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Conquer new markets with a SEA International Agency

We currently operate in nearly 12 different markets and will be able to help you with your expansion strategy.

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Managing international SEA projects is in our DNA

In February 2018, two French entrepreneurs, Guillaume and Guillaume, joined forces to bring to life an ambitious project: the creation of a digital marketing agency. Right from the start, they infused their company with an international dimension by integrating consultants native to various countries, placing SEA expertise at the core of its DNA.

In 2020, the clearing of the horizon materialized with the opening of Keyweo’s offices in Barcelona, thus confirming its unique positioning as an international SEA agency. Thanks to this diversity, we are able to manage multiple languages and markets with perfect expertise, offering our clients an undeniable competitive advantage on the local and even global stage.

A team of SEA experts

Keyweo’s SEA consultants, experts in their field and proficient in at least two languages, including English, go beyond mere linguistic communication. Their deep understanding of various cultures enables them to tailor ads to each cultural audience, ensuring a targeted and adapted approach.

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Why entrust us with your International SEA

Keyweo’s SEA consultants, representing a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, bring together years of experience in international SEA. This unique fusion gives us an in-depth understanding of each market, allowing us to design sharp advertising campaigns tailored to a multitude of contexts, for optimal results. How? Let us explain.

A consultant in your language

Collaborating with an international SEA agency allows businesses to engage multilingual consultants. This linguistic diversity ensures smooth communication in the client's language, fostering a precise understanding of their needs. Consequently, managing SEA campaigns becomes more efficient, ensuring relevant results and optimal ROI.

A global strategy for local actions

Adapting campaigns to the regulatory and legal frameworks of each country is essential. A customized paid search strategy not only ensures compliance with local laws but also optimizes the effectiveness of ads in various regulatory contexts, thus ensuring full compliance and maximum advertising performance.

A deep understanding of the markets

Excelling in international SEA campaigns requires a deep understanding of linguistic, cultural subtleties, and consumption behaviors specific to each market. This expertise enables the crafting of captivating advertising messages, ensuring an authentic connection with the target audience and maximized advertising performance.

A SEA pre-audit ?

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They trust us with their international strategy

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Our methodology

Our international SEA agency aims to ensure close collaboration and constant adaptation, aiming to help you achieve and surpass your goals.

Definition of objectives and scope

During our first meeting, we define the scope of actions, identify the levers to activate and establish the objectives.

Analysis of the current situation

This step involves a thorough analysis of your current situation, evaluating the actions taken, tracking, market conditions and competition to guide our strategy.

Semantic study

We conduct a comprehensive semantic study to guide us in identifying the most relevant keywords for your business.

Account structuring

Next, we will structure your account taking into account your keywords, channels, and objectives defined earlier, ensuring optimal management to maximize results.


We also facilitate the implementation of effective tracking to monitor your campaigns and optimize your budget.

Landing Pages

We also intervene in optimizing your landing pages to effectively meet the expectations of internet users.

Operational deployment

Once ready, we launch the campaigns and proceed with continuous adjustments to increase performance.

Reporting of results

The final step involves regular reporting, allowing us to track progress and the implementation of actions.

Our preferred markets

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What are the pillars of a good International SEA?

Strategic keyword research and selection

In the world of SEA, thorough research and meticulous keyword selection are essential pillars to successfully reach your target audience. It’s much more than just a list of keywords. Imagine a strategy where each selected keyword becomes a call to action, a key that unlocks doors to better return on investment.

We delve into the core of the expressions used by your audience through our understanding of linguistic subtleties, dialectal variations, and search behaviors specific to each market. From Paris to London, from Madrid to Washington, the goal of our international SEA agency is to connect you with your target audience in a deep and meaningful way.

Contenu dupliqué

That’s where the power of our approach lies, a fusion between linguistic precision, cultural sensitivity, and an incessant quest to identify terms that resonate authentically with your audience.

Réalisation d'un cocon sémantique

Cultural adaptation and localization

Our approach to cultural adaptation and localization goes far beyond simply translating advertising texts. By avoiding literal translations, we reshape each text to seamlessly integrate into a specific culture or language while preserving the essence of the message. We ensure optimal adaptation of your brand message, faithfully reflecting the values, norms, and expectations of each target culture to maximize its impact. This customization extends to visuals, calls to action (CTAs), and even promotional offers, ensuring a perfect fit with local preferences.

As an international SEA agency, our goal is to create a deep connection with your audience by transforming every aspect of your advertising campaign into a local, influential, and memorable experience. Join us for an immersion where customization goes beyond words, shaping an advertising experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

Optimized bid and budget management

As a leading international SEA agency, Keyweo understands the importance of dynamic and flexible management of bids and budgets to ensure the success of its clients’ advertising campaigns. We strive to adopt a strategic approach that adapts to the changing conditions of markets and consumer behaviors. To achieve this, we implement automated bidding strategies that adjust bids in real-time based on predefined objectives, past performance, and market signals.

SEO Technique

By carefully monitoring the performance of each campaign through in-depth analysis and relevant KPIs, we can quickly identify emerging trends and optimization opportunities. Additionally, we are committed to proactively adjusting budgets to maximize ROI across various countries and regions, taking into account fluctuations in demand, competition, and consumer preferences.

Do you have a question about your SEA ?

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Your frequently asked question about SEA

An international SEA agency specializes in creating, managing, and optimizing online advertising campaigns to target audiences worldwide, using platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. It helps businesses promote their products or services in various international markets.

Choosing an international SEA agency allows you to benefit from specific expertise in multilingual and multicultural targeting, which is essential for success in diverse markets. It offers a personalized and strategic approach tailored to the specificities of each target market.

The agency employs multilingual specialists and advanced technological tools to create and manage campaigns tailored to each language and market. It conducts in-depth research on local keywords and user behaviors to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Local SEA focuses on promoting businesses to regional or national audiences, while international SEA targets multiple markets worldwide, requiring in-depth knowledge of languages, cultures, and advertising regulations specific to each country.

Success is measured using KPIs such as click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI). The agency also utilizes analytics tools to track performance and adjust campaigns accordingly.

The budget depends on several factors, including the targeted markets, competition in your industry, and campaign objectives. An international SEA agency can help you define a realistic budget based on your expectations and market opportunities.

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