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Entrust the SEO writing of your strategic content to an agency specialized in copywriting

Semantics is one of the three main pillars of SEO, making it important to pay attention to writing when creating your site’s pages.


What is SEO Writing?

Writing for the web with the goal of improving your site’s visibility requires skills in writing, of course, but also in SEO.

Indeed, there are many best practices to follow to make a text SEO-friendly, optimized both for end-users and search engines. This is what an SEO writing agency can help you achieve.

Why trust an agency with your SEO writing needs?

What if you entrust the writing of your texts to SEO copywriting experts?

Quality Writing

The quality of a text is naturally an important criterion, whether it's in the style of writing, grammar, or the relevance of the information; the text must be high quality and provide added value to aid your SEO.

SEO-optimized Text

There are many parameters to consider when optimizing a text for SEO. The presence of keywords in hot zones, content richness, internal linking, or the structure of the text are good examples.

Consideration of Business Logic

The goal of SEO is to develop a company's business. Therefore, it's crucial to take into account the specificities of each company to write relevant content in relation to its target audience, its services or products, and generate conversions.

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Our Methodology

A methodology proven in numerous web content creations

Keyword Definition

The first step is to properly define the keywords, both primary and secondary. An incorrect analysis of search intent or the semantic universe can harm all the work that will be done afterward.

Brief SEO

Once the keywords are identified, we define the text's architecture, the page or article with the main ideas, titles and subtitles, meta tags, and the length of each part.

Content Writing

Then we proceed to the content writing stage with experienced native writers who will take into account the commercial objective of the text, SEO, and, of course, the relevance of the information for the end-users.

Review and Correction

Thanks to suitable tools and software, we ensure that the text meets all the necessary criteria for good SEO visibility.

Publication and Monitoring

Finally, the text is published, and we can follow its performance and make reports thanks to specialized tools. Then, we can improve or correct based on the results obtained.

Multi-skilled Writing at the Service of Your Web Content

Expertise in Writing, Between Business and SEO

Writing SEO-optimized content for the web represents a combination of several skills necessary for the good performance of a text:

  • Writing: This remains the foundation of any good text, where the style of writing and the relevance of the information must be at the heart of any writing project.
  • SEO: Good SEO practices must be implemented to develop content visibility in search engines without altering the original content’s quality.
  • Conversion: SEO-optimized text should aid in direct or indirect conversion, where business knowledge and its specifics are essential for this task.
Contenu dupliqué
Contenu dupliqué

Tools and People in the Service of Quality

To ensure the quality of our deliverables, we use tools and software to verify that content meets certain criteria such as originality, relevance, and quality.

If this is not done, its visibility in search engines and the strategy more broadly could be compromised.

Human revisions and checks are also performed to ensure everything aligns with the strategy and client expectations.

Localized Content Writing

To reach a local audience, for businesses like restaurants, physical stores, and others, writing localized content can be an important element of a web page to position itself as a reference in the sector.

Whether your clients are in Reims, Strasbourg, Lille, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, or abroad, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in writing texts specific to one or more geographical areas.

SEO Technique

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