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SEA expert : What is it ?

An SEA expert or Google Ads consultant is a digital marketing professional specialized in the creation and implementation of ads on Google.

Its main role is to define the actions to be deployed in order to give as much visibility as possible to its customers through paid campaigns. Thanks to the strategy he sets up and the analysis he shows, the SEA consultant can allow you to quickly increase your performance and ensure you a place on the first page on Google.


Why work with an Adwords expert?

With more than 10 years of experience, our main objective is to ensure that your campaigns are profitable. As Adwords experts, we work with you building the SEO strategy to be deployed according to your specific expectations, as well as defining the budget required to achieve them. From campaign implementation to conversion cost management and auction management, the Google Ads expert configures a customized action plan with quantifiable results. We create reports for you to see how your campaigns are progressing and analyze the results on a daily basis.

With well-run campaigns, you can quickly optimize your visibility on Google and generate more leads or conversions.

Do you want to boost the visibility of your website ?

Our Adwords experts will assist you in implementing a 100% customized SEA strategy that meets your business objectives.

Our service in 4 steps

1. Defining your objectives
It is essential to take stock of your objectives and define together if they are achievable. At Keyweo, our SEA experts are totally transparent and always support you towards the most efficient solution according to your budget.
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2. Creating of your optimized campaigns
Setting up a high-performance Adwords account requires advanced technical knowledge and a certain rigour. During the set up phase, our SEA experts prepare a very fine breakdown of your account in order to segment your campaigns as effectively as possible and reach your target directly by displaying the ad and page that match to it.
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3. Optimizing our work
Optimizing an Adwords account profitability is a long-term task. To guarantee you the best result, our Adwords experts regularly optimize your ads, negative keywords, auction adjustments or even your landings pages...
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4. Analysis of the results
Analysing your campaigns and their impact is one of the major focuses of our work. To satisfy your objectives, we measure performance in the short and mid-term in order to best adjust the paid search engine optimization strategy implemented. We test dozens of ads and adjust the keywords to use based on the results analyzed.

Our areas of expertise

Our Adwords consultants have a wide range of skills to offer you in order to develop your business to the maximum according to your requirements.

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SEA audit

At Keyweo, we want to offer a customized service. To do so, we adapt ourselves to your request and also to the tools you already have at your disposal. We can manage a complete set-up of Adwords campaigns as well as audit those you already had set up and work to improve their results. The SEA audit allows us to identify the modifications to be made to your existing campaigns in order to optimize their performance.

We analyse the work already done and determine the measures to be taken to meet your requirements.

A dedicated SEA consultant

An SEA consultant will assist you in the management of your Google Ads campaigns from the very first moments of our collaboration. The purpose of this close collaboration is to put the Adwords specialist’s skills at the service of your company, which is only possible by combining your level of expertise in your field with ours. This teamwork means for us the key to maximizing the results of your campaigns.

With more than 10 years of experience in customer acquisition, the goal of our consultants is the same as yours: to guide you towards achieving your objectives.


Qualified experts

Our SEA specialists are Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified and recertify themselves every 3 semesters. Reviewing the certificate on an ad hoc basis allows us to maintain our level of expertise and to advise you as best as possible in your Google advertising efforts.

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