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Conquer the French market with an expert SEO agency

With experienced native speakers, we are able to support you in your SEO visibility strategy in France.

SEO France
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Managing international SEO projects is in our DNA

Launched in Barcelona by two Frenchmen, Keyweo’s DNA was always very international. We have gradually built up a team of native digital marketing experts capable of undertaking sophisticated international SEO projects.

Why trust us with your SEO in France?

A French DNA

A French DNA

Created by two Frenchmen living abroad, the agency's core is French. Other French and international consultants quickly joined the agency to make it even more international and experienced.

Extensive experience in French SEO

Due to the history of the agency and the experience of our various consultants, we have a vast knowledge of the French SEO market, which is already well developed and particularly competitive.

An international background

Taking advantage of an international environment and working in many markets, we are able to adapt the best strategies to conquer the French market.

The most used search engines in France

Source : Similarweb, Décembre 2022

Search Google
Search Bing
Search Ecosia

An international SEO team

At Keyweo, our teams speak at least two languages, with English as a base. So you’re guaranteed to have someone who speaks the language you need.

Seo Anglais
SEO Neerlandais
Seo Allemagne
SEO Italie
Seo Espagne

An SEO pre-audit?

Ask now for your SEO pre-audit or market analysis to know the areas for development.

They trust us in their international strategy

An SEO agency able to operate throughout France

SEO Paris

SEO Agency Paris

SEO Lyon

SEO Agency Lyon

SEO Bordeaux

SEO Agency Bordeaux

SEO Nantes

SEO Agency Nantes

SEO Marseille

SEO Agency Marseille

SEO Strasbourg

SEO Agency Strasbourg

SEO Montpellier

SEO Agency Montpellier

SEO Toulouse

SEO Agency Toulouse

Keyweo, your partner agency for French SEO

France, a country where the SEO market is well established

SEO in France is already quite advanced and, depending on the subject matter, the competition can use advanced techniques.

And for good reason, many people use search engines in France to find products or services that meet their demands, which translates into significant potential turnover.

In terms of search engines, Google is by far the most used with over 93% of the market share. Bing is second with just under 4% of the market.

Developing your online visibility via SEO in the French market is an opportunity to take advantage of a powerful and sustainable acquisition channel.

Our agency’s DNA is French and our team is made up of native speakers with a wealth of experience in SEO

Why improve your SEO in France?

France is a country with a particularly developed SEO, online search, and e-commerce.
Being visible online and ranked on your strategic keywords will allow you to develop your online business thanks to an effective and sustainable acquisition channel.
Here are some advantages of doing SEO in France:
  • Development of brand visibility 
  • Better SEO positioning 
  • Acquisition of qualified traffic
  • Growth of online sales
  • Attractive long-term return on investment

Boost your Visibility

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