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Do you want to implement a real digital strategy for your company?

Are you looking for an effective content management system (CMS) for your website? Don’t know which one to choose from the dozens on the market? Are you looking to optimise your SEO with this tool, but don’t have the required skills?

At Keyweo, we support young companies and large organizations in their SEO strategy. Our digital marketing agency, specialised in SEO and SEA, is an expert in the use of SEO tools such as Prestashop and WordPress content management systems. Thanks to our experience in the field, we are now well versed in the use of these tools and offer our services to optimise your company’s visibility.

From the optimisation of your CMS to the creation of content and links every month, we support you in your entire SEO strategy, to make your website the most important of your acquisition channels.

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Let's develop your website on Prestashop

You want to optimize your website on Prestashop, but don't know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up!

Prestashop CMS in focus

Knowing which CMS to use to create your brand’s website can be complex. Whether you want to sell products/ services or simply put forward informative content around your company’s area of business, the most suitable content management system will not be the same. That’s why it’s necessary to find out more before committing yourself.

The PrestaShop tool was created in 2007 by several Epitech students. It quickly became a huge success as it has expanded into about twenty languages and now has several hundred employees.

PrestaShop is an open source content management system, which is a real revolution for e-commerce. It enables e-commerce sites to be equipped with everything from the creation of a product catalogue to delivery, including order taking and the possibility of adding promotions to products. It is also known to have a great responsive design which allows it to optimize the structure and layout according to the screens (phone, computer, tablet). This ensures a better SEO.

Prestashop in figures

websites in e-commerce
market share in e-commerce
4 mins
1 shop created every 4 minutes
growth in 1 year
15 billion
in turnover in 2018
of sites using Prestashop

Who is Prestashop for?

With our experience, we have already been able to support and optimise multiple client projects on this content management tool. Most of them were medium-sized e-commerce websites. The Prestashop tool was mainly programmed for e-commerce websites, who need to list their products and create an online sales space.

We also favour this tool for companies wishing to change their CMS and boost their sales. Larger companies with a large product catalogue and high turnover may also choose this CMS or Magento, another CMS specialised in large e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sites

Small-scale e-commerce

Small-scale e-commerce

Mid-size E-commerce

Large E-commerce

Thanks to the numerous client cases we have had, our SEO consultant teams are now experts in the use and optimization of the PrestaShop tool.

So, if you want to develop your e-commerce activity, promote a service, or even give visibility to your showcase site, call on an SEO agency like Keyweo!

Strong points of Prestashop

Working daily on content management systems for our clients, we conducted a real market study of the most commonly used CMS. After analysis, at Keyweo, we believe that PrestaShop has many advantages.

PrestaShop has a real wealth of features compared to other content management systems. In total, we can count thousands of themes on which to build your websites and about 3,000 plugins.

This large volume allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and optimise the functionality available on their website.

As stated earlier, the PrestaShop CMS is an essential tool for e-commerce sites. It allows companies to integrate their entire product catalogue and to integrate useful functionalities up to the delivery of orders and customer returns.

Unlike other CMS, PrestaShop has developed a cloud to allow you to save all your account data without having to install the tool on your computer. This feature is an asset as it increases the flexibility of the software.

PrestaShop's localization feature is one of the many positive points of this CMS. It allows you to determine the location of your business, and thus adapt the content to suit your market. 

The PrestaShop back office, i.e. the interface on which you go to work on your website, is easy to use. It allows you to quickly grasp the features available on the content management system and to facilitate your use of the tool.

PrestaShop is essentially open source. The term "open source" used to describe software means that it can be easily modified and taken over by any developer. This is a strong point as it gives you the opportunity to change developers easily and to quickly find people who can optimise your website. Also, the PrestaShop community is very active and allows you to have quick answers to your questions, which saves you a lot of time. Finally, unlike other CMS, PrestaShop is completely free to install, which may be of interest to many businesses that do not have an infinite budget.

Weaknesses of Prestashop

Like any online solution, Magento has some disadvantages, which are important to be aware of when choosing which CMS to use for your business.

PrestaShop is unfortunately less optimised for companies wishing to make their website an informative interface, also called a "showcase site". The developers of the tool wished to create this software in order to respond to an e-commerce problem. If the CMS is perfect for e-commerce sites, it is not yet ready for informative websites.

While the installation of Prestashop is completely free, the plugins and themes are not. You can get access to some free themes and plugins, but will have to pay a certain amount for more features on the CMS.

While the tool as a whole is generally easy to use, modular, modifiable and adaptable over time, its installation is more complex to achieve. In order to use a content management system for one's website, one must first think about paying a host, renting a domain name and taking out a digital SSL certificate to ensure secure transactions for customers. However, all these steps to be carried out before the installation of the CMS are often difficult to understand for people who do not work in the digital world and have no knowledge of web development.

It is particularly for this step that it can be useful to call upon a digital marketing agency like Keyweo. From hosting to SEO optimization to website creation, our consultants take care of your entire SEO strategy.

Our SEO services for Prestashop CMS

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

Whether you call on our services for the creation of your website or you simply wish to optimise its referencing on search engines, we offer you a detailed study of the keywords in your sector. This in-depth analysis of your market gives you an overview of the keywords your target audience uses to refer to your business. Thanks to a number of marketing tools, we can also establish an editorial plan and strategic pages for the structure of your website in the long term. This step is essential to position you on new keywords and to establish your SEO content strategy.

Technical SEO audit

Is your website of sufficient quality and performance? This is what we check with a very detailed technical audit. We analyse all your pages to list the elements that need to be improved and make your site SEO-friendly. We look at the structure of your pages, the relevance of your content, the optimisation of your images… so that we can establish an in-depth prioritisation plan and recommendations. The audit of your website is thus useful to make your site more attractive and quickly increase your technical performance. Thanks to this step, we promise that you will reach your objectives quickly.

Optimisation du CMS

Optimisation of the Prestashop CMS

Optimising your use of the Prestashop tool is part of our area of expertise. Our team of SEO consultants is dedicated to building an SEO-friendly website, which uses all the features that Prestashop can provide. Configuration of the content management system, implementation of your content strategy, optimisation of your e-commerce, correction of technical problems, you can call on our services for fast and quality results! The Prestashop websites we have worked on in recent years have stood out from their competitors thanks to the implementation of this follow-up… Why not you?

Création de contenu optimisé

Writing optimised content

The Keyweo agency establishes, according to your needs, a number of monthly contents to be written and integrated on your website. This content is written in-house and can also be translated in-house (Italian, English, Spanish, French, etc). Our consultants also speak your language for more comfort and better communication. Our copywriters take the documents that have already been created and use the keywords of your sector to create coherent, high-quality and SEO-friendly content. For e-commerce sites, our consultants also give you advice on how to optimise your product catalogue pages.

Stratégie Link Building


To implement a complete SEO strategy, it is also necessary to think about the links that point to your website. During the analysis of your site, the search engines look to see if other sites are talking about you, recommending you, and if they appear to be in your sector or not. Linking to your site is a real acquisition channel. Better referenced, recommended by multiple sites, this strategy makes it even faster to increase your visibility, and thus improve your results!

FAQ et questions fréquentes

Dedicated SEO consultants

At Keyweo, we attach great importance to follow-up and to our client relationship. SEO follow-up is a long-term job. For this, we provide you with a team of expert SEO consultants, ready to listen and to accompany you in the best of ways throughout the collaboration. You are guided and advised throughout the implementation of your digital strategy. Finally, our consultants speak several languages (French, English, Spanish) to improve communication and make the follow-up more fluid.

Prestashop, a CMS that supports excellent SEO

Do you have an e-commerce business? Do you want to increase your visibility and position yourself in the first search results? Are you looking to optimise your website and improve its UX?

Then adopt the Prestashop CMS for your e-commerce activity! Whether you are a SME, ETI, or GE, Prestashop will meet your demands. Discover now the different plugins compatible with this CMS.

Antoine Consultant SEO

Antoine, SEO Consultant

Your frequently asked questions about Prestashop CMS

As mentioned earlier, although the CMS has been designed to be used by anyone, its installation is rather complex. It is the least intuitive step of the tool. Here is how to install PrestaShop for your website.
First of all, for those who have never created a website, to get a CMS, it is necessary to install it in a web space, ie, a host. There are dozens of them offering more or less the same features. In order to choose, it may be worthwhile to look in detail at the hosting providers on the market and to establish clearly what you want for your website. In order to have access to hosting, it is then necessary to have a url address with a domain name.

To give an idea of the investment for interested companies, you will need to pay around €15 per month for the domain name and around €70 per year for the hosting company.

Finally, to secure the data on your website, and thus protect the privacy of your visitors, it is preferable to have an SSL certificate. This last service can be purchased from about 60 euros.

After having completed these first essential steps, comes :

Downloading the PrestaShop tool to the
Set up the data for the creation of your product catalogue
Start the automatic installation on PrestaShop
Choosing a landing page for your online shop

Although the Prestashop download is not complex in itself, it can easily get people with little or no experience in creating websites into trouble. At Keyweo, we have acquired a real expertise thanks to our years of experience and our numerous projects. To do this, we support you by offering 360° services. From the installation of Prestashop on your website to the feeding and optimization of your website, we do everything possible to make sure that your company comes out on top in Google searches and that you can gain more and more leads.

We have their full confidence.

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