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Product Description


A product description is an essential part of e-commerce. This term refers to the description of a product, and allows its characteristics and advantages to be highlighted. It is a document that allows you to answer any questions a customer might have before deciding whether or not to buy the product.

This description must contain the following elements:

  • A description of the product: how to use it, how it works, its manufacturing process, etc.
  • All the characteristics available on the product: weight, colour, material, size, etc.
  • Photos of the product: decisive in the decision to buy, so it is very important to choose photos that highlight the product
  • The technical specifications of the product, if there are any: compatibility with another device, possible additional equipment, etc.
  • Possible uses of the product
  • Its price
Rédaction d'une fiche produit

How to write a Product Description?

The questions to ask

There are two key questions to ask when writing a product description:

  • What sales strategy do you want to adopt for your brand?
  • What questions might a customer have when they are on your product page?

It is important to keep these questions in mind when writing your product sheet, as these factors will play a key role in the customer’s decision to buy or not.

Define the structure of your product description

The product description should be as straightforward and readable as possible. Here are a few elements that must be included to help you structure your text:

  • Name of the product
  • Brand name
  • Product images
  • Product price
  • Variables: size, colour, etc.
  • The “add to cart” button
  •  A detailed description of the product
  • Care instructions
  • The composition and manufacture of the product
  • The product code

To these elements you can add the following:

  • Delivery information
  • Discount or promotion code
  • Size guide
  • Favourite button
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Number of items in stock
  • Similar items likely to please the customer

Structuring your description around these elements will allow you to offer your customers a clear and complete product description.

Choosing the right template

The design of your product sheet is very important. You need to make sure that you adopt an eye-catching template, in which your brand identity is displayed.

The various product information should be clearly displayed to make it as accessible as possible to the customer. You can choose either a clean template or a more colourful one, for example. It all depends on your brand and the image you want to convey.

Tips for writing the product description

It is a descriptive statement. So you need to make sure that you use simple, relevant words in your writing that match what people are typing into search engines.

Depending on your brand and its essence, you may choose to use a humorous tone or not. Whatever you choose, always make sure your description is accessible to everyone.

Here is a list of some tips for writing a good product description:

  • A unique description: Avoid duplicate content. Even if your products are similar to each other, you must make sure that their descriptions are not the same. Otherwise you risk penalties from Google for duplicate content.
  • A clear description: As you may have realised, you need to make sure that your writing style is clear.
  • Connect with your customer: Don’t be afraid to use a humorous tone, especially when the product is in question. This will allow you to connect with your customer through catchy writing.
  • Optimise product descriptions: Target strategic keywords, add content to your product pages, get rid of spelling mistakes, etc.
  • Bring your products to life: Tell the story of your products, from manufacturing to marketing. This will help you enliven your brand and reassure your customers about the source of the items they buy.

Special case: the product is no longer available

It is possible that your product is a victim of its own success, and that you no longer have it in stock. There are two possible scenarios: either it is only temporarily out of stock, or it is permanently out of stock


If your product is only temporarily unavailable, then to enhance your sales and customer experience, you should offer similar products. Make sure you select products with characteristics that are really close to the unavailable product to stay on point.


If your product is permanently unavailable, then you should set up a 301 redirect to redirect your customers to a similar product. This will allow you to recover the authority and links from the old URL so that another of your products can benefit.

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