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Does your company not yet have a website? Have you recently launched your project?

Would you like an agency to help you manage your website? Are you looking to find out which content management system is best suited to the market in which you operate? Do you want to keep some degree of freedom in the management of your website and its CMS?

Our SEO / SEA agency located in Barcelona is an expert in the creation and optimisation of websites. Forged in ten years of experience, the Keyweo team offers you real know-how and promises you fast and quality technical results! On the WordPress CMS, we are used to supporting all types of businesses and projects. Whether you have a small showcase site, a large e-commerce site or a blog, using the WordPress content management tool is highly recommended. Thanks to the many client websites that use this CMS, we are now experts in WordPress features and offer a range of services to optimise the visibility of your website.

Together we will establish a tailor-made contract, depending on your sector, the size of your project and your budget. From the creation of your website to its monthly monitoring and feeding of content and links, we offer a wide range of services to support you in your digital and lead acquisition strategy.

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Develop the visibility of your WordPress site

Do you want to optimize your WordPress site, but don't know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up!

Close-up of the WordPress CMS

Choosing the right content management system for your website is often a never-ending search. The good news is that with WordPress, you can’t go wrong! This decade-old CMS is considered the most widely used content software in the world. According to recent statistics, 47% of websites use WordPress as a CMS.

Initially designed for blogging, the platform is now open to all types of businesses and projects. Its software is so powerful and flexible that it can be used for an e-commerce site with a wide range of products as well as for a classic showcase site and portfolio. This flexibility in terms of use and its accessibility has allowed it to quickly stand out from other CMS on the market.

The unique feature of this content management system is also the fact that it is a Google partner. It is currently the only CMS to have a partnership with the Internet leader. This allows it, among other things, to create websites that are naturally optimised by the various search engines and thus, to be the most appreciated by SEO/SEA agencies.

WordPress in figures

of websites in the world
market share in CMS
of the world's top sites
sites built each day
55 000+
available extensions
of the top 1 million commerce sites

Who is WordPress for?

Unlike many other content management systems, WordPress did not limit itself to one particular website type. As explained earlier, while it was first designed to facilitate the creation of showcase sites and blogs, the CMS quickly improved, became more complex, and became a leader for e-commerce as well.

E-commerce sites

Blog / Portfolio

Showcase sites

Catalogue sites

Amongst our hundreds of clients, we have been able to create, maintain and generally optimise a large number of sites using WordPress. The nature of these vary enormously from one client to another. Blogs, showcase sites, catalogue sites or e-commerce sites… WordPress is a weapon for people who want to increase their visibility and sales without a big budget.

It is thanks to our previous client experience that we can now say that we are experts in the use and optimisation of this CMS. Our team of SEO consultants specialise in this CMS, and regularly advise clients on the ideal content management system for their business and requirements.

Strengths of WordPress

At Keyweo, we really enjoy working with the WordPress content management system. In our opinion, it is the best value for money. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this CMS, which we have observed over the years of use.

One of the greatest things about WordPress is how easy it is to use. If you want to make a basic website, without plugins or special themes, it is very easy to create your website. In just a few hours, the website can be created and put online. Its ease of use is one of the reasons why it has become so popular so quickly. With or without a web developer, you can make a first draft of your interface.

WordPress has an impressive amount of features. With over ten thousand plugins and themes. This variety of features allows users of the CMS to customise and optimise their website. The modifications made thanks to these plugins allow you a real freedom in the creation of your Internet, and distinguish you from the already existing sites. However, be careful about the set of plugins and themes you add to your interface. This could slow down your website or create security problems.

The main advantage of using a world-renowned content management system is that you can easily find developers for your website. As with all markets, the law of supply and demand causes prices to vary. As the WordPress CMS is very easy to use and globally popularised, developers specialising in it are plentiful and inexpensive. Conversely, for a tool such as Magento, which is more complex, the price of developers is much higher. This can be a good point if you do not want to spend a huge amount of money on the technical development of your site.

Having an open source content management system can be seen as both a positive and a negative thing. Indeed, open source means that all the coding of your site is open to the general public to be easily modified and redistributed. The problem with this is the possibility of being hacked. However, this is still an advantage as it allows the website owners to hire an agency to help them properly develop and optimise their website.

As explained above, the content management system, WordPress, has a partnership with the famous search engine: Google. This relationship guarantees a higher ranking for its websites. If you want to optimise your website for SEO, choose the WordPress tool without hesitation. In addition to the various functionalities of the tool that allow for faster indexing, you can add numerous plugins specialised in SEO: Yoast, Rank Math, Redirection, SEOPress etc.

The security of WordPress is a big debate... it can be counted among its advantages and disadvantages. The fact that the tool is open source creates more opportunities for hackers and other bad actors to take control of your website. Also, adding too many plugins or themes can create security vulnerabilities, which can scare off many bloggers and business owners who have no knowledge of the subject.

Weaknesses of WordPress

Like any CMS, WordPress also has its drawbacks, which should be taken into account when building your online shop, blog or showcase site.

While the WordPress content management system is suitable and efficient for many website formats, it is not always optimal for large e-commerce sites with hundreds of thousands of product listings.

For this kind of websites, we generally prefer Magento, although it is still possible to use WordPress thanks to many plugins and adapted themes.

As explained above, the security of WordPress is a sensitive topic and the subject of much debate, as the CMS is described as one of the most easily hacked. This can be explained by the fact that it is the most widely used content management tool in the world. The open source nature of the CMS and the thousands of plugins available on the CMS are gateways for people to hack into your website.

To protect your account as much as possible from these hackers, it is advisable to regularly update your plugins and to change the default login to "admin". Regularly checking your website for anything suspicious will help you avoid any unwanted surprises.

This is not a real drawback of WordPress, but rather a mismanagement of the number of installations and plugins that can slow down your website. Indeed, given the impressive amount of features offered by the content management system, it is common to download too many and make our site slow down.

The loading speed of the pages of a website is one of the elements to take into account for the optimization of the SEO of your website. To find out how fast your website loads, you can use a number of tools including PageSpeed Insight which gives you a score according to format (desktop, mobile, tablet).

This point is related to the security of the CMS. Although open source is an extremely favourable element for WordPress, it is still "dangerous" if it is not adequately monitored. Some installations are created with the aim of hacking you and crashing your site. Therefore, keep an eye on the plugins and themes you use and always check that they are known and used.

Our SEO services for WordPress CMS

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

By using our SEO services for your website, you benefit from a complete keyword study, carried out according to your sector of activity. This in-depth analysis of your SEO competitors as well as the keywords you should be positioning yourself on, allows us to produce an editorial plan as well as a document including the strategic pages for the coming months. Following this study, we can then establish a long-term strategy to optimise your SEO. Through this step, we learn more about your positioning within your market and the strategies of your competitors. It is always interesting to learn from their work and make improvements for maximum results on search engines.

SEO Audit

Next comes the technical audit of your website (if it is already created at the time of the collaboration). This analysis is even more detailed than the previous one and allows us to establish a list of tasks to be done to optimise the website. During this audit, we analyse all your pages, one by one. From the overall structure, to the loading time of the pages, to the optimisation of the weight and alternative texts, images… we detail everything to make your website as efficient and as well optimised as possible.

Optimisation du CMS

Optimisation of the WordPress CMS

Our agency regularly works on the content management tool WordPress. All our consultants are now experts in the use of this CMS. Thanks to our experience, we know all the features offered by the platform and can quickly develop an SEO-friendly website. We create your website, configure your interface, set up an optimal strategy for your business sector, prepare SEO-optimised content, detect technical problems with your site… we offer 360° services in SEO/SEA. Hundreds of companies are satisfied with our services. When will you start?

Création de contenu optimisé

Optimised content writing

At the time of signing the contract, we establish with you a number of pieces of content to be written and integrated as well as a number of links per month. Once the monthly credits have been specified, we take charge of writing your strategic pages and blog pages, which were previously indicated in a document during the keyword study. Our copywriters take these and create quality, original and consistent content. If you have an international site with different languages, we also have in-house teams of translators (Italian, French, English, Spanish) specialised in SEO.

Stratégie Link Building


SEO is based on technique, content and visibility, i.e. links. Netlinking is the set of link strategies that a website can have to increase its ranking on search engines. To increase the reputation of your website, it is important to have links pointing to your pages. If you have many external links that direct users to you, Google will understand that you are the reference in your field, and will put you ahead. The creation of internal or external links allows you to appear more on the search results and to be put forward compared to other sites: it is a real acquisition channel!

FAQ et questions fréquentes

SEO Consultant dedicated to your project

To accompany you throughout our collaboration, we will allocate one of our SEO consultants to you. Since SEO strategies are very time-consuming, at Keyweo, we value hours of follow-up and good customer relations. We put our teams of SEO specialists at your disposal, ready to listen and answer all your questions. They also give you advice so that you understand more about what we do. Finally, each of our employees can speak several languages for better communication and understanding.

WordPress, a CMS compatible with excellent SEO

You want to create your website, but do not know how to optimize its SEO? Then WordPress is the CMS for you! Indeed, this CMS is not only a tool that allows you to design and launch your website, but also a tool that helps you in its positioning on search engines. For example, WordPress includes in its basic features the possibility to optimize your images. Rather than having to modify your lines of code, you simply fill in the fields dedicated to the title and alt tag of your images. Moreover, this CMS offers, for the majority of its themes, the possibility to make your website responsive, which is a very important criterion taken into account by Google for the positioning of your site in search results. Finally, WordPress allows you to install very quickly and easily plugins useful in your SEO strategy.