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Grow your Popularity with a Netlinking Agency

Netlinking is the foundation of search engine algorithms. Enhancing your authority and influence is essential to improve your SEO.

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Building a link network (i.e. linkbuilding) is a gradual process that solidifies your website’s reputation as an authority in your discipline. Thus, improving your SEO.

This pillar of SEO is the result of quality content, and a strong technical framework. In other words, Netlinking combines the creation of content with its applicability. 

Gradually, as your link network continues to grow, your site’s popularity, authority, and influence will increase, making you a prominent figure in your domain.

Why use a Professional Netlinking Agency?

There are Three Components to Grow your Network


Recognizing the quality of a link as well as its direct and indirect effects is the hallmark of an experienced professional. An SEO expert will be able to anticipate the best opportunities to incorporate the right links at the right times in order to maximize value. Doing so requires a comprehensive understanding of various factors.


Many variables are assessed when a link is identified by search engines. To optimize links, SEO developers must approach netlinking with a similar perspective. Notably, not all links work in your favour. External factors such as competition, industry and others can dilute and counteract your efforts.


Diversifying your link profile while highlighting your specialized value is key to attaining and maintaining your site's SEO. This diversification speaks to the context of each factor of your link network: the number of links, their evolution, positioning, format, and source pages/sites.

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Our Methodology

We focus on quality to add value and highlight your specialized identity, products, and services by applying strategies tailored to your goals.

Defining Strategy

By analyzing the SEO and keyword strategies of competitors, we can formulate a customized linkbuilding strategy.

Identifying Opportunities

We identify the best opportunities for your brand image, influential authority, and SEO impact.


With a combination of marketing analysis and optimization, we curate our strategy for each opportunity with your target demographic.

Quality control

We maintain our standards of quality and relevance as we continue to implement our strategy over time.

The Origin, Purpose and Significance of Netlinking

Google Algorithms - The Origin of Netlinking

Early search engines did not consider external site factors when assessing the relevance and ranking of a site.

The co-founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page – then doctoral students at Stanford in the mid 90s – noted that scientific publications are classified by the number of times they are cited in other publications.

Combined with Jon Kleinberg’s HITS algorithm, they decided to integrate this with the web – creating today’s PageRank. These ranked results pages consider externalized links as a vote of confidence and relevance.

Netlinking has played a significant role since its creation, with all major search engines incorporating this into their algorithm. 

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Purpose and Significance

As previously mentioned, when search engine algorithms identify a link from one page to another page, they consider this a vote of confidence towards the page receiving the link (known as link juice).

The more links a site receives, the more it will be considered a relevant authority in its domain. However, not all links are created equal, some are more important than others. 

Algorithms factor in many variables when assessing the quality of a site’s link network. Thus, in addition to the number of links, the evolution, positioning, format and source of links are taken into account.

An experienced SEO agency like Keyweo can provide a strategy adapted to your specific site’s needs, target demographic, and sector at large.

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