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Thanks to SEA, Garance & Moi has managed to double its volume of customers




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Garance&Moi is a consultancy dedicated to career development for women, offering coaching and training.


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A digital project, a question?


Garance&Moi is an agency dedicated to women’s careers. Garance&Moi is made up of certified coaches and trainers with expertise in skills assessment and career transition. Their expertise: supporting women in their professional career development to achieve greater fulfilment.


In a highly competitive environment, Garance&Moi’s Google Ads campaigns were generating a lot of leads, but unfortunately too few were qualified. Many of the leads generated were at the beginning of the sales funnel, so the sales team was spending a lot of time on prospects who weren’t ready to take action. The profitability of this acquisition channel was not good, so we had to improve the quality of the leads as quickly as possible and thus the prospect-to-customer conversion rate.


We restructured the account, optimised the list of keywords to target, updated the ads and added ad extensions.

We also integrated more data into Google Ads by consolidating the tracking of interactions (Offline Conversion Tracking) and adding more precise audiences (prospect lists, customer lists, visitors, etc.).

Finally, by monitoring the competition and working regularly on keyword exclusions, we have been able to increase the volume of warm leads, with a better cost of acquisition and improved profitability.

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