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Build a localized reputation with local SEO

As an SEO agency with a localized network, we tailor our services for clients based on geographic location – directly engaging with the community.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization refers to curating your online brand to increase, influence and understand local traffic. This is especially important for businesses with a physical location that want to maintain a strong communal identity.

This approach involves using locally relevant keywords, content and software. Specifically, Google MyBusiness, which provide results based on relevance criteria linked to geolocation.

Whether you want to increase sales by attracting new customers, grow your reputation, or retain clientele, a localized strategy provides many benefits to those wishing to be closer to their clients.

Local SEO is as strategic for business with one establishment as it is for those with many. Creating a localized SEO network can grow your brand while providing the best services for your clients, no matter where they are.

A Local Agency with International Reach

Want to go international? With over ten international markets represented by our localized network, we are always close to our clientele.

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The 3 elements of Local SEO Strategies

Important aspects to consider when developing your online visibility


A site must meet geolocation referencing requirements in order to be locally optimizable for a target demographic.


The amount, regularity, and quality of reviews can influence your local reputation.

Business Profile

Creating a profile using Google MyBusiness is essential to increase your local online and physical visibility.

An SEO pre-audit?

Request your pre-audit or SEO market analysis to identify areas of improvement.

Why Develop your Local Online Presence?

Discover the benefits!

Understand Clients

The primary goal is to reach customers directly where they are in order to build loyalty, authority, and influence - not only in your industry, but in your community.

Local Reputation

While it is important to receive regular feedback, it is just as important to apply said feedback to improve your business and reputation.

Attract New Customers

Whether you want to open a new business, or improve an already-established one, local SEO can help you attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

They Trust Us with their SEO Strategy

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Our Methodology

Local SEO Audit

We audit the existing local SEO with Google MyBusiness, local information, your different locations, etc.

Defining the Strategy

We identify your goals and KPIs to provide the best strategy tailored to your needs.


We comprehensively adapt and vary our strategy in order to ensure that it is relevant and effective.


We continuously monitor KPI data to progressively adapt our strategy in order to maximize local SEO

Our local SEO Specialties

We can support your Industry with a localized SEO strategy.

SEO Tourism

Tour operators and travel agencies

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SEO Industry

Automotive, construction and energy

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Consulting, banking and accounting

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SEO eCommerce

Fashion, cosmetics and telephony

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SEO Real Estate

Real estate agencies and architects

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SEO Hotel

Hotel, campsite and rental site

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Geolocation Referencing: An Opportunity for Growth

Origins of Local SEO

For many years, Google has been georeferencing its search results pages. This means that the results of your search differ based on location – despite searching the same thing (i.e. searching bicycle in Barcelona will give you different results than searching bicycle in Paris). 

This search engine feature is practical when applied to location-based inquiries (e.g. real estate, barbers, restaurants, etc.) which are only relevant in the context of proximity. 

Given its convenient utility, local SEO, or localized referencing, has become common practice for businesses and a dependable feature for local consumers.

Notably, the hierarchy of Google SERP’s use a different algorithm from the so-called classic results.

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Attributes of Local SEO

Positioning on location-based SERP’s are calculated by applying various factors. A professionally localized SEO agency can optimize these variables, including:

  • Website Optimization
  • Reviews and Feedback
  • Physical proximity between user and establishment
  • Consistency of information specific to the different businesses
  • Netlinking
  • etc

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