Website creation

Why it is important for you to have a website

A website is an important lever to attract prospects and also inform your customers . Whether it is a showcase website, an association, a corporate, an e-commerce website or a professional blog, it is crucial for your brand image and your web communication. Using an agency such as Keyweo to design or redesign your professional website ensures you a good structure designed for the comfort of users as well as the good reading of search engine robots.

A well-designed website can be a key tool to achieve your conversion objectives. To do this, it is not only a matter of a careful design but also a multitude of technical details to be taken into consideration and respected in order to give the best visibility to your website.

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A website thought to be efficient

Keyweo being a web agency composed of SEO experts and a technical team, we develop websites that reflect your brand while respecting the technical constraints imposed by search engines. This meticulous website building, not only technically efficient but also relevant in terms of content and well thought out in terms of UX, allows you to maximize your chances of quickly obtaining good SEO results.


Different types of websites

The websites we develop are mainly produced on WordPress CMS for generic websites and on Prestashop for commercial sites. We discuss with you the graphic charter for a final rendering that will represent your company as you wish. We can create a completely customized website, according to your expectations and needs. We design the site's architecture so that its use may be as intuitive as possible for your users and optimizes the chances of conversion, in other words, your visitors performing the action you are expecting on your site (ordering, registration, contacting… etc.).

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Showcase website
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Our services

mobile Adwords
Ergonomic website
We ensure an intuitive website with an easy navigation.
A website reflecting your image
Creation of a website in accordance with your visual identity and graphic charter.
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SEO Optimization
We think about the good SEO of your website at each building step.
Mot clés
Our websites are all designed to ensure your safety and the one of your users.
google shoping
Mobile compatibility
All of our websites are built in responsive design, compatible with all types of media.
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Browser compatibility
We develop websites compatible with the various existing browsers.
Courbe d'analyses
Analysis tools
We set up tools to track visits and statistics related to your website.
Autonomy and freedom
You are trained in the use of the CMS and are the sole owner of the entire website and its components.
etude mots clés
Monitoring and transparency
We remain available and at your disposal in case of any need or questions.

Our support

Keyword research

We use different keyword analysis tools to perform an advanced research for the words and phrases most likely to drive traffic to your website. It is in particular thanks to these different researches that we can then think about the architecture of your website and imagine a content that is relevant for your users and optimized for SEO

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Training courses

In order to guarantee your autonomy in the use and modeling of your website, we offer a training course to familiarize yourself with the site administrator area. We offer this training online or physically and guarantee that you will then be able to make the changes you want by yourself.

Depending on your needs, we can offer you different types of services related to the online visibility of your business, from writing SEO optimized content to using Google Adwords.


A maintenance option is available in case you would like our help with the integration of new content or technical settings for your website. This can include SEO optimizations, adding features or overall support in the development of your website as well as recommendations and advices to achieve your objectives.


Contact us

Do you have any questions about creating your website? Do you need a professional advice?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. We accept all types of requests and offer a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs, in complete transparency.

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Our achievements

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