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Are you in the real estate business and want to launch your website in order to develop your clientele?

At Keyweo, real estate SEO experts, we help real estate players to digitalize their offer. If you want to create a high-performance site that reflects your image, we listen to your needs. Our team of experts in real estate SEO advises you on the development of an SEO strategy to enable you to achieve all your objectives. The digitisation of listings in the real estate sector is an increasingly common practice. In the face of increasing competition, improving your visibility on Google is a real advantage that can make a difference, which is why calling on the services of a real estate digital marketing agency can be necessary.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of organic search engine optimization techniques aimed at improving a website’s ranking in Google search results. Implementing an SEO strategy is therefore useful for any real estate business looking to get more leads. It allows you to popularise your offer and widen your range of customers, but also to compete with other businesses that have already established a real estate SEO strategy.

We live in a digital society. Nowadays, any business that wants to gain visibility to attract more customers has to improve its online presence. However, not everyone is an expert in digital marketing. That’s where we come in: our ambition as a digital marketing agency is to help you build a professional website that is customised to your needs, your clientele and the market you are in. So don’t hesitate: let’s build an SEO optimised website together.

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We work with you to create a customized SEO strategy according to your objectives!

Who is SEO in real estate aimed at?

At Keyweo, our teams of real estate SEO experts are used to working with companies in this sector. The world of real estate is a field with specific challenges. To help you with your SEO strategy, a certain expertise is necessary.

Our experience in real estate SEO is a strength. If you are in the real estate industry and are looking to improve your online presence, don’t hesitate: share your project with us!

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In the case of a real estate agency, it is essential to call upon a real estate digital marketing agency to manage your real estate SEO.

All the listings you post must be SEO-friendly and you must ensure that the listings are technically optimised so that they are relevant and reach an interesting position on the SERP.

Our Real Estate SEO services

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

A real estate SEO keyword study is carried out at the start of each SEO project within our real estate digital marketing agency. The aim is to establish the foundations of our collaboration by conducting a study on your SEO and the opportunities to be seized.

Depending on your speciality in real estate, we analyse the positioning of your organic keywords and those of your competitors in search engines. This essential step allows us to establish the strategic pages to create on your site to boost your positioning and reach the top positions on Google. Our real estate SEO experts analyse the keywords that attract traffic and those likely to improve your conversion rate, and therefore your turnover. We don’t try to be like everyone else, but to differentiate your site with quality and relevant content.

SEO Audit

Is your site performing well and optimised for real estate SEO? This is a question that is difficult to answer without having carried out a complete SEO audit. This analytical approach aims to identify the internal problems of your site’s pages: poor architecture, duplicate content, overly heavy images, etc. The goal is to eliminate potential obstacles to launch your SEO strategy on a solid foundation.

Our consultants, real estate SEO professionals, ensure that your site complies with Google’s criteria. With the help of analysis tools such as Screaming Frog, OnCrawl or Google Search Console, we detect technical problems and analyse the effectiveness of your website. We also make sure that your website is user-friendly and above all responsive by adapting to all types of mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). The main objective here is to enhance the user experience on your site to encourage purchases. This stage is generally combined with keyword research to ensure that your site is relevant and above all provides added value in the eyes of Internet users.

Création de site internet immobilier

Creation of a real estate website

The web is an acquisition channel to be explored if you wish to develop your reputation on a larger scale. To establish yourself in a market as competitive as real estate, the creation of a high-performance website is a major opportunity. Whether you are an estate agent, a notary or an architect, promote your services and products with a ready-to-use solution. In order to make life easier for real estate agents, promoters and salesmen, we develop your showcase site to present your services but also the properties to rent or buy.

Choice of theme, page design, creation of optimised content, our consultants take care of the entire creation of the site. Improve your online visibility with the targeting of a selected audience thanks to your website optimised by our digital marketing agency.

Création de contenu thématisé

Creation of thematic content

Keeping a website alive with regular content is essential if you want to rank on Google. However, writing content with no specific intention is not the right way to go. When working on your SEO strategy, you need to establish precisely the strategic content that will boost your traffic. Forget about copying and pasting content and opt for original and unique SEO real estate texts.

At Keyweo, we support you in your editorial strategy by identifying the queries to work on your site. Blog articles, pages presenting your services, real estate guide, each content must target a specific keyword. Based on an in-depth keyword study, we list the topics your target users are looking for. Then comes the writing stage. Once again, our experts at our real estate SEO agency will provide you with quality content with a vocabulary specific to the real estate sector to promote your business. If you have a multilingual real estate website, our team of SEO writers will translate your content (French, English, Spanish) to position you internationally.

Boost your agency’s SEO by entrusting the writing of your content to our experts!

Stratégie Link Building

Link building strategy

Google is a demanding search engine that judges the relevance of your site and the quality of the content you provide. Optimising your site with SEO content is only one part of your SEO strategy that you need to work on. The other part is link building.

This marketing technique is primarily aimed at improving the popularity of your site in the eyes of Google. By creating quality links that point to your site, you are telling Google that your site is worth promoting. But beware, link building is a double-edged sword. This practice requires a high level of control to avoid being penalised by Google and losing positions.

Within our agency, we have developed powerful tools to develop your netlinking strategy. The acquisition of links on sites dedicated to Real Estate aims to improve your positions and generate new sales opportunities.

Suivi SEO personnalisé

Personalized SEO follow-up

An effective SEO strategy requires long-term work. This is why we offer SEO follow-ups to each of our clients to accompany them on a daily basis in the development of their online real estate project.

In order to offer you a personalised and above all adapted follow-up, our SEO experts are at your disposal to develop a website in your image. We put our expertise and know-how in Digital Marketing at your service to reflect your desires on your website. You too can develop your SEO skills with the expert advice of our consultants.

A doubt? A question? You have a single point of contact for the follow-up of your project.

Good SEO practices in real estate

Optimise the user experience of your site

Optimise the user experience of your site

Ensuring a good UX on your website is essential in the real estate business if you want to gain new customers. This means optimising the speed of your pages, the internal linking, your images...

Make your website responsive

Make your website responsive

Nowadays, the majority of users conduct their searches via their phone. It is therefore essential to make your site mobile friendly in order to move up in the SERP.

Choose your keywords according to the search intention of the Internet users

Make sure that your chosen keywords correspond to what Internet users are looking for, both in content and in form.

Adapting your site to voice search

Voice control is becoming increasingly popular with search engines, especially with the development of voice assistants like Alexa. It is therefore important to adapt your website to this development, focusing on voice searches carried out by users in the real estate sector.

Writing quality content

Make sure your content is both rich and high quality, to make your website relevant to search engines and users.

Structure your website well

Make sure that the navigation of the property listings is smooth and understandable by referencing your data well. Also create geo-located pages.

The different real estate SEO tools