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Increase your visibility on search engines with a certified Microsoft Ads agency

Reach new people with the Microsoft Advertising network and grow your business.

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Our mission

Support you in setting up new sources of customer acquisition

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of additional SEO clicks

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of additional monthly visits 

Why go for Microsoft Advertising?

The essential addition to boost your business

18 million internet users

Reach more than 18 million Internet users on the Microsoft Search Network, representing no less than 487 million searches per month

Get started in a few clicks

Microsoft Advertising allows you to duplicate your Google Ads campaigns and import them easily. Allowing you to replicate what works.

A new customer target group

In some cases, the Microsoft advertising network proves to be very interesting for reaching a more high quality target (CSP+) at a lower cost.

New networks

Broadcasting via Microsoft Advertising will allow you to appear on several networks: Bing, Yahoo, Aol, Qwant, Lilo, Ecosia and DuckDuckGo

Our Microsoft Ads service

Keyweo helps you grow your visibility on the Microsoft Ads network

structure de campagne

Account structuring

We help you create your Microsoft Ads account structure either from scratch or if you wish, by migrating your Google Ads campaigns to Microsoft Ads. Migration is often recommended to save time and replicate your successes quickly.

Tracking WEB


Setting up a good tracking system is essential to ensure the optimal management of your campaigns. Sometimes a real headache for the uninitiated, our experts can help you with this implementation, to make your life easier.

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO


We connect your Microsoft Advertising account with Google data studio, our reporting tool, allowing you to monitor your performance in real-time. This reporting is then the tool on which we base our discussions during the various meetings. In addition, depending on your needs, we set up weekly or monthly reporting with our clients to ensure regular follow-up and exchanges.

Optimisation of your campaigns

Maximising the performance of Microsoft Ads campaigns takes time. Our experts continually optimise your campaigns to find the best way to increase your performance while accurately managing your ROI.


Our methodology

A methodology designed by certified experts to guarantee a high level of performance.

Defining the objectives

During our first meeting, we define together the objectives of our support and the scope of our involvement

Analysis of the current situation

If you already have a Microsoft Advertising account, we take the time to analyse your existing account to tailor our offer and strategy.

Support proposal

Once the previous steps have been clarified, we will make you a proposal for support that corresponds to your project.

Implementation of the strategy

We then deploy the advertising tools necessary to achieve your objectives.

Optimisation of your campaigns

Our consultants work regularly on your account to optimise the performance of your campaigns based on the data collected.


We set up Google Data studio to track your performance and arrange regular meetings to keep you informed of results and next steps.

Our Microsoft Ads Agency in figures

500 000
euros of budget managed in 2022
expert consultants at your disposal
Microsoft Ads accounts managed

We are partners

We have been listed by Microsoft Advertising as a partner agency for several years. We are in regular contact with the Microsoft teams and try to keep up to date with the latest developments on the platform.

Microsoft Ads Partner
reunion team keyweo

What is Microsoft Ads?

Formerly called Bing Ads, Microsoft Ads, like Google Ads, is a customer acquisition channel that allows you to develop your visibility on the Internet. 

Built on the same basis as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads works with a bidding system, where you pay according to the clicks and the distribution of your ads.

The great strength of Microsoft Ads lies in its partnerships with several other search engines such as: yahoo, aol, ecosia, duckduckgo… 

Generally less expensive and less competitive than Google Ads, Microsoft ads allows you to reach a new audience for a ROI that can be very rewarding in some cases.

Analyse your Microsoft Ads account

Request an analysis of your Microsoft Ads account to find out where you can improve and what your potential is

A team of Microsoft Ads experts to support you

Our team of SEA experts will be your best ally in achieving your development goals.

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Why work with a Microsoft Ads Agency?

Just like Google Ads, Microsoft ads requires various technical knowledge to be able to get the maximum benefit from it. This technical knowledge is mastered by our consultants who train and test regularly to stay on top of the latest information. 

Any advertising platform, whether it is Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Linkedin, requires many hours of training to master every aspect of it. Working with an agency that specialises in Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) will save you valuable time in self-study that you can spend on your core business.

Being able to manage your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns requires spending time to maximise your results and sometimes even having a dedicated person on your team. In this case, our agency will relieve you while providing you with important expertise.

Mastering an advertising platform requires spending money. Working with an agency will prevent you from making basic mistakes that could cost you thousands of euros.

Do you have a question about your Microsoft Ads strategy?

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with one of our experts.

Your frequently asked questions about Microsoft Advertising

Integrating Microsoft Advertising into your digital strategy has many advantages: 

  • Lower costs :

With much less competition than Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising's advertising costs are often much more attractive.

  • Appear on several search engines

Microsoft Advertising has developed partnerships with other search engines. This allows it to offer you valuable visibility.

  • Benefit from Linkedin audiences

It is also possible in Microsoft Ads to use LinkedIn audiences to improve the accuracy and power of your targeting.

Bing Ads is the former name of the Microsoft advertising platform. The platform was renamed as such in 2019.

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