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Do you have a business and want to create your website? Do you want your site to become a new acquisition channel for your brand? Would you be interested in working with an SEO agency? Want to improve your visibility on Google landing pages, but don't have the skills?

Many companies want to develop their digital strategy and their presence on search engines, without knowing where to start. At Keyweo, an agency specializing in natural referencing and paid referencing, we guide and advise you to establish your digital strategy and position yourself on search engines such as Google.

Thanks to our years of experience in digital strategy as well as the various SEO tools at our disposal, we offer you 360° services so that you have results that are as fast as they are qualitative and complete. From the keyword study to the monthly monitoring of content and links, our services are designed to boost your visibility and/or your sales.


Let's develop your site on Webflow

Want to optimize your site on Webflow, but don't know how to go about it? Call on our services for a personalized follow-up!

Let's focus on Webflow CMS

The creation of no-code websites is now fully popularized. We can observe more and more brands, creating their own website, sometimes without even hiring a web developer.

Webflow is one of the software allowing to design a website without having knowledge in web development and coding. For this, the solution provides a whole set of themes and site structures that can be modified later, in their entirety. The objective of the creators of this system was the popularization of the code language, giving the opportunity to ordinary people, with small budgets, to be able to create a website.

The Webflow content management system has been designed for various site formats: blogs, application programming interfaces or e-commerce. The CMS offers platform users a maximum of possibilities to meet their needs.

Among the various plans presented via their website, you will find the “Account”, “Site” and “E-commerce” versions. Each of them is unique and specific.

Who is Webflow for?

Like all no-code content management systems, Webflow is available and designed for everyone. Whether you want to create a personal website or an e-commerce site for your brand, the CMS provides quality services, suitable for everyone.

At Keyweo, we believe that this solution can be used by as many people as possible, whether they are professionals such as web developers or total beginners. However, we would like to point out that some features require more knowledge, hence the interest in calling on a web developer or a specialized agency, such as ours.

  • "Showcase" websites 
  • Blogs
  • Small e-commerce websites 
  • Start-Up Companies 
  • Web Developers 

Strong Points of Webflow

Responsive Design

The Webflow tool has been designed so that you do not need to manage the sometimes "too technical" parts of SEO. For this, the content management system has implemented a feature to optimize your pages and your desktop content in mobile first. More precise than the majority of its competitors, this advantage of Webflow reinforces its will to make the creation of a website as easy as possible. Of course, you can then modify the responsive version if you are not satisfied with some optimizations of the tool.

No Plug-ins

When analyzing how the various content management systems on the market work, we can see that they all have different points in common. One of them is the availability of multiple plugins that further feed the functionalities offered by the CMS. Unlike all other tools like Wordpress, Magento or Prestashop, Webflow has all the features on the internal part of its platform. No plugin can be directly added to the platform, which makes it much more independent and optimizes the loading speed of the website pages.

Many Templates Available

To further facilitate the creation of websites by the most novice users, the Webflow system provides thousands of complete, ready-to-use templates. It is possible to use them without any modification, just like modifying them until you obtain your own site tailor-made and optimized for your activity. There are several ways, free and paid, to get these templates on Webflow. You can, for example, go to the shared space of Webflow Showcase and select a “cloneable” project to obtain a template for free. You can also buy your templates from sites like Webflow Template, Flowbase, etc.

An active community

When you have to choose between the different content management systems, one of the main points to take into account is the community it has. It will always be easier for you to get started on a CMS with a large, loyal and participative community, rather than a tool little known to the general public, for which only a few web developers can help you. Webflow is now part of a huge community of amateurs and professionals ready to help you with any technical problem or simple functional question. A support forum has even been set up to optimize exchanges between platform users.

SEO Friendly in the premium version

It is no longer conceivable today for a nocode solution not to contain an SEO optimization function. Like its main competitors, the Webflow content management system has internal tools for advice and good practices to easily be referenced on search engines and position yourself on a maximum of keywords. The only downside is that this feature is only available with the premium version of the “Account” plan. It will therefore be necessary to pay around $35 minimum each month.


As previously stated, the Webflow content management system does not have a plugin that can affect the loading time of each page of the websites it hosts. Unlike WordPress, which is a very slow tool, due to the heavy extensions that users use, Webflow is considered one of the fastest in the sector, a factor that must absolutely be taken into account for a good SEO strategy.

Points faibles de Webflow

Our SEO Services for Webflow CMS

Keyword Study

At Keyweo, when a company uses our SEO services, we carry out various key steps to analyze its market and implement a digital strategy. This process allows us to guarantee you maximum results in the short term. We start each new collaboration with a company by carrying out a keyword study. This analysis allows us to analyze your positioning in relation to the competition and to take an example from the best of them.

Technical SEO Audit

The technical audit is the obligatory passage at the beginning of any optimization strategy for a website. Indeed, it is thanks to this audit that our technical teams will be able to determine the flaws and strengths of your website. Whether in terms of your images, the organization of your content, or the state of your pages, there are many areas for improvement. We guide you in optimizing your website via the Webflow platform by evaluating what changes to make: reduce the size of images, add alt attributes, optimize your metadata, etc.

Webflow CMS Optimization

Our technical teams support you in optimizing your Webflow site. Once the vulnerabilities of your website have been determined, we will solve each of the determined problems. Indeed, even if your content is of quality, if the technical bases are not in place, your site will not be sufficiently optimized to go up in the SERP. Here is a non-exhaustive list of elements for optimizing your website:
  • Meta Title between 45 and 60 characters
  • Meta description between 120 and 160 characters
  • A single H1 tag
  • Images under 100 KB
  • Alt attributes for all your images
  • Optimized Content Writing

    It is essential, in your SEO strategy, to offer optimized content in order to improve your ranking. By optimized content, we mean content rich in strategic keywords, structured by Hn tags and which calls to action are integrated. Our teams provide you with ambitious professional writers, for whom writing optimized content no longer holds any secrets. The themes of the content written for your site are chosen according to the requests entered by your target customers. This allows us to ensure that the content you offer will be adapted to the demand of visitors to your website. In addition, our team is made up of both English, Spanish and French writers. So, whether you want to translate your content, or write content in different languages, we will be able to meet your needs.


    Having a good netlinking strategy is essential. Indeed, a good network of links and a good internal mesh can boost a website. This involves obtaining qualitative external links pointing to your website and setting up a good internal network, etc. Our teams are there to support you in this process, and will put their expertise at your service to offer you the most effective netlinking strategy that best suits your needs.

    SEO Consultant dedicated to managing your project

    Establishing an effective SEO strategy adapted to your website is not an easy task. Still, having a clear idea of ​​the steps to take to get your site up is essential if you want to get good results fast. For this, nothing better than to benefit from personalized support from one of our SEO professionals. Our consultants are at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made follow-up, adapted to your needs in order to allow you to achieve your growth objectives.


    Do you want to boost your visibility on Google? Whether you are a small or a large company, contact us to benefit from our expertise and set up a powerful SEO strategy!

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