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Achieve your business goals with a Google Ads agencyexpert

Appear in the first results of Google as of tomorrow thanks to Google Ads and make your business take off.

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Our mission

Develop your business with Google ads in a profitable way

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of additional SEO clicks

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of additional monthly visits 

Our Google Ads expertise

We are familiar with the main types of Google and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

Our support for Google Ads

Let us help you optimise your visibility on search engines

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

We carry out a complete study of the keywords in your market to find the most relevant ones. The choice of your keywords is an essential step to guarantee the success of your project and to reach your objectives.

structure de campagne

Account structuring

The structuring of your Google Ads account is an important step. Based on your objectives, the channels to be worked on, the languages and the keywords we have found, we will propose a relevant account structure adapted to the latest recommendations and developments from Google. 

Tracking WEB


Calls, forms, registrations, purchases, clicks, shopping carts… we take all the possible interactions between your site and Internet users to create the most precise tracking plan possible and thus control the results of your campaigns to the millimetre. We can also assist you in setting up this tracking via Google Tag Manager.

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Creating your ads

From managing several million euros of advertising budget on Google we have tested and identified what works to have relevant and attractive ads and thus maximize your CTR and the quality of customers arriving on your site. We are therefore able to assist you in the creation of your ads during the set up of the Google Ads account or in their optimisation to maximise your performance.

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO

Creating a Google Ads Dashboard

We also set up a dashboard that allows you to monitor the results of your campaigns in great detail. This dashboard, created with Google Data Studio, facilitates decision-making and provides a macro and micro view of your performance. This is the best way to find the levers to activate to succeed.

Optimisation of your campaigns

Optimising your campaigns and results is at the heart of what we do. We set up tests and optimisations to find out what works for you and thus improve your performance. Each account and market is different, so we have to experiment a lot (bidding strategies, ads, keywords, channel, landing page…).

The Keyweo methodology for a Google Ads service

A methodology designed by certified experts to guarantee a high level of performance.

Google Partner Premier
Microsoft Partner 2022
Google Ads Certified Partner
Google Analytics Certified Professional

Stage 1

Definition of objectives and scope

During our first contact, we establish together the objectives and the scope of the support.

Stage 2

Analysis of the existing system

In order not to rebuild everything from scratch if you already have campaigns that work, we analyse the existing state and carry out a diagnosis with areas for improvement.

Stage 3

Semantic study

Defining the relevant keywords for your business is essential to invest in and maximise your performance. To do this, we carry out a complete analysis of your current keywords (SEO, SEA) and the keywords of your competitors, thus guaranteeing to cover all the opportunities in your market.

Stage 4

Account structuring

Thanks to the previous steps (objectives, perimeter, keyword analysis) we define and propose you a suitable Google Ads account structure.

Stage 5


Any customer acquisition strategy must be based on a well executed conversion tracking. Forms, sales, shopping carts… we take everything into account to measure your results and optimise them to the millimetre.

Stage 6

Landing Pages

We support you in optimising your landing pages to ensure that every visitor is driven to take action.

Stage 7

Operational rollout

After all this preparation and optimisation work, we launch the new version of your Google Ads account.

Stage 8

Reporting of results

We periodically review the performance of your campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

One objective: Your profitability?

With many years of experience in managing Google Ads campaigns. Our Google Ads Agency has a team of certified Google Ads and Google Analytics experts who have successfully led many clients to profitability.

Focused on your return on investment, our teams will support you in depth in all your issues in order to quickly grow your business in a profitable way.

Our search engine optimisation agency attaches great importance to the personalisation of each client’s services.

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Our Google Ads Agency in figures

3 000 000
of euros in budget managed in 2022
expert consultants at your service
Google Ads accounts under management

Certified consultants

Our consultants are Google Ads and Google Analytics certified and renew their certifications regularly. We take great care to ensure that they are up to date with the latest Google developments in order to offer you the highest level of support and advice.

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An international agency

Do you want to go international? We are your ideal partner for this, with more than ten markets managed by in-house natives and our partners.

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What is Google Ads?

Formerly known as Google Adwords, Google ads is a marketing tool to optimise your visibility in Google search results. 

Working on a keyword based bidding system, you pay when a user clicks on one of your ads. This is a real goldmine for growing your business quickly, if your account is well managed. As soon as your first campaigns are activated, you will be able to appear in the first results of Google.

In addition to being able to broadcast on the Google search engine you also have other types of campaigns available (youtube, display, performance max…). This gives you important possibilities to spread your ads.

Analyse your Google Ads account

Ask for an analysis of your Google Ads account to find out where you can improve and the potential you have.

A team of Google ads experts at your service

Our team of Google Ads experts will help you achieve your goals and develop your business 

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Why work with a Google Ads Agency?

Today anyone can launch a campaign on Google Ads. However, achieving profitability and good results quickly requires advanced knowledge of marketing acquisition techniques and the Google Ads platform.

Tracking, UX, Google ads Editor, bidding strategies, Google Merchant Center… the list of things to master is long and requires several years of experience to fully use the platform. Working with an agency will allow you to focus on your business by leaving this part to experts and thus save precious time. 

Launching a Google Ads campaign requires investment, so it’s important to make sure that the money you invest will be maximised by avoiding basic mistakes that our consultants know all about.

Getting good results also requires time and routine control. Delegating this part to an agency will allow you to focus on your real added value.

You also benefit from the testing we do on other accounts. Every learning we have on the most advanced accounts is then tested on our other accounts to maximise the return on investment for all our clients.

At Keyweo, we work with a multitude of Google Ads accounts from various domains, ranging from B2B to B2C, with various objectives and different budgets, and we strive to treat each client with care and attention in order to satisfy expectations as much as possible.

Do you have a question about your Google Ads strategy?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with one of our experts.

Your frequently asked questions about SEA

Creating a Google Ads account is free! You are in control of your budget and you alone decide how much you want to pay per day to display your ads. There is no minimum imposed, nor duration. You can stop your ads for several months and reactivate them as you wish without them spending any money or, on the contrary, invest twice as much during peak periods to be better positioned and to face the competition.

None, Google Adwords is the old name of the platform which in 2018 was renamed Google Ads. 

It is simply the translation of " advertisements " in English. The Google Ads platform could be called "Annonces Google" in French, but in order to standardize, the tool is called Google Ads for everyone

We recommend using Google Ads to anyone who wants to grow their business. More than 90% of internet users use Google as their search engine, which makes Google Ads one of the most widely used advertising platforms in the world.

However, it is important to know that in some cases, it may not work. It is therefore necessary to plan a test budget over 3 months to ensure the relevance or not of this channel for you.

  • The number of impressions: This is the number of times your ad has been seen
  • The number of clicks: This is the number of times your ad was clicked
  • Average CPC: This is the average cost per click 
  • Conversions: This is the number of times u