Sell your website

If you own a domain name or a website and you want to sell it, we might be interested in buying it.

If you have created a blog on a subject that you are passionate about, to earn money or simply to train yourself in web mastering and website creation, it may happen that at some point, you want to sell your blog.

Selling your blog: to give it a second life

After spending a lot of time on your website, with the joys and sorrows that this can bring, and you don’t want to abandon it completely and lose everything, why not sell it?

Indeed, the beginnings are always promising with the traffic that increases, the partnerships that develop, and the first euros earned, but in the long term, it can be more complicated with the decrease in motivation, the traffic that stagnates or even decreases, and a precious time to spend on the maintenance of the site.

If you have created something that you are proud of, with traffic, and quality articles, you might want to consider selling your blog. This can allow you to pay back the costs of its maintenance (hosting, etc.) but also to get some money back from a project that took you time and that you care about.

And this is what we want to offer you!

We buy your website

Please fill in the following form and provide us with as much information as possible (expected price, traffic, partnerships, technology, etc.). We will check some data with our tools and then we will contact you to ask for more information.

We are interested in all themes, in particular: travel, real estate, childcare, B2B. We are interested in sites in French, English, and Spanish.

If you wish to discuss with us the purchase of your site, you can do so by filling out the following form: