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Rapid evolution and top ranks acquired through an aggressive SEO strategy in a competitive sector


SEO impressions / day


additional SEO clicks


qualified SEO leads / month

Client mystère

Specialist in the sale of luxury goods.


Luxe, e-commerce


France, Belgium


Since 2020

A digital project, a question?

Projet X

Our client operates in a particularly competitive sector: the sale of luxury goods.


Seeking to attract new sellers, while developing its portfolio of buying customers, it was important to find the right marketing solution to meet its needs. Having had his site on WordPress for several months before, its use did not allow the company to reach its SEO objectives.


In order to create a search tool (faceted navigation), we opted for the creation of a custom-made SEO-friendly Keyweo site. The tool integrates many SEO features that are essential to obtain good rankings.

In order to maximise the chances, to help the indexation of the pages and to reinforce the authority of the site in its field of activity, where competition is very high, we have also :

  • Create a lot of content to feed the key strategic pages
  • Develop the popularity of the site with strategic partnerships
  • Continuously work on the technical aspects of the site (site speed, internal meshing, etc.) 



SEO impressions / day


additional SEO clicks


qualified SEO leads / month

Following the transition from the WordPress site to the customized site developed for the client’s needs (red line on the graph below), traffic has steadily increased to reach very promising positions in a competitive sector with huge commercial stakes.

The graph below shows the evolution of clicks and impressions of the site between September 2021 and December 2022 (Source: Google Search Console) :

Pierre Guinsbourg, Directeur des opérations DD Isolation

DD Isolation

Strategic positioning and an SEO strategy that pays for itself 100 times over

David Schneuwly de Villanovo


Villanovo has increased its monthly traffic by 400% in 4 years

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