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A dofollow backlink is an attribute that allows a link to be identified and followed. In concrete terms, when the Google robot crawls your page and comes across a dofollow link, it continues its exploration on the page to which this link leads. This type of link provides what is known as link juice.

Backlink dofollow reçu par un site web

Impact of a dofollow backlink in SEO

The dofollow link is the main link sought in SEO. Indeed, it allows, on the one hand, to evaluate the quality of your website. The more links there are to your site, the better quality Google will judge it to be, and the higher it will be in the search results.

On the other hand, it gives your website visibility by redirecting the Google bot to your site. This is why you should look to get a dofollow link from reputable sites, not just small, unknown sites with low visibility.

So, to put it simply, a dofollow backlink is a link that helps you increase your PageRank, gain more SEO points and increase link juice.

Despite the positive impacts of dofollow links on the reputation of a site, it is still necessary to remain vigilant in their use. Indeed, while the presence of one of your links on a site recognized in your theme is excellent for your SEO, in the same way, your presence on a site of poor quality will negatively impact your SEO

How to get dofollow links


Conducting a netlinking campaign is the easiest way to get dofollow links. However, this technique has costs which will vary according to the strategy you deploy, and the sites on which you want to place your links.

To carry out your campaign, you can call on an SEO agency to guide and advise you in your netlinking strategy. You can also buy links on platforms like SEMjuice.

Inserting dofollow links on your website

You can also insert dofollow links to sites other than your own, to provide additional information to your content. In exchange, these sites may link to your site in their own content.

As you can imagine, this technique is not always successful, as it depends solely on the goodwill of the other site. To maximise the chances of success, you should target sites with similar authority to yours. To do this, you will need to analyse the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of these sites using tools like Majestic SEO

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a technique widely used in the netlinking strategy of sites. It consists of exchanging dofollow links with bloggers who position themselves on subjects close to, but not competitive with yours.

This technique has a few drawbacks. The first concerns the authority of the sites; there are many blogs with less authority which cannot help you to obtain a higher position. In addition, it is becoming more and more complicated to obtain dofollow links from bloggers with high authority. This is due to the fact that there is too much demand compared to supply.

Post comments on dofollow sites

This latest technique is not very Google Friendly, and should be approached with caution to avoid being flagged by Google. In concrete terms, this technique consists of posting comments on sites that are open to dofollow comments and slipping a link into these comments.

Be careful to follow the following recommendations if you decide to use this technique:

  • Don’t overdo it: if you overdo it, Google will notice your behavior and penalize you
  • Select sites that deal with similar subjects to yours: always with a view to being discreet, your comments must have a certain amount of coherence

Technical Information

Structure of a dofollow link

A dofollow link can take the following two forms:

  • <ahref=””>Keyweo</a>
  • <ahref=””rel=”dofollow”>Keyweo</a>

To determine if a link is dofollow, simply right-click on your link, click on inspect, and check that your link is displayed in one of the above forms.

When to put a link in dofollow

A dofollow link can be used in several cases:

  • To cite sources
  • To quote partners
  • To prompt another action: reading another article, filling in a questionnaire…

Mistakes to avoid

As with every SEO tool, there are a few things to avoid when using dofollow backlinks:

  • Do not only use dofollow links otherwise you risk being penalized by Google. It is, in fact, important to adopt a “natural” strategy of Netlinking, and therefore it is not recommended to use only one type of link
  • Do not allow comments in dofollow otherwise, anyone can post a link to another site.This can not only pollute your comment space, but also discredit your netlinking strategy

The most popular definitions

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