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Are you in the hotel industry and want to launch your website to develop your customer base?

Do you own a hotel and want to stand out from your competitors and develop your clientele? At keyweo, experts in hotel search engine optimisation, we can work with you to establish a strategy that suits you.

SEO is a set of web marketing techniques designed to improve your position in Google search results. After having studied your objectives in depth, our hotel SEO experts will propose an adapted strategy as well as a personalized follow-up allowing you to increase your results.

In the face of strong competition in this field, having a well presented and optimised website can improve your visibility in the Google search results. This can help you make a difference.

Let's start the adventure together

We work with you to create a personalized SEO strategy according to your objectives!

Who is SEO in the hotel industry for?

Composed of a team of experts in SEO for the hotel industry, at Keyweo we have already assisted many groups in the hotel sector. The hotel industry is an ultra-competitive sector, which is why we establish a specific strategy for each of our clients. Do you want to improve the visibility of your website on the various search engines? Keyweo is the hotel SEO agency you need. So don’t wait any longer to contact us and start establishing your SEO strategy.




Unusual accommodation

Unusual accommodation

Booking websites

Booking websites



Bed and breakfast accommodation

Bed and breakfast accommodation

SEO Expert

If you are in the hotel business, it is essential to use a hotel digital marketing agency to manage your hotel SEO.

In order to give visibility to your tourist rental offers and attract new customers, it is essential to work on your SEO. Call on an SEO agency like Keyweo to help you optimize your listings technically, and thus propose SEO-friendly and relevant content.

Our SEO services for hotels

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

The keyword study is the first step in any good hotel SEO strategy. This study will highlight the opportunities to be seized in terms of referencing, but also certain improvements that we could deal with on the basis of your current positioning. We need to identify all the organic words used by Google users in order to create content that matches their searches. This study will allow us to define the strategic pages to develop or create in order to lay the foundations of your hotel SEO strategy. We are not looking to do what everyone else is doing, but rather to differentiate your site through quality and relevant content.

SEO Audit

Any SEO strategy requires a high-performance website. To ensure the quality of your website, our experts carry out a complete diagnosis. The aim is to identify all the strong points on which to build, but also to correct any flaws present on the site. Google promotes quality websites. This is why this step is mandatory in the framework of a hotel SEO strategy: loading time, responsive site, orphan pages, 404 errors etc… Every detail of your site will be examined.

Création de site internet immobilier

Creation of a hotel website

The hotel sector being very competitive, a quality website is a strong asset in the eyes of your potential clients, because it represents you and your brand identity. This is why at Keyweo, we offer you the possibility of building a fully optimised website. We will respect your requirements as well as the constraints imposed by the different search engines in order to obtain the most efficient website possible. Choice of theme, creation of landing pages, creation of strategic pages, configuration of CMS and plugins adapted to your sector. Our team takes care of everything and offers you a one-stop service that matches your needs.

Création de contenu thématisé

Creation of thematic content

At Keyweo, we have a team of writers specialised in SEO-optimised content. Our writers are able to write quality content on various topics. The topics are chosen according to the results of the keyword study. All content is therefore perfectly adapted to what your users are looking for. In addition, we can work on local SEO, which is a real factor in conversions. Furthermore, at Keyweo, our team of writers is able to adapt to different markets such as the Spanish, English and French markets. We are able to produce optimized content in different languages to maximize the power of your international site.

Boost your website’s SEO by entrusting the writing of your content to our experts!

Stratégie Link Building

Link building strategy

Netlinking is a basic SEO technique that is essential to your hotel’s SEO strategy. Finding interesting and qualitative links in this type of sector is not always easy. This is why Keyweo develops a tailor-made netlinking strategy in order to ensure that each backlink is effective for the visibility of your website. Our hotel SEO experts are used to the problems of this environment and are able to improve your position in Google search results. Subsequently, they can help you land new opportunities to convert a targeted audience. The acquisition of links on real estate sites is aimed at improving your position and generating new sales opportunities.

Suivi SEO personnalisé

Personalized SEO follow-up

Carrying out a SEO strategy for a hotel or any other type of business in the accommodation sector takes time, which is why at Keyveo, each client has a complete personalised follow-up so that you can follow the evolution of performance on a daily basis. You will have the help of an SEO consultant from the beginning to the end of our collaboration to be able to answer all your questions but also, to allow you to transcribe your needs on your website.

A doubt? A question? You have a single point of contact for the follow-up of your project.

Good SEO practices in the hotel industry

Optimise the user experience of your site

Optimise the user experience of your site

There is nothing better for the user than a site that is pleasant to navigate: fast loading time of images, relevant and clear information about tourist locations, intuitive interface... All these elements should be optimised to guarantee a good UX on your site, and increase your conversion rate!

Make your website responsive

Make your website responsive

When you plan your holidays, it is common to look for a hotel, a bed and breakfast or a youth hostel on your phone rather than on your computer. As a hotel professional, it is therefore essential to make your website responsive in order to attract customers on mobile, and not only on desktop.

Choose your keywords according to the search intention of the Internet users

In order to target your customers as well as possible, make sure that the keywords on which you position yourself correspond to the search intentions of Internet users. This will allow you to increase your click through rate, and therefore give more visibility to your hotel offers.

Adapting your site to voice search

Nowadays, more and more people are using voice assistance to perform their searches, which has given rise to a new type of search: voice search. In order to reach an even larger audience, adapt your site to this voice search and analyse the type of question asked by Internet users.

Writing quality content

There's nothing like writing quality content to incorporate into your site to educate and reassure your prospects. Whether it's blog posts or product descriptions, make sure they are relevant and of high quality!

Structure your website well

Internal linking, the overall architecture of the site, all these elements should be optimised as much as possible to make it easier for users to navigate your site and to lead them to your strategic pages.

The different hotel SEO tools

Alexandre, consultant SEO

Alexandre, SEO Consultant 

Your frequently asked questions about SEO

There are many tools on the market to analyse the technical performance of a website. These are used to establish a strategy based on clear and objective decisions.

For the analysis of the competition in our agency, we use two tools in priority: SemRush & Ranxplorer. These tools are well known in the world of digital marketing and have already proven their worth.

Then comes the technical aspect of the website. This is where we will study the structure, speed and quality of your website. For this, we mainly use Screaming Frog and OnCrawl software, which allows us to efficiently identify website malfunctions. In addition, we have developed our own in-house analysis tools in order to obtain more detailed results adapted to our recommendations.

Finally, for the netlinking stage, we will analyse link opportunities using different tools such as Majestic Tools and Ahrefs which allow us to target the most effective links.

We will also use tools such as Google Search Console, Google Data Studio or Google Analytics to report on the results and the evolution of your positioning.

Today, over 60% of traffic comes from organic results. If you add to this the domination of accommodation platforms such as Booking or Airbnb, you can understand the need to optimise your site in order to convert the prospects that do not come from these platforms. The place of your site in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the first differentiation point that your potential customers will have access to. It is therefore not a factor to be neglected. Once the customer has arrived on your site, the various technical and UX optimisations will increase your chances of conversion.

Looking for an SEO agency specialising in the hotel sector ?

Are you a company in the hotel sector that wants to create or develop your website and improve its performance? We are here to listen to your needs!

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