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Do you have a B2B business and want to improve your online reputation? Are your customers professionals? Explore the offers of Keyweo Agency, which specializes in Digital Marketing and B2B SEO optimization.

Our daily mission is to accompany B2B players in digitalizing their business and develop their visibility on the web to increase their sales. Whether your website is in e-business or not, it is important to develop your e-reputation to generate qualified leads, improve your conversion rate, build customer loyalty and increase your brand awareness online. B2B SEO is different from B2C, in terms of market size, sales process, and products.

The experience of our B2B SEO consultants makes them experts in the field. By trusting Keyweo for the SEO optimization of your site, you choose a personalized offer and long-term support to help you reach your goals.

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Do you want to reach a wider target and boost your business? Let's develop your B2B site together to make a difference on the web.

B2B services are constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of society. Facing increasing competition has become a real challenge. To stand out from your competitors, develop your online presence by collaborating with SEO experts.

  • IT professional
  • Accountant
  • Automotive industry
  • Coaching business
  • Banker and Insurer
  • etc.

Our SEO services in B2B

Keyword Study

Is my content interesting and optimized enough to attract new customers? This is the question our consultants will answer by analyzing relevant keywords and those of your competitors. This step is one of the most important to strengthen your SEO strategy. It is about defining the opportunities of your market and adapting them to your needs. We will target the most strategic organic keywords specific to your sector to determine the structure of your site and the content to be developed over the long term. Often, this keyword analysis will identify significant opportunities for your online brand development.

SEO Audit

After the keyword study, we will analyze your company’s website. It is important to take into account that the website needs to comply with the technical aspects of Google’s algorithm. Once again, it is essential to conduct this step with great expertise in order to launch your SEO strategy on a solid foundation. Loading speed, image optimization, site structure, security: everything will be examined in detail. The objective of the technical audit is to optimize your B2B site in every technical aspect. An optimized site improves the user experience and your visibility in search engines.

Creation Of Professional Website

Our webmasters will create a B2B website that meets your needs and expectations. A good SEO strategy will start with a quality website that is user-friendly and promotes conversion. We create SEO-friendly websites with a responsive design to increase your online visibility. We build your website from A to Z: choice of domain, choice of theme, installation of extensions, content integration, and SEO configuration. Our team takes each specificity of your domain into account: price management, payment methods, security, customer management, etc. Let's develop the website to increase your visibility and conquer your market together!

B2B Content Writing

The relevance of your website's content is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Our copywriters determine which topics are most relevant to your industry and they will write quality content for your customers. The B2B industry requires a high level of knowledge and our consultants are constantly training to meet your needs and create optimized content. Together, we will establish an effective editorial strategy (blog articles, product sheets, presentation of your services). Our solution: write unique content to distinguish yourself from your competitors. We don't copy and paste or duplicate content. Each text is written to make a difference for our customers!

Netlinking for B2B

To position your website high in Google results, it is crucial to create netlinking strategy. This is even more important for a B2B business. According to your branch, our consultants will develop link building strategies that fit your business objectives. Conducting a netlinking strategy requires a high knowledge of netlinking techniques to avoid being penalized by Google. We have developed internal tools that allow us to obtain quality backlinks for different sectors of B2B and thus boost your SEO.

SEO Consultant for Your Project

By developing your online presence, you are making the decision to boost your business and promote it on a large scale. However, carrying out an SEO strategy is a long-term process that requires time and commitment. To ease your workload, our SEO consultants accompany you in your actions and take care of implementing them as efficiently as possible. Creating strategic content, obtaining quality links, and technical optimization of your site: benefit from the services of an SEO expert for your project!


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