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Ensure the success of your website redesign thanks to SEO migration experts

A poorly prepared redesign can have very bad consequences for the SEO of a site. Surround yourself with experts in the field to ensure your SEO.

A strong challenge to maintain SEO

A website redesign is always a big deal and SEO can easily be put aside for the sake of simplicity. Unfortunately, if the SEO transition is not taken care of, the consequences can be dramatic for a company’s business activity if it depends heavily on SEO. Our SEO experts know what to do in these situations so that it will no longer be a concern for you.

Why trust in an SEO migration?

And if you entrust your strategy to experts in international strategies?

Well-defined objectives

The first step is to clearly define the objectives and outline the project. Once all the elements are taken into account and known, the foundations are laid to start the investigation work, the SEO check-up and the URL mapping.

A comprehensive migration plan

Mapping URLs and the resulting migration plan is undoubtedly the most strategic and important part of the migration. With our tools, we have the best conditions for a complete migration plan.

Regular support

SEO should be considered before the migration starts and contacting an expert after the redesign is already too late. Our team of specialists will accompany you at all strategic stages: before, during and after the SEO migration of your site

An SEO pre-audit?

Ask now for your pre-audit or SEO market analysis to know your areas of development.

They trust us for their digital strategy


Our methodology

A methodology proven on numerous website redesigns.

Defining the objectives

The first step consists of carefully defining the objectives, framing the project and taking into account the various parameters (new version, old version, technologies, reporting tools, etc.).

SEO check-up

We then analyse, criteria by criteria, all the elements influencing the SEO between the 2 versions to know if optimisations should be made in order to avoid a future loss of visibility.

Plan the migration

In order to prepare the migration, we map the URLs of the 2 versions and make recommendations if we see any risks, and of course, we create the migration plan.

Monitoring migration

On the day of the event, we remain available to intervene or answer any last-minute concerns in order to ensure the transition in the best conditions.

Audits & reporting

The migration does not stop once the transition is complete. We go through the website to ensure that there are no technical issues and that all permanent redirects are functional. We also monitor the main KPIs of the site.

Support before, during and after the migration

Before the redesign

Before the redesign, our teams get to know different things in order to be well prepared:

  • reporting tools to monitor KPIs before/after the migration to ensure that there is no uncontrolled loss of visibility
  • the different versions concerned (current/old version and new version) by crawling them with our dedicated tools
  • the different versions concerned (current/old version and new version) by crawling them with our dedicated tools

A full SEO check-up is carried out to verify the various criteria to ensure that the new version is compliant and optimised. A migration plan is developed.

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During migration

During the migration, while your teams will have many things to deal with, we are available to answer any SEO related questions you may have during the redesign.

We monitor the various KPIs and ensure that our recommendations are implemented.

A poorly executed redesign can lose the majority of a website’s traffic in a matter of days, so it’s important to make sure everything is right.

SEO post-migration follow-up

Finally, once everything has been migrated, we run technical checks on the new site using our dedicated tools to ensure that there are no technical problems.

We also check that all redirects are in place to prevent any significant drop in position. However, it is important to remember that there may still be some instability in the days and weeks following this migration.

Finally, we monitor the various KPIs and the overall evolution of your site’s visibility on search engines.

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