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Your SEO agency in Barcelona

Do you want to increase the visibility of your business? Overtake your competitors and position yourself first in Google search results?

Don’t wait any longer and trust an SEO agency based in Barcelona to dominate your market.

Pierre Guinsbourg, Directeur des opérations DD Isolation

DD Isolation


of additional SEO clicks

David Schneuwly, Villanovo



of additional monthly visits 

Short term rental Barcelona 320 3
Barcelona districts 260 3
apartment rental agency Barcelona 170 4
Barcelona apartments for rent short term 30 4
rental agency Barcelona 30 4
nie permanent 20 1
KEYWORD Position of our client
Short term rental Barcelona 3
Barcelona districts 3
apartment rental agency Barcelona 4
Barcelona apartments for rent short term 4
rental agency Barcelona 4
nie permanent 1

* The figures shown are the result of 1 1/2 years of collaboration between the client and Keyweo

Why launch an SEO strategy?

When you develop a project, it is more than necessary to increase its notoriety. Today, the internet allows many businesses to stand out and thrive. But for that, it is important to understand the different issues and find the best strategies adapted to your business. This is where natural referencing comes in. With more than 6.9 billion searches per day on Google, it is essential today to considerably improve its positioning in Google results.

Having good visibility on the internet and appearing first in Google search results will allow you to increase the number of people visiting your site. To get there and increase your traffic, you have to understand the fundamentals of SEO and work on your SEO techniques over the long term. An increase in traffic goes through the creation of quality content for the reader on the one hand and the Google robot on the other, which will decide, based on your work, whether or not to put you forward. You will also have to work hard on the popularity of your site by obtaining quality links and finally ensuring that your site is technically adapted to Google's requirements.

Determining the keywords on which you should position yourself is the first step done upstream by SEO consultants. Targeting the major searches in your field of activity will allow you to create the best content that will be likely to interest your future prospects. Who says new prospects, says the increase in your turnover. So the more you increase your revenue, the more you will be able to grow your business. 

Investing in SEO performance support is an interesting choice since it allows you to gradually increase your results. Indeed, the benefits related to this investment are seen in the long term, but unlike SEA, natural referencing does not require additional costs and above all, you will remain positioned even when you stop investing. Therefore, by adopting a sustainable strategy, you are not immune to a considerable increase in leads, which is not to displease you.

A team of SEO experts at the service of your business in Barcelona

In our team, each consultant has a unique path that led him to SEO. Thanks to this diversity of profiles, Keyweo offers you a very varied panel of knowledge and skills. So don’t wait any longer, and contact us now to request your free pre-audit!

Our SEO services for your Barcelona business

Étude de mots clés

Keyword research

In order to better establish your strategy and organize the creation of content on certain topics related to your activity. It is essential to carry out a keyword study upstream. For this, our consultants rely on a well-established and proven methodology using tools such as Semrush and tools that we have developed ourselves. At the end of this process, your consultant will be able to present to you in detail all your opportunities and prioritize them.

SEO technical audit​

Before launching your SEO strategy, we carry out a technical audit of your website. As a result, we note the technical problems that need to be corrected in order to better anticipate the work to be done. Software such as Screaming Frog or Google tools are the best assets to analyze the problems of your site. Once these have been determined, with the help of your technical team, our consultants immediately correct the faults by prioritizing them in order of importance. Now that your site is completely updated, we can start writing content…

Optimisation du CMS

Creating your site structure

Now that we know which keywords we are going to build your strategy on, we can imagine an optimized site structure. Indeed, depending on the keywords to be processed, a common thread must be developed to direct the creation of the pages and subsequently optimize them. To do this, an editorial content plan must be carried out by prioritizing each page according to the difficulty of positioning yourself and your business priority.

Création de contenu optimisé

Optimized content writing

To gain visibility and position yourself in the first Google search results, it is important to create optimized content that meets the expectations of the Internet user. Therefore, integrating a lot of content into your site allows you to position yourself on major keywords. However, creating content is not enough, it must be optimized! Indeed, several codes must be respected to create good optimized content such as: respecting Hn tags, inserting optimized images, adding internal links, etc. Count on our editors to concoct the best content adapted to your strategy.

Stratégie Link Building


To increase the notoriety of your site, it is important to deploy a netlinking strategy. The latter consists of creating so-called “external” links, that is to say links from other websites to yours. In this way, you increase the SEO and credibility of your site. Our consultants then aim to find the most relevant sites on which to position links that are efficient and adapted to SEO codes.  

Accompagnement technique

Technical support

At Keyweo, we support our clients from the analysis to the processing of the SEO strategy. After having noted the main points on which to work, we take charge of the realization of the referencing techniques to bring within your activity. Rest assured, each action performed is explained to you by one of our consultants in great detail. Thus, you follow the evolution of the referencing of your website using a professional and explicit follow-up. In this way, we guarantee the results for which you trust us, and you are fully involved in the SEO process. 

Seguimiento de los resultados con un panel de control SEO

Managing your results with an SEO dashboard

At the beginning of your SEO support, we set up a tool to monitor your results: Google Data Studio. Connected to your main data sources, it will allow us to measure together the evolution of your main SEO indicators.

FAQ et questions fréquentes

An SEO consultant at your service

When we start a project together, an SEO consultant from our agency is assigned to you. Indeed, the latter’s role is to explain the strategy put in place to position you first in the search results. Fully attentive to your needs, your consultant accompanies you and cooperates hand in hand with your team to best meet your expectations. Being a Keyweo customer means having a fully personalized and efficient follow-up. 

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Why work with our SEO agency in Barcelona?

Several reasons can push a company to call on an SEO agency. Indeed, you may offer a complete and innovative offer, if no one sees it, then no one will buy it. However, today, many tools allow you to gain visibility on the internet. 

Trusting our Keyweo agency means understanding the benefits and opportunities of using SEO in your business. In addition, you benefit from a technical audit of your site to analyze the problems to be solved so that downstream, the optimization of the latter is efficient. In addition, we are fortunate to have a caring and operational team that knows how to meet customer expectations. 

How to choose the right SEO agency for your business in Barcelona?

Choose an agency that has a team with experience in its field of activity. In this way, you are assured of receiving quality support that will enable you to achieve your objectives. In addition, the consultants will share with you their knowledge gained over the last few years. It will then be much easier for you to understand the strategies to put in place to optimize your website.

In order to choose your agency, it is necessary that you have established a budget beforehand. However, depending on the proposals that may be made to you, do not be prohibitive. Indeed, if an agency offers you a support fee that is higher than your basic budget, but that has convinced you in view of its mastery of the subject, don't hesitate a second longer.

To help you make your final decision, it may be worth looking at client references. Often, these reviews are quite indicative of the agencies' work.

reunion team keyweo

The philosophy of our SEO agency

Our agency aims to meet your expectations as best as possible in order to bring you consistent results. We make a point of honor to the quality of the services we offer. Our team works diligently to ensure that your website appears in the top positions of Google searches. 

So, if you want to work with motivated, caring people who know SEO perfectly, make an appointment now with Keyweo, and ask for your free pre-audit !

The cities we operate in

Seo agency Barcelona
Seo agency Madrid
Seo agency Seville 
Seo agency Valencia 
Seo agency Granada

The Best SEO Agencies in Barcelona

If you want to develop your visibility on the internet and integrate SEO into this process, here is a non-exhaustive list of agencies specializing in this area in Barcelona:

Romain Proust, consultant SEA chez Keyweo


At Keyweo, our areas of expertise are SEO and SEA, we support all types of businesses in their digital growth.


Atomic is a Barcelona-based agency that performs online marketing campaigns aimed at maximizing results, increasing traffic and increasing conversions. They are experts in strengthening the referencing of a project, thus multiplying the visibility of its customers.

Monster Digital Agency

Monster Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency which is formed by a young and solvent team of online marketers. At Monster Digital, they specialize in the main areas of digital marketing: SEO positioning, Google Ads (SEM) and Social campaigns.

Peter Lead

Peter Lead is a digital marketing agency specialized in SEO and SEM based in particular in Barcelona. She helps businesses grow in the digital environment, improving their online presence and increasing sales across all digital channels to maximize profitability.


Eskimoz is a fast-growing SEO agency established in 2010 specializing in organic search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) services. Its mission is to offer a global and sustainable solution adapted to the specificities of its clients’ projects.


BIGSEO is a Barcelona-based agency that aims to generate business for its clients. As an agency specializing in digital marketing, it uses SEO and SEM techniques. BIGSEO stands for passion, creativity, effort, teamwork and success.

Looking for an SEO agency for your projects in Barcelona

Are you a company based in Barcelona, do you want to gain visibility? Increase in performance? Generate more traffic and leads? Do not hesitate to tell us about your project so that we can discuss it in more detail.

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