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The history and philosophy of Keyweo

Keyweo was created in Barcelona, in February 2018. It was born from the desire to create an agency that meets the principles of transparency, trust, experience and performance.

Maria Paula Collante, consultante SEO et SEA chez Keyweo

Our vision

We strongly believe that a successful strategy is based on trust, expertise and transparency

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Our priority is your satisfaction. At Keyweo we will do everything possible to reach your performance objectives.

A team of experts

All of our consultants have extensive experience in the field of digital marketing and have the major Google certifications.

Performance targets

Implementing a digital strategy with our consultants will help you grow your business and achieve your goals.

Your confidence is our performance

Our experts have a rich history in their fields of expertise (SEO, Google Ads, etc.) to advise you in a well thought-out manner based on many years of experience. With many successes to their name, our consultants are ready to develop your visibility, and this, in complete transparency! Your trust is our performance.

Pierre Guinsbourg, Directeur des opérations DD Isolation

DD Isolation


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A team of digital marketing experts

Our team of expert consultants in digital marketing is at your disposal to ensure the best possible follow-up of your strategy, each one bringing to the team their skills and experience in the field of SEO to offer you a tailor-made strategy.

Guillaume Bonnard, co-fondateur de Keyweo



Guillaume Peltier, co-fondateur de Keyweo



Romain Proust, consultant SEA chez Keyweo


SEA Consultant

Maria Paula Collante, consultante SEO et SEA chez Keyweo

Maria Paula

SEO & SEA Consultant

Laurine Fontanel, consultante SEO chez Keyweo


SEO Consultant

Ariadna Rodríguez Márquez, consultante SEO et SEA chez Keyweo


SEO & SEA Consultant

Emeran Gainville, consultant SEO chez Keyweo


SEO Consultant

Marjolaine Arjol, consultante SEA chez Keyweo


SEA Consultant

Fleur Guerin, consultante SEO chez Keyweo


SEO Consultant



SEO Consultant

More about Keyweo

Our commitments

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Our history

We have their full confidence.

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