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Do you have a business and want to increase its digital visibility? Are you afraid of spending too much time creating content and optimizing your website? You have chosen the Magento Content Management System (CMS) but are unable to improve your positioning on search engines? Are you looking for an agency that can manage your entire digital strategy for maximum time savings?

An agency specializing in SEO and paid ads, is there to help companies that have neither the time nor the skills in-house to be able to take care of a website. SEO, responsible for visibility and good positioning on search engines, is a long-term job. For this, many companies have embarked on this branch of marketing to facilitate the management of the website and its content.

At Keyweo, we help small businesses and large groups to develop their visibility and make their website an SEO-friendly website. From strategy development, content integration, copywriting and optimization, we offer 360° services in the digital marketing market. The ultimate goal is to transform your website into a real acquisition channel.


Let's develop your site on Magento

Do you want to optimize your site on Magento, but don't know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up !

Let's focus on Magneto CMS

Among the dozens of CMS existing on the market, we have selected one, especially designed for shops and e-commerce sites. While it may seem complex to choose among the different Content Management Systems, it is essential to make the right choice before starting or migrating your site.

Magento was created more than 10 years ago to compete with the first specialists in e-commerce. After a few years of use, during which it became the most used CMS in the world with a market share of around 30%, it was also bought by the famous company Adobe. Since the acquisition of the company, the content management system has no longer needed to make a reputation and has welcomed hundreds of new users, present all over the world.

If there is a paid version, the CMS is also available for free thanks to its open-source version. And unlike many other content management software, Magento, on the other hand, provides important features in its free version. The paid version, Magento commerce, is one of the most complete versions of a CMS. Among the additional features, you can find a cloud part as well as very specific marketing tools such as segmentation tools or customer loyalty. The price of this version is generally established from the volume of goods sold or the average basket.

Overall, the Magento content management system is the best on the market for managing your big e-commerces. It has already proven itself since brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and Nespresso use it for their website.

Who is Magento for?

As explained above, the Magento tool has been designed and optimized for large-scale e-commerce sites. If it can also be used for “showcase” websites or blogs, be aware that it is not specialized in these site formats and therefore will not appear to be the ideal solution for your project. If you want more to have a showcase site, purely informative, we advise you to find out about the WordPress CMS, which is more optimized for this type of site.

Thanks to our years of experience and our hundreds of customers, we have already had the opportunity to work on e-commerce sites using Magento. All of our SEO consultants now master this CMS and ensure a good handling of the tool as well as the optimization of all its functionalities.

  • E-commerce sites 
  • Big e-commerce sites
  • Sites with a large product catalogue

Strong Points of Magento

A CMS designed for e-commerce

Magento has always been designed to provide a real solution for e-commerce sites. This CMS has many features and is optimized for online sales. In particular, it has a creation interface, an administrative edition of the pages, product sheets of your business, offers to establish your catalog of items and manages your shopping carts. Complete, this Content Management System is ideal for all people with an online store and wishing to correctly monitor the evolution of their stock, without having to manage the updates of the pages of their website. In addition to taking care of the business side of your business, the CMS allows you to personalize your site 100% with varied content and many possibilities in the choice of your design.

Many Features

Magento offers its users thousands of different features, most of which are available in the free version of the tool. With a total of more than 4,000 extensions, as well as hundreds of themes for your online stores, the CMS specializing in online sales stands out enormously from its competitors and gives small sites the opportunity to access a maximum of options and plugins.

An open-source solution

While most content management systems used today are open source solutions, Magento is also free and offers more possibilities than its online store competitors such as PrestaShop or WooCommerce. The principle of open source is based on the fact that the coding is free to access and can be modified by any developer. It is this popularization of the programming language which facilitates the understanding of the tool and allows companies to easily change developers.

SEO Optimization Tool

Like WordPress, the Magento system has internal tools that allow you to correctly position yourself on search engines. It ensures you a fast referencing on the platforms and gives you advice and suggestions to improve the structure and the content of your pages for maximum results in a short time. Calling on an SEO agency like ours, while using Magento, ensures that you optimize the use of the tools made available to you. Many customers have trusted us and have seen their visibility increase to reach the top positions on Google landing pages.

Customer Management Tool

The main feature that has made Magento the leader in CMS for online stores is the fact that it contains multiple features for managing your product catalog or your customer relationship. Much more than a Content Management System, it appears to be a real tool to help develop your business. It manages chatbots for discussion with leads as well as updating your products. If you want to go even further in the skills of the CMS, know that it is possible to connect your company's accounting with Magento, for maximum analysis and data management. It is a successful tool, which helps you in the management of your catalog-products, in the setting up of your listing pages, in your referencing, but also on points further away from SEO and web development. It is in particular because this tool is close to perfection that such large companies use it for their online stores (Christian Louboutin, Nike, Coca-Cola, HP, Burger King, etc.).

Weak Points of Magneto

Our SEO services CMS Magento

Keyword Study

Although CMS can help you with your SEO on search engines, it is often necessary to use an agency specializing in SEO. At Keyweo, whether you want help in setting up your website or simply in your digital strategy, we start our collaboration with a study of keywords. This analysis allows us to learn more about the words users use to refer to your industry. It also helps us to establish an editorial plan as well as strategic pages for your website. More than a simple overview of the keywords in your market, we analyze the strategies of your competitors, the questions of your potential customers and draw up the structure of your site.

Technical SEO Audit

The step that comes after the study of keywords is the technical audit. Because a website must be properly designed and built to appear first on Google, it is necessary to analyze its construction. For this, we have various tools such as Screaming Frog or Google tools to analyze each URL and make technical recommendations to improve your online store / showcase site. In the case of an e-commerce site, our attention turns more to the listing pages, which are the ones that generate the most traffic and will allow you to better position yourself. These pages must follow certain rules to be optimized. Thanks to this step, we assure you a qualitative website with good technical performance.

Magneto CMS Optimization

We don't configure your CMS, we nevertheless take care of optimizing your use of it. Thanks to our experience in the field, all of our SEO consultants master the multiple interfaces of Content Management Systems on the market. Development of your strategic pages, installation of the plugins necessary for the proper referencing of the website, optimization of the content management system, correction of technical problems detected during the technical audit... a whole set of services that allow you to position yourself quickly and qualitatively on search engines.

Optimized Content Writing

At the beginning of each collaboration we establish with the new client the number of credits he/she wishes to have, whether in content or links, each month of the SEO follow-up. The content written monthly is, for the most part, written internally by our teams of web editors. These articles are optimized and are positioned on the keywords to work for your business. At Keyweo, our consultants speak various languages ​​to offer you quality content at a native level (English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.).


As part of a new SEO strategy on search engines, in addition to the content and the technical part, it is also necessary to think about the netlinking of your website. Netlinks is represented by all the links pointing to your site. The objective behind a netlinking strategy is to make you known by search engines and to prove to them that you are experts in your field. The more people talk about your website, the better you will be seen by Google.

SEO consultant dedicated to managing your project

As explained above, within Keyweo, we honor the fact of speaking several languages. Thus, all of our consultants are comfortable with Spanish, English, French or Italian, for maximum understanding during consulting hours. It is because we favor a good relationship with our customers, that we provide you with people who are ready to advise you and take the time to explain to you the different tasks that we carry out on your website.


Do you want to boost your visibility on Google? Whether you are a small or a large company, contact us to benefit from our expertise and set up a powerful natural referencing strategy !

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