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Do you have a website and want to make it your main acquisition channel?

Have you tried many Content Management Systems (CMS) and are not sure if it suits your needs? Have you opted for the HubSpot CMS but don’t know the pros and cons of it? You lack the time and skills to manage this optimisation? Would you like to be advised by an agency specialising in search engine optimisation?

Our agency Keyweo is specialised in natural search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search engine optimisation (SEA). We guarantee real results both in terms of your positioning on search engines such as Google, and in terms of lead acquisition. Because the two are linked, we are committed to putting in place a maximum of resources to enable you to boost your visibility and increase your sales. From the study of keywords in your sector, to your monthly follow-up, through the implementation of a real SEO strategy… we offer a 360° service.

Thanks to our experience in the field and our hundreds of clients in different markets, we are now experts in search engine optimization.

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Increase the visibility of your Hubspot site

You want to optimize your site on HubSpot, but don't know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up!

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There are a multitude of Content Management Systems (CMS) in France and abroad. In recent years, these systems have been popularised, becoming ever more efficient and accessible. Open source is in the limelight, as is free software too… everything is being done to stand out from the competition!

The HubSpot CMS was created by the company HubSpot, which sells numerous software solutions for marketing, sales and customer service. Launched some fifteen years ago in the United States, this content creation system stands out in particular for its desire to offer tools to improve the customer experience and help businesses grow. Its objective is to help optimise websites to make them real SEO weapons and lead generation tools.

You can find on this CMS, various plugins and extensions, facilitating the creation of templates for your pages, the indexation on search engines and the acquisition of leads. Numerous tools to help create conversion tunnels are also available. HubSpot is ideal for everything related to conversion, revenue growth, and more, all in one package.

Who is Hubspot for?

Through our years of experience as an SEO/SEA agency, we’ve already had the opportunity to work on client sites using the HubSpot content management system. Many of these clients wanted to be able to track the progress of their lead acquisition strategy and get help with it. These clients were, more often than not, B2B companies looking to boost their visibility and sales.

E-commerce sites

Multilingual sites

Multilingual sites

Showcase sites

Companies in the process of digitalisation

Companies in the process of digitalisation

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In our opinion, all brands that aim to make their website a marketing and lead generation weapon should use HubSpot. With its integrated modules, optimised for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the CMS is perfect for launching a digital marketing strategy.

Hubspot's strengths

You don’t know which CMS to use to create your website. Hubspot is a CMS that offers many features, and focuses on the UX of a website. Discover its various advantages.

HubSpot was designed to be a complete tool, and as such, it has search engine optimisation tools as part of its content management solution.

The tools that the CMS provides allow for monitoring and advice on the best practices to follow for an optimised content and SEO strategy. In particular, the system provides advice on positioning on the right keywords and provides regular competitor analyses. It is also possible to manage the themes of your content by following a "topic cluster" strategy, aided by the HubSpot solution.

The tool also has a responsive section that helps you optimise your content for different formats. In the age of mobile-first, it is necessary to have an adapted mobile and tablet version. The advantage of this feature on HubSpot is that it automatically creates optimised versions, which you don't have to go through.

The HubSpot content management system is also well known and stands out for its numerous tools for converting leads into customers. All the elements necessary for acquiring new customers are available on the CMS.

Among the modules offered by the system, we find Calls-to-Action, Landings pages but also an integrated smart content component and chatbots.

HubSpot is the first and only one to have a combined CMS and CMR, which offers the opportunity to create and modify a website according to the user experience. From a user's first visit to the website, to the various interactions, this system is currently the only one that brings all your content together in one platform.

This is made possible by the use of Calls to Actions and dozens of features that allow access to the information we usually have through a CRM, namely: the user's place in the customer journey, their location, where they are coming from and what device they are connecting from.

Unlike many other CMS, HubSpot focuses on the dynamism of a site. It makes it possible to modify and adapt information to an individual visitor. This allows messages to be conveyed in a dynamic and personalised way.

Content personalisation also makes our content and marketing messages more real and human.

To make the tool as independent as possible, HubSpot wanted to provide a lot of features that complement what the CMS offers. There are hundreds of editable templates, for maximum originality in the creation of the site.

The total number of modules offered by the content management system is such that it is one of the best-equipped solutions, and at an affordable price.

If you are already familiar with the role that a content management system should have, you will know that it is essential for one of these tools to be reliable, fast and secure. Because a good website is not just beautiful, it must have a solid foundation, in which all the technical points are optimised.

HubSpot is said to be reliable, not least because the system has ensured that the servers do not crash the website. If there is a problem with your website, another server in the tool will automatically take over so that your site is maintained and no traffic and SEO efforts are lost.

The CMS is also one of the fastest since the data from the integrated host is all put into a CDN, which is a network of servers with the objective of optimising the transmission of content. The implementation of a content delivery network thus makes it possible to reinforce security and accelerate the loading time of your website.

Finally, as previously explained, the HubSpot CMS has, thanks to the CDN, an architecture that allows it to be more secure than other content management systems on the market. For more security around the data on your websites, the CMS also has an SSL certificate.

Hubspot's weaknesses

It is essential to take into account the weak points of a CMS when choosing a platform to use for the creation of your website, so discover the weak points of the Hubspot CMS.

If one were to find areas of improvement for this content management system, one of them would be the price. Unlike other CMS such as WordPress, Magento or PrestaShop, HubSpot does not have a free package for its services.

However, the price remains largely affordable for small businesses wishing to launch their website, shop window or e-commerce. They will have to pay around €280 per month to have access to the many features of the CMS. For even more analysis tools and help in converting leads into customers, there is also a more expensive "Enterprise" version.

For being a CMS oriented towards commerce and lead generation, Hubspot has a lot of limitations related to e-commerce. The content management system has a poor handle of user authentication, credit card processing, and data extraction.

Fortunately, various extensions can be added to the solution to counter this drawback. These extensions, which are technically much more powerful than the CMS, allow you to add elements such as a shopping cart for customers and have them make a purchase directly via your website.

One of the distinguishing features of the HubSpot solution is the fact that it was designed by marketing professionals who wanted to improve conversion. To develop the software, they made the CMS independent of a maximum number of external tools, including the usual hosting providers. Hubspot thus stands out from other CMS by the fact that it has its own host.

While this feature is well intentioned, there is a major drawback to this. Having its own host, the content management system is only compatible with sites hosted by its own. For this reason, although very efficient, Hubspot often loses its appeal for companies that already have an external host and simply wish to use the functionalities of the CMS specialising in conversion.

Our SEO services for Hubspot CMS

Étude de mots clés

Keyword study

If you would like to use our services to optimise the use of your CMS, whether it is Hubspot or one of its competitors, you should know that we follow several key steps. To guarantee maximum results, and quickly, we start by carrying out a complete study of the keywords on which your company must position itself.

To do this analysis, we look at the most used keywords in your sector, inspect your competitors’ pages and imitate their strategy. Thanks to our experience and specialised SEO tools, we draw up a complete table of around one hundred keywords to work on. Then, from this information, we think about strategic page titles as well as a complete editorial plan, to plan your content over the following months.

Technical SEO audit

Then comes another essential step to be correctly ranked on search engines: the technical audit. This audit allows us to optimise the technical and performance part of your website. We check that all the criteria taken into account by Google’s robots are being met and that your website works well enough to offer a quality user experience. Thanks to this technical analysis, we promise you a fast indexation on search engines and make your website SEO-friendly.

Optimisation du CMS

Optimisation of the Hubspot CMS

Our agency, which specialises in free and paid search engine optimisation, already has a hundred clients to its name. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are now experts in the optimisation of the various CMS on the market and are committed to configuring and maximising your use of HubSpot.

Although the content management system is designed so that anyone can use it, it is always better to use a professional agency to help you manage your CMS.

Création de contenu optimisé

Optimised content writing

In the SEO follow-up phase that we offer to all our clients, you will receive a number of SEO optimised pieces of content each month. This content is usually written in-house by our various web writers, who are specialised in various sectors thanks to their extensive experience. All the pages and articles written can also be translated internally by our multilingual teams (Spanish, French, Italian, English…).

In order to write SEO-optimised content, our writers use the keyword study previously carried out for the client company to find out which keyword to position themselves on and which semantic cocoon to create within the text itself.

Stratégie Link Building


An SEO strategy is based on three main pillars: technique, content and visibility. We ensure the technical part with the various studies and the technical audit, the content by writing optimised pages and articles and the visibility by setting up a netlinking strategy.

Netlinking represents all the links pointing to your website. The idea is to show search engines like Google that you are an expert in your field and that other people are talking about you and recommending you. Having quality links pointing to your website allows you to quickly move up the search engine results pages.

FAQ et questions fréquentes

Dedicated SEO consultant

Throughout our collaboration, our agency focuses on good communication and customer relations. All of our consultants are very attentive and are experts in their field. We exclusively choose people who speak several languages to enable you to speak your native language. Whether it is French, English, Spanish or Italian, our agency is internationally oriented and wishes to offer you a unique and high quality service.

Hubspot, a complete and SEO friendly CMS

To help you with your SEO strategy, it is essential to find the right plugins for your CMS. Optimising your images, redirecting your pages, improving the speed of your pages, there are many elements to take into account, as well as plugins that allow you to manage these different points. Discover the plugins we work with, and benefit from our expertise in managing them.

We have their full confidence.

The SEO Agency that improves your site Hubspot

You want to optimize your site on Hubspot, but don't know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up!

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