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Google Search Console Guide: Data Analysis and Technical SEO Reporting

Google Search Console can be a very valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their online visibility through SEO. Whether it is to measure the results and performance of your site in Google or to find technical improvements, Google provides a lot of useful information through this tool. A real toolkit for any SEO or webmaster, let’s discover its different features.

Attention: it is important to know how to differentiate between Google Analytics and Google Search Console which are complementary but very different.

Part 1: Set up and configuration

Add a GSC property

Google Search Console / Analytics login

Sharing access

Part 2: SEO performance

Important KPIs

Graphs and tables


Part 3: Coverage and indexing

(coming soon)

Part 4: Speed and UX

(coming soon)

Part 5: Other features

(coming soon)

Boost your Visibility

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