knowledge of coding yourself. Creating a website has never been so easy.

Shopify specialises in the creation, development and management of e-commerce websites. So if you want to digitalise your business, you know where to start. Today, Shopify has over a million e-commerce and dropshipping businesses worldwide. This CMS is available directly online, and therefore requires no prior installation. This allows you to access your account and manage your website from any device, anywhere in the world.

Shopify offers a checkout application, called Shopify POS, which is useful for physical shops. This application allows you to centralise the management of your physical and online business. With Shopify POS, you won’t have to manage multiple inventories, catalogues and payment systems!

The Shopify CMS offers several packages, allowing it to meet the different needs of its customers:

  • The basic package is €27/month: ideal for new e-commerce companies with occasional physical sales
  • The Shopify €79/month plan: for growing businesses that sell online and in person
  • The advanced package for €289/month: suitable for scalable businesses where advanced reporting is required

Shopify in figures

1.7 million+
retailers use Shopify
of sites in e-commerce
3.2 billion+
turnover in 2021
active shops
market share of e-commerce platforms in the US
available themes

Who is Shopify for?

As you may have gathered, Shopify is aimed at e-commerce and dropshipping businesses. The platform is intuitive, allowing you to quickly launch your online business without spending too much time and money. This CMS is particularly popular with those wishing to start a dropshipping business. In addition, Shopify offers a 14-day trial period which allows potential customers to get a feel for the platform and whether it suits their needs.

E-commerce sites

Very small enterprises

Very small enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Large intermediary companies

Large intermediary companies

Shopify's strengths

Shopify, the leader in the e-commerce industry, is a full-service CMS that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Find out why you should use this CMS now!

It's normal to be apprehensive about starting a business that you're not used to, and in which you have no expertise. That's why Shopify makes it as user-friendly as possible, so that even beginners can benefit from its services without difficulty. Thanks to its intuitive platform, Shopify offers anyone the possibility to create their own online shop in half an hour.

Shopify is primarily aimed at people who want to launch their own online business. Its package is tailor-made for e-commerce sites, making it a very powerful CMS in this field.

First of all, Shopify supports many sales channels to boost the turnover of its users. With this CMS, you can sell on Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, Lyst, and Tik Tok. If you create a dedicated app for your shop, you can also integrate it with your website to boost sales. In addition, the Shopify platform allows you to centralise your sales and inventory with its integrated point-of-sale system.

When it comes to website design, Shopify offers a pre-designed buy button. All you need to do is integrate it into your pages to improve your customers' shopping experience and increase your sales.

Unlike other CMS such as WordPress, Shopify includes the domain in its service. This means you don't have to spend extra money on a domain name to host your website. In addition, the domain offered by Shopify ensures that your pages load quickly, which is good for your website's SEO.

Shopify focuses on providing good customer service to its users. If you have any questions, you can contact the platform and get answers via forums, email, or online messaging. In addition, you can also take advantage of Shopify Academy, a platform that offers free courses to help you build your website.

To help you keep track of your SEO performance, Shopify offers a range of statistics. First of all, by subscribing to Shopify, you will have a very accurate dashboard of your total sales, number of visits to your site, etc. This will allow you to adapt and improve your sales strategy based on the statistics displayed. This will allow you to adapt and refine your sales strategy based on the statistics displayed.

In addition, the CMS offers you a complete and efficient SEO optimisation. The only drawback is that some URLs are displayed in English, which is not optimal for SEO in the French market for example.

Moreover, in SEA, Shopify offers features to optimise your paid search. For example, this CMS allows you to automate your Google Ads campaigns. All you have to do is connect Google Ads to the Google channel and then create automations in Shopify for your SEA campaigns.

Unlike the Wix CMS, where it is very complicated to migrate your website when you feel the need to change CMS, Shopify offers a significant ease of migration. You won't have to give up the many features Shopify has to offer when you migrate. However, migration is only possible to Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and Weebly.

Shopify's offering is comprehensive and varied. By subscribing to one of their packages, you get 13 free templates and 73 paid templates, priced between $150 and $10,000. In addition, with Shopify you have access to the HTML and CSS code of your site, allowing you to add your own personal touch to create the e-commerce site that best suits your business and the image you want to portray. You can even create your own templates.

Shopify's weaknesses

Shopify is a well-rounded tool with many strengths, but it also has a few flaws, which you can read about in more detail below.

One of Shopify's major flaws is the language used for its coding. This is because the CMS uses a self-developed PHP language called "Liquid", which all their themes are coded with. This does not prevent you from making changes to the code of your Shopify site, just that you need to learn how to code in this uncommon language.

The basic Shopify package is not very expensive (only €27/month). However, the features available with this package are quite limited. They are sufficient for a small shop that has just been created, but as your business grows, they will no longer be sufficient. The other packages are much more expensive and therefore represent a much greater investment.

Moreover, even though the packages give you access to many additional features, some of them are not free. For example, the Exit Offers application costs $9.99/month, and the QuickBooks connector costs $25/month. These add-ons are worth the investment, only you have to be prepared to put in the extra money.

Shopify CMS fees are not limited to the price of packages and add-ons. Shopify also charges up to 2% on all sales not processed via Shopify Payment. The use of this service is not up to you, but to your customers. If they are more likely to use other services to pay for a product, then your additional costs can quickly become very high.

Although web hosting is included in all Shopify packages, the CMS does not provide you with email hosting. This means that you will not have an email address such as

However, you can set up email forwarding so that emails sent to an email address will be sent to your Gmail or Yahoo email account.

Our SEO services for Shopify CMS

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

In order to implement an effective SEO strategy, we systematically conduct a keyword study to determine which keywords are strategic to position yourself on. Whether it is in the content of your website, or in the anchors on which to place your links, we do not hesitate to help you. At Keyweo, we rely on professional SEO tools to establish a complete and comprehensive list of strategic keywords for your market. We take into account numerous statistics such as keyword difficulty and the search volume of a keyword, to establish the best possible SEO strategy.

Technical SEO audit

The technical SEO audit is the compulsory step before implementing any action to improve the SEO of a website. The way our team works is simple: it carries out a complete technical SEO audit of your site in order to be able to propose the most suitable SEO strategy for your market and website. Indeed, a technical SEO audit allows us to identify all the flaws of a website: size of metadata, weight of images, internal linking, etc. All SEO statistics are taken into account so that no weaknesses of a website are overlooked.

Optimisation du CMS

Optimisation of the Shopify CMS

Our role does not stop at evaluating the defects of your site and the strategic keywords on which to position yourself. On the contrary, we accompany you all the way in your SEO strategy. We do not configure your CMS, but we do take care of its optimisation. This involves various actions: correction of the problems identified during the technical audit, installation of useful plugins, even those necessary for the proper ranking of your site, creation of strategic pages, etc. All these measures have only one common objective: to improve your SEO so that your site ranks high in the search results.

Création de contenu optimisé

Optimised content writing

Writing content is a good start, but it must be optimised to ensure that it is useful for your website’s SEO. By optimised content, we mean content that is rich in strategic keywords, clear and well written, interactive, original and interesting. All of these criteria will ensure that people will read your article to the end, and even share it.

Our team of experienced writers is here to help you integrate optimised content into your website. They are used to writing and will provide you with quality content, whatever your website’s field. In addition, we offer our services in French, but also in English and Spanish to be able to respond to your needs in a personalised way.

Stratégie Link Building


The netlinking strategy is extremely important for the natural SEO of your website. Indeed, it is the number of domains pointing to your site, and their reliability, that will determine the popularity of your site in the eyes of Google, and therefore make you rise, or not, in the search results. This is why Keyweo helps you obtain quality links to increase your visibility and credibility with Google.

FAQ et questions fréquentes

Dedicated SEO consultant

Finally, at Keyweo, you will benefit from personalized support from one of our consultants, an SEO expert. By personalized support, we mean regular follow-up, weekly calls, etc. Our consultants listen to you to understand your needs and desires in order to offer you the most personalized support in your project management.

Shopify, the CMS for e-commerce businesses

Shopify is aimed at e-commerce businesses in particular. This CMS is adapted to companies of all sizes, and offers many plugins for your SEO strategy! Discover today these different tools that are highly valued by our agency Keyweo.


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Frequently asked questions about Shopify CMS